By Antonio Simpson,2014-05-26 12:23
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    As your parents and teachers keep warning you, never should you miss an opportunity, and never will it return once you lose it, thus it always ends up in your lament about not seizing the chance.

    When you participate in the College Entrance Examination or step into the cutthroat job market, you always complain about lack of opportunity. Actually, there are moments when you come across an opportunity, but you just dont realize it, and you are not armed with necessary skills and abilities to exploit it, either. Therefore, its no wonder that you feel the

    world fall short of your expectation.

    Your reasoning being that act when the chance come, but you ought to make preparations ahead. As we all know, if you are a high-powered over-achiever, you can easily succeed in an exam, if you are a degree holder, you will gain popularity in the job market. So, you should be physically and mentally engaged to broaden your horizon and increase your knowledge first. In this way, you can find some opportunities which others cannot. Then, when it comes, you must take it seriously because it is easy to disappear in a flash. Finally, you should make the most of it through hard work.

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