unit 4 Ann's family

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unit 4 Ann's family

    《小学英语》二年级上册 Topic Unit4 Anns family Lesson 1

    Function: identifying family members. Teaching aims and key:

    1. 通过教学使学生掌握新单词man,father(dad),woman,mother(mum),family, 到能听说认读这些单词。

    2. 培养学生热爱家庭,关心父母的情感。鼓励学生用英语表达自己的想法。


     Thats my (mother).

    Structures (review):

     This is (my family).

     Whos that?

     Thats (Ken).

     That is (Ken).



     Contrxtual: Ready?


    Yes no


     Teachers set of Ann and Ken masks from Unit1.

     Every one need a piece of paper.

     Crayons and precils for drawing. Procedures:

    1. introduce family words:

    ; tell the Ss, a family include a mother, a father, brothers,

    sisters ,grandfather, grandmother.

    ; Have the class draw a picture of their family.

     Learn the words: T: draw your father . thats your father.

    (repeat for other words)

    ; When they complet picture, have them to say Thats my family.

    2. Model the dialog:

    ; Use the masks, say, Thats my brother. Thats my sister. Then

    have the class repeat .

    ; Practise

    3. talk about story: P38-39

    ; ask the question about pictures:

    1. what is Mocky doing?

    Do you know any of these people?

    What are their names?

     Who do you think the other people are?



    2. what is Ann showing Uncle Booky?

    3. who is Uncle Booky looking at?

    4. who Uncle Booky is looking at now?

    5. who is the girl in the picture?

    6. who is the boy in the picture?

    7. who is this?

    8. who are in Uncle Bookys picture?

    4. Story:

    ; T: now were going to hear what the characters said.

    ; Play the tape ,pausing at each picture. have the class repeat after

    the tape.

    ; Role play.

    ; Explain the picture 6: Ann is agreeing with Uncle .she say Yes.

    ; Ask some Q that elicit the answer yes and no.

    5. Homework:

    Tell your family about the English words of family members. Blackboard design:

     mother, father, brothers, sisters ,grandfather, grandmother

    Thats my family

    Thats my father.

    Yes No


    Topic Unit4 Anns family Lesson 2 Function: identifying family members.

    Structures (review):

     This is (Ken).

     Whos that?

     This is my family.

     Thats my father.




     Students drawing from last lesson.

     Photo of family.


    1. Review:



    This is___. Whos that? Thats____. That is___.

    2. Talk about the family:

    ; Have the class hold up their drawing .ask them to say:This is my


    ; Work in pairs. Review the words of family member by asking and


    ; Choose one photo from the students.ask: Is this your


    3. Learn to say: P40

    ; Have the Ss point to the correct picture as they listen to the tape.

    ; Read together, pointing to the words at a time.

    4. Listen to this: P40

    ; listen and touch the correct picture.

    ; Again, circle the words they hear. E.g. brother, mother, etc.

    5. The family game:

    ; Pair work: review: whos this/that? Thats my brother.

    6. Play the game:

    ; Say, we are going to play about families. Look at the top of the page.

    point to Ann and others, ask the Ss name each one. This is ____.

    ; Draw a line between the name and character.

    ; Match the faces . (the extra one is Uncle Boovky.)

    7. homework:

    talk about your photo in English to your parents. Blackboard design:

     This is___. Whos that? Thats____. That is___.

     This is my falimly.


    Topic Unit4 Anns family Lesson 3 Function: identifying family members.

    Structures (review):

     Whos that?

     Thats my father.



    family/mother/father/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/grandmother/grandfather Phonics:



     Oo Pp Qq Rr


     6 character masks.


    1. Talk together:

    ; Divide the class into two groups.

    ; Hold up one character mask. Have two group ask Whos that?and

    answer Thats ____.individually.

    ; Practise: S1 ask S2:whos that(S3)? (use masks)

    ; P42. say, now we can read what we said.

    2. Listen and number: P42

    ; Say, we will hear something about Anns family.

    ; Listen to the tape sentence by sentence. Touch the character in the


    ; Again. Number the picture.

    3. Introduce the letter OoRr:

    ; Recall the letters weve learnt.

    ; find the letters you know on Uncle Bookys ABC. then write

    down Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn on the blackboard.

    ; Learn O. ask: can you find the word that begins with o in Uncle

    Bookys ABC.

    ; Read orange. Have the class say the word aloud.

    ; Repeat the procedures: queen, panda, rate , rooster.

    4. Homework: P43 P78

    ; Color the letters in different color.

    ; Trace over the letters of Uncle Bookys ABC and color the pictures. Blackboard design:

    Whos that? Thats.

    Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn

    Oo Pp Qq Rr

    orange, queen, panda, rat , rooster. Supplement:

Topic Unit4 Anns family Lesson 4

    Function: identifying family members. Structures (review):

     Whos that? Thats my father.



     Who is that? That is my father. Vocabulary:



    Phonics and writing:

     Oo Pp Qq Rr


     copy the Drillcards Master3(P96)

     teachers set of Uncle Bookys mask.


     1. Write the letters Oo Pp Qq Rr ( P44 trace and copy)

    trace over the letter and write on the next line.

    2. listen for J ,K ,L, M and N.

    ; Point to the picture and say:

    octopus /o / octopus

    peacock /puh/ peacock

    rabbit /ruh/ rabbit

    puppet /puh/ puppet

    quilt /quh/ quilt

    ; have the class say the beginning sound.

    ; Trace the letters beside the picture.

     3. Uncle Bookys blackboard:

    ; Hold up the drillcards and read:

     Whos that? who is that? Thats That is

     Choose some students, giving them my ___ drillcards. Have them

    who hold the cards form a secntence and read.

     ask and answer. E.g. T: Whos /who is that?

     S: Thats/that is ; my .

     P45 read the structure for the Ss. Then have the class repeat

    question and answers after me.

    5. Touch and say: P45

     Read the conversation on this page, pointing to each word.

     have the Ss point to the character and say the words for it.

     repeat the activity in pairs.

    6. homework:

    trace and copy tasks on page 44.

    Blackboard design:

     Oo Pp Qq Rr

     Octopus peacock rabbit puppet quilt

     Thats ; my____.



     That is ; my____.


Topic Unit4 Anns family Lesson 5

    Function: identifying family members.

    Structures (review):

     Whos that? Thats my father.

     Who is that? That is my father.





    The students family photos.

    Mask of Ann.


    1. match Anns family: P46

     ask whos that? elicit the Ss to answer Thats . Point to the


     read the sentence in the speech bubble after me.

     draw a line between the character and matching speech bubble.

    2. Sing a song:

    Happy Birthday (Ts book P100)

    3. Lets chant: P47

     review the words: rat, rabbit, panda.

     read the rhyme and point to each word.

     listen ,hum and clap with the rhyme.

     point to the picture. Have the class add action and act the rhyme


    4. An additional activity: draw your family

    (Copy the page 106 )

    Draw one of your family member you like, or yourself. write down who

    the member is.

    5. homework:

    color the picture for match Anns family P46



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