ED&Z Meeting

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ED&Z Meeting



    April 30, 2008

    Resident Members: Barbara Halleck, Jeff Fletcher, Rich Luna Present: Commissioners David Holmes and Bill Schultheiss Also Present: Joseph Wolfe, Project Manager, District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning

    and Economic Development

    David Holmes chaired the meeting.

    Community Comments


    Status Reports


    Old Business


    New Business

    The evening’s agenda focused exclusively on three presentations for the renovation of two buildings. The city owns both buildings and has requested proposals for redevelopment. The locations are:

    1. Engine House 10, located at 1341 Maryland Ave. NE th2. Precinct 9 Police Station, located at 525 9 St. NE

The criteria for ANC 6A’s evaluation of the proposals are as follows:

    1. Appropriateness to the historic district community

    2. Design and use of the buildings

    3. Maximum benefit to the community

Joseph Wolfe, Project Manager, District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic

    Development outlined the city’s basic evaluation criteria:

    1. Feasibility of the proposals

    2. Affordability of the units

    3. Certified Business Enterprises (CBE)

    4. Qualification and experience of the team

    5. The amount of the offer to the City for the properties

Each group was given 25 minutes for their presentation; questions and answers followed each presentation

Summary of the Presentations

    Developer Argos Group Century Associates DBLee Development

    Gilberto Cardenos, President Joel Kelty Dennis B. Lee, President Architect Architrave PC Century Associates Hunt Laudi Studio

    Judith Capen Joel Kelty Julian Hunt, Lucrecia Laudi Builder Hamel Builders BDS Construction CDG Construction

    Thomas Wahl David Bishop Special contributor Hasson’s Education and Cultural EHT Traceries LMH Architecture and Consulting

    Services Specialists in architectural Lisa McCabe Hobbs, AIA, LEED

    Bill Hassan history and historic preservation ? AP

    Green construction Gilberto Cardenos is LEED Green Communities LMH Architecture & Consulting,

    certified. Determination regarding requirements or LEED will be Lisa McCabe Hobbs; pursuing

    which green standard (LEED or met LEED certification for both

    Green Communities) will be projects.

    made once the design is


    Judith Capen is committed to

    green construction.

    Community involvement Hasson’s Education and Cultural Periodic updates to ANC ED&Z

    Services: educates groups of DC committee

    public school students in the

    design and development Project website that tracks

    process. progress on the project including

     drawings, photos

    Design/development process

    involves the community residents Also web page for community

    directly as well. feedback

    Historic preservation Architrave PC Architects/ Judith EHT Traceries n/a

    goals Capon is a 30-year Hill resident; Specialists in architectural

    specializes in historic history and historic preservation

    preservation. Member of CHRS.

    Condominium or rental? Condominium Rental Rental

     Century Associates developed

    three different proposals for each

    site. The summary information

    below corresponds to the

    proposals that offer alternative

    uses for the buildings. Other

    proposals are described below

    this chart.

    Engine House 10 Option 3

    # Units 4 6 6

    # Market Units 2 x 3 br., 1900 sf each, private 0 1 x 2 br., 1634 sf; 510 sf deck

    patio 1 x 1 br., 1030 sf; 280 sf deck # Affordable 1 x 2 br., 810 sf 2 x studio, 413 sf 1 x 1 br., 810 sf; 100 sf deck

    1 x 3 br., 1100 sf 1 x studio, 465 sf 1 x 1 br., 940 sf; 120 sf deck

    1 x 1 br., 714 sf

    1 x 1 br., 627 sf

    1 x 1 br. loft, 1022 sf, roof deck

    # Accessible n/a n/a 2 efficiencies, 544 sf each Other space n/a 1 x day care space, 1520 sf. 6 x art studios, 156 sf each # Parking spaces 5 6 2 + 1 space dedicated to ZipCar Matter of right or zoning Matter of right Matter of right Matter of right relief needed

    Rooftop access None Yesfor loft apartment only Yes4 roof decks Footprint change None None Relocating stairwell outside the

    body of the building

    Upper levels rise to from 36’ 6” to

    40’; set back from parapet so as

    not to be visible from street Green space Eliminate concrete areas in front Retains concrete front apron for Key to the project; functional

    and on side of building; transient parking for day care landscaping captures runoff,

    landscape uses native/adapted species that

    Day care play space, 1086 sf need no irrigation.

Developer Argos Group Century Associates DBLee Development

    Gilberto Cardenos, President Joel Kelty Dennis B. Lee, President

    Apartment rec space, 590 sf

    Precinct 9 Police Option 2


    # Units 4 6 6

    # Market Units 2 x 3 br., 1900-2000 sf each, n/a 2 x 1 br., 1224 sf each; includes

    private patio basement as bedroom area

    1 x 1 br., 1 office, 1188 sf

    1 x 2 br., 1440 sf

    # Affordable 2 x 2 br., 850-860 sf each 1 x 2 br. loft, 952 sf; carriage 1 x 1 br., 1008 sf


    3 x 1 br., 1020 sf

    1 x 2 br. loft, 982 sf; roof deck

    1 x 2 br. loft, 941 sf; roof deck

    1 x 2 br. loft, 778 sf

    # Accessible n/a n/a 1 x 2 br., 1440 sf

    # Parking spaces 4 2 2 + 1 space dedicated to ZipCar

    Curb cut will be abandoned

    Matter of right or zoning Matter of right Zoning relief needed Matter of right

    relief needed ; carriage house

    ; roof height for loft apts.

    Rooftop access None Two units will have roof decks Yes; individual decks and

    common roof terrace area

    Footprint change None None Upper levels rise to from 36’ 6” to

    40’; set back from parapet so as

    not to be visible from street

    “build out to 60% lot occupancy

    as an addition to enclose a

    courtyard garden in the old

    parking area”

    Façade changes n/a n/a Changes to side elevation to

    improve light and air circulation

    Green space Eliminate concrete areas in front Drive aisle will be restored as Eliminate concrete areas in front

    and on side of building; patio or landscaped for outdoor and on side of building;

    landscape rec area for residents functional landscaping to capture

    runoff. Native/adaptive species

    that require no irrigation.

Presentation 1: Argos Group, Gilberto Cardenas

    ; All stakeholders are long term residents of the Capitol Hill community

    ; Argos is located in Ward 6

    ; Architrave is located on Capitol Hill

    ; They have a clear understanding of the historical aspect of the projects and the value of historic

    preservation to the community

    ; They believe in involving the community

General project vision

    ; Low density development; 4 units at each location rather than the 6 that are allowed by matter-of-right.

    ; Incorporating 5 parking spaces per building, higher than the required number

    ; Both buildings sit in a “sea of paving”; adding green is paramount

    ; Two loft-like units will be at the front of each building

    ; Two affordable 2 or 3 bedroom units will be located at the back of each building

    ; Parking will be accessed from the rear of the buildings

    ; All units will have access directly to/from the outside, adding to the “housiness” feeling

    ; Affordable housing deserves to have great architecture

    ; Façade not changing

; Footprint not changing

    Judith Capen, Architrave PC Architects was selected to be the architect for these projects. ; 30 year resident of Capitol Hill

    ; Her firm has been on Capitol Hill for 13 years

    ; Architrave specializes in historic preservation

    ; Has a commitment to green construction

    ; Judith is a member Capitol Hill Restoration Society

    Bill Hasson, Hasson’s Educational and Cultural Services

    ; Site Visit Project

    ; Work with public school students

    ; Class goes through the entire process of the project

    o Meets the team

    o Learns green concepts

    o Prepare and present their own projects

    ; Unique educational opportunity--“Profound impact on students when they are involved”

    ; Allows students to be come knowledgeable about construction trades and crafts; financing; architecture,

    design, planning.

    Tom Wahl, Hamel Builders

    ; Primarily multi-family builder

    ; Half of the projects are in Washington, DC

    ; Opened an office in Washington, DC in order to stay in be in close proximity with contractors ; Experienced in adaptive re-use projects

    Presentation 2: Century Associates, Joel Kelty

    ; Real estate development firm located on Capitol Hill

    ; Lives near one of the two sites

    ; Also an architect

    ; Adaptive redevelopment projects include auto show rooms in NW DC; turned them into condominiums ; Company’s focus is workforce housing

    - 60% - 120% of the area’s median income

    - Keep the units affordable

    ; Experienced with adaptive re-use/redevelopment

    General project vision

    ; Mixed income rental housing

    ; Stressed the team’s flexibility and willingness to work with any of several plans to make the projects

    work for the neighborhood

    Engine House 10

    ; Believes that some public commercial space would be consistent with the neighborhood’s character; eg, day care center

    ; R-4 zoning allows day care for up to 16 children.

    ; Jenkins Hill Day Care is looking for new space; if they could find temporary space this could be developed as a permanent space for them.

    ; No affordability requirement for day care center.

    ; Also suggested that 8 units could be built; zoning relief would be required for this. ; Three plans offered

    o Option 1: six units, 5 parking spaces, common roof deck; no zoning relieve required

o Option 2: eight units, 5 parking spaces, shared patio, private roof deck; zoning relief required

    o Option 3: 6 units, 5 parking spaces, private patio, private roof deck, day care center; zoning relief


Precinct 9 Police Station

    ; Two plans offered

    o Option 1: 6 units, 5 parking spaces, private roof deck for two units o Option 2: 7 units, 2 parking spaces, rebuild carriage house; zoning relief required for this

    Presentation 3: DB Lee Development, Dennis Lee

    General project vision

    ; Retain historic character of the buildings

    ; Incorporate excellent design

    ; Condominiums

    ; No zoning relief required, all matter of right

    ; Maximized for R-4 zoning

    ; Gut the interiors, preserve the exteriors

    ; High emphasis on green construction

Dennis Lee, DB Lee Development

    ; 95% of their projects are in Washington, DC

    ; LSDBE certified

Hunt Laudi Studio, Architects

    ; Design architects; “design drives the thinking”

    LMH Architecture and Consulting, Lisa McCabe Hobbs ; LEED certified

    ; Pursuing LEED certification for both projects

    ; Selecting building strategies based on energy and water conservation

    ; Landscaping is key to the project.

    ; Functional landscapingcapturing runoff, use of native and adaptive species that need no irrigation.

    This helps cool the building’s microclimate.

    ; Rainwater catchment system will provide water to be used by residents for car washing, etc.

Engine House 10

    ; Wanted to link the project to the H Street NE Arts and Entertainment district; to do this, HLS proposed

    incorporating artist studios into the Engine House 10 project

    ; Moved the stairs outside the main building into a glass tower “as a modern feature…that will be lit up at

    night to show that the building has come back to life”

Web sites:

    ; Architrave P.C., Architects:,_Washington,_District_Of_Columbia,_USA

    ; CDG Construction:

    ; EHT Traceries:

    ; Hamel Builders:

    ; Hunt Laudi Studios:

    ; US Green Building Council, LEED certification:

; Washington D.C., Certified Business Enterprises:,a,1403,q,634728,olbdNav_GID,1747,olbdNav,%7C34049%7C.asp

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