Draft Press Release

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Draft Press Release

Press Release August 2007


    - Harrington backs new Wilson Staff FYbrid fairway utility clubs -

Whether you are The Open champion like Wilson Staff player Padraig Harrington

    or a casual weekend golfer, knowing exactly what club to hit and that club’s

    precise distance is the key to successful course management and lower scores.

    So to simpliFY the present situation and end confusion that exists over whether to use a traditional long iron, a hybrid or a high lofted fairway wood, Wilson Golf has created an entirely new family of clubs that makes correct club selection a simple matter of fact.

    The Wilson Staff FYbrids are a single family of long distance fairway utility clubs that span the range between the driver and the 6-iron, delivering measurable distances between the clubs they replace or, in the case of the new FYbrid 19.5? model, providing a bridge that lies between current fairway woods and hybrids.


     From the Driver to the 6-iron, FYbrids are a

    continuous family of fairway utilities designed

    for every possible distance need from tee or fairway


    2 - Wilson Staff FYbrid fairway utility clubs

The FY club is the key to the Wilson Staff FYbrid family. Consumer testing

    conducted by Wilson Golf shows that the 19.5? loft and 41 inch length is the optimum combination for most swing speeds from a fairway lie. But until now, no fairway wood or hybrid club has offered such an ideal combination. Because of traditional club overlap, the FY club actually replaces three clubs - the 2-iron, the 2 hybrid and the 7-wood - while its specialized head shape and loft/length combination offers the greatest shot flexibility of any club on the market. The FY

    club is the perfect club for those increasingly long par 3s.

It took Padraig Harrington no time at all to be convinced about the FY club’s

    performance when he tested it for the first time recently. “They gave me this club (FY club) to test just 5 minutes ago and there’s no way they’re getting it back …I really, really like this golf club,” said Padraig, who used a Wilson Staff hybrid club

    on three of the four play-off holes to win The Open at Carnoustie last month.

Balancing the FY club in the family are two fairway woods and three iron-

    replacement hybrids that provide the golfer with the easiest possible approach to long distance fairway play. The 3-wood (15?) and 5-wood (18?) are ideally suited to long par 5s and narrow par 4s, where distance off the tee is essential. While the lofts and lengths of the 3-hybrid (21?), 4-hybrid (24?) and 5-hybrid (27?) have been carefully designed to provide exact 1:1 club replacements for the traditional 3-iron, 4-iron and 5-iron respectively.

“The Wilson Staff FYbrid Fairway Utilities” offers precise club requirements that

    have never been seen in the golf industry before in a design that makes it easy to hit from any fairway lie or even rough,” said Doug Wright, Business Director for Wilson Golf in Europe. “Golfers can now have confidence off the tee or the

    fairway that they have the right utility club for the distance they need to achieve and a better balance of clubs in their bag to match their game.”


    3 - Wilson Staff FYbrid fairway utility clubs

The Champion Golfer and Europe’s current No.1 player believes that more club

    players should adopt hybrid clubs, rather than attempt to control distance shots with long irons that are rarely used.

    “Very few things are more important than having confidence in your equipment and knowing that it’s going to deliver the required yardage,” said Padraig. “The

    new Wilson Staff FYbrids offer any golfer the options that simplifies the game from the driver down to the traditional 6-iron. The more you can simpliFY and remove doubt from your mind, the better you are going to play,” he said.

To ensure that the clubs in the Wilson Staff Fybrid family are easily playable from

    all fairway lies, the Wilson Golf R&D team developed a proprietary sole design with heel, toe and central reliefs. Creating a railed sole place, the reliefs push the ground impact point forward towards the face thereby minimizing the club

    bouncing into the ball at impact, which is the leading cause of thin shots. The toe and heel reliefs also make the clubs more playable from hillside lies and allow the club to be laid open or closed for more advanced shot-making.

The new Wilson Staff FYbrid Fairway Utility clubs come with Tour-winning UST

    Proforce V2 shafts that incorporate a firm tip for added clubhead stability and mid-high trajectory launch. They will be available at leading golf retail outlets from October with a RRP of ?109 each.

For more information about the new family of FYbrids, visit

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    For further information, please contact John Collard or Kate Ferguson at

    Sports Impact on 0208 971 9230 or at

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