A CPPCC member perceives learning English has c

By Stephen Fox,2014-06-20 14:26
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A CPPCC member perceives learning English has c

     A CPPCC member perceives learning English has caused devastating damage to the quality of Chinese education,which arouse a heated debate about the role that English plays in Chinese education.

     Then what attitude should we adopt towards English? From my perspective,putting the blame all on English teaching is attacking the false target. English is a powerful and indispensable tool to help us,rather than an encumbrance to rebuke and abandon.With the development of globalization,its

    crucial to learn English,if we hope to get involved in the world and keep up with the trend of development.Thanks to English,we can cooperate with foreign researchers and entrepreneurs more efficiently and conveniently,which will promote the advances of science and technology and economic prosperity dramaticlly.Moreover, it will enable us to participate in the international affairs and put forward our views in order to protect our national interests.Then it provides us with a better opportunity to popularize Chinese culture throughout the world.Also it will serve as a medium to facilitate cultural communication.

     More importantly,its of great benefits to individuals as

    well.You are able to acquire more useful knowledge from other

    countries,which will conduce to your all-round development and

     career success.Besides,you can not deny that its also a handy

    tool for recreation and relaxation.Without learning English,you may have difficulty understanding English songs,programs and movies ,let alone enjoy them.In addition English exposes us to the intelligence, insights, and perspectives of different cultures in the world. Thanks to it, we won’t be confined to our own immediate circle of life and our vision is broadened.Apart from the following,suppose we didt have to learn English,a new

    subject ,such as Olympic math will replace it to continue destroying our education and the young generation.

     In conclusion,English is an essential tool that shouldt be

    abandoned or blamed.Maybe its the Chinese education system

    that should take the responsibility.

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