unit1 hello

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unit1 hello


Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 1

    Function: asking names and giving ones own.

    Structure: Hello! Whats your name?

     My name s (mocky).

    Preparation: 1.for each child,write an English name on a card tag.

     2.photocopy,cut out,and color character masks of Ann,Ken,Mocky,and Uncle

    Booky. P158-161

Procedure: 1. give English name:

    ?Expain that I’m going to give each child an English name to use in class.

    ?Give them English name card tags. Say the name and have the class repeat

    if after me.

    ?hold up the one card at a time. Ask students stand up when they see name

    that match their tag.

     2. use English name:

     ?choose one child.ask whats your English name?

     ?if necessary ,help with pronunciation.repeat for the whole class. 纠正


     3. introduce the characters:

     ?read some stories about characters.

     ?hold up the mask for Ann.say whos this?Elicit the answer,Ann. 引导学生回答。 Ken,Mocky,Uncle Booky

     ?meet some new friends. Hold the mask for Peter.say,this is Peter. Ss repeat . (Wang Ling)

     4 Model the dialog. 示范

     ?use masks of Wang Ling and Mocky.

    T: mask1: hello,whats your name?

     mask2: my names Mocky.

    5. talk about the story P2-3

     ask Q: picture1: where are the children?

     P2: Who sees them?

    P3/4/5: what is the monkey doing?

     What do you think they are saying?

    P6: how are they getting across the river?

    P7/8: where ate they all going?

     6. Story (tape)

     ?listen and look at the pictures.

    ; Listen again.encourage the Ss to say the words.

    ; Choose 4 Ss. give each a mask. Role play speak after the tape.



    7.set homework:

    practise greeting their family and friends in English:

    Hello,my names . whats your name?


    Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 2 Function: asking names and giving ones own.

    Structure: review:

    Hello! Whats your name?

     My name s (mocky).

    Preparation: cards from lesson1.

    2. crayons,glue,craft sticks for making masks.

    3.teachers set of character masks.


    1. review English names:

    ; have the Ss wear the name tag.

    ; T: hello,whats your name? Then encourage children to reply in turn,

    my names .

    ; Hold up one of the name cards. Have student wearing the matching name tag

    stand up. Then ask and answer.

    ; Continue the speech chain .have S select any one of cards and

    question .

    2. make masks:

    ; cut out mask outlines.prepare the materials for making the masks.

    ; Show the Ss how to color masks,cut them out, glue them on the stick handles.

    ; Do by themselves.

    3. use the masks:

    ; hold up one of masks.say to the class hold up your mask for this


    ; Ask: whats your name? The class reply:my names

    ; Repeat with all the character masks.

    4.learn to say: P4

    ; Look at the picture and listen. have the class point to the character that



    is speaking.

    ; Listen again,point to the words at a time.

    ; Read together. have the class touch each words as they say it.

    5. listen to this: P4

    ; Point to the six pictures and say: look at the first one.who is talking?

    The class reply.

    ; Have Ss touch each matching picture as they listen to the dialog.

    ; Again.T: stop after each sentence. Ss: number each picture.

    6. lets sing. P5

    ; T: we are going to learn a song about our new friend. Then read the words

    to the class.

    ; Listen several times and encourage Ss to join in by singing,humming or


    ; Again,Ss: touch words as they sing.

    ; T: say the next line whats your name?and you sing my names(your

    own),( s)my name.

    ; S: fill their own names in the blank.sing together from beginning.

    ; Have a student sing his name in place of Cathy. Take turns. Supplement:

    Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 3 Function: asking names and giving ones own.

    Structure: review:

    Hello! My name s (mocky).

     Whats your name?


     Aa Bb Cc Dd


    1. talk together: P6

    ; using the structures review each students English name.

    ; Revisit P4 to review the character names.

    ; Using the masks,review the structures in a speech chain.

    ; Display the top of P6 and model the dialog, pointing to the matching

    character as T speak.



    ; Practise: substitute own names for those that are underlined.替换并对


    2. listen and number: P6

    ; Look at the bottom half of the P6. T: touch the correct charaters when

    you hear them say hello.

    ; Repeat: T say hello,my names ___.and point to the one of pictures.

    Have Ss do what I do.

    ; Listen again.this time Ss write the number of the sentence in the box .

    ; Last time. Check out.

    3.introduce the letter Aa:

    ; Write Ann on the board say: this is Anns name.look at the first

    letter.this letter is called Letter A.

    ; find the picture of the word beginning with A.( apple)

    ; listen, point,and say.

    4. introduce the letter B b:

    ; uncle Booky

    ; ball, baby

    ; repeat the procedure for letters Cc and Dd. 5.Uncle Boockys ABC: P79

    ; explain: there are two ways of writing each letter,and we call them

    capitaland smallletters. Capital letters are used at the beginning

    of names.

    ; Difference: shapes: D,d. size: C,c

    ; Trace over the letters Aa,Bb,Cc,Dd and color the picture.描实字母并涂


    6Set homework:

    ; Color the pictures and letter . P7

    ; Color the pictures of Ann,Ken, Mocky,and Uncle Booky. P6


Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 4

    Function: asking names and giving ones own.

    Structure: review:

    (informal) Hello! Whats your name?



    My names (mocky).

    (formal) what is your name?

     My name is (mocky).

    Phonics and writing: Aa Bb Cc Dd


    1. write the letters AaDd. P8

    ; ask the class to write each letter in the air with teacher.

    ; trace and copyin the books by themselves.临摹和抄写

    ; finish that for homework.

    2. listen for A B C D

    ; point to each picture in turn and say the matching word.

    e.g. baby/buh/baby

    ; read words after the tape and point to the beginning letter.

    3. uncles boockys blackboard 句型归纳

    ; read the cards: whats your name? What is your name?

    Explain:the both structures mean the same thing.

     In spoken English ,we often use constraction. e.g. what is becomes


    ; in the same way,review My names and intoduce My name is

    ; use those drillcards to make a sentence.

    ; Divide the class into two groups.have one group repeat the Q,and other

    group repeat the A.

    ; Have the groups change places.角色交换

     4Touch and say P9

    ; Point to a character and ask a student to tell the class what that character

    would say.

    ; Group work.

    5.set homework:

     trac and write the letters.


Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 5

    Function: asking names and giving ones own.

    Structure: review:

     My names (mocky). (mockys) my name.

     Hello! Whats your name?



     My names (Ken).


    1. read,match and color.

    ; Review the structure by using masks and name cards.

    ; Practise reading sentences my namesby using drillcards.

    ; P10 .read and match the 4 speech bubbles with the characters.

    ; Color the characters.

    2. lets chant.

    ; Use pictures or real objects and review the words:

    Dog, cat, ball, apple.

    ; Read the rhyme to the class,pointing to each word.

    ; Play the tape and have Ss point to the words and join in with the rhyme.

    ; Put those pictures on the board. Point them ,do some actions and act the

    rhyme out.

     Rhyme: hello,dog! Hello,cat!

     Balls here,apples there.

     Lets play.lets eat.

     Balls here,apples there.

     Everywhere ,everywhere.

    3. clap names: 按音节拍手

    ; Activity: practise sounding of their English name.

    ; clap hands once for each syllable of name.

    Model: my names An-ge-la.(3 claps)

    ; review: whats your name? My names

    have the class repeat the Q and A after me ,alpping along with names.

    ; Do a speech chain.


    Topic Unit 1 Hello! Lesson 6 Function: consist of games, evaluation activities and story that be used as extention the structures and vocabulary.


    1. Uncle Bookys storytime:

    ; Listen to the story with the books closed.



    ; Ask Ss look for familiar words in the story.

    ; Read the story silently,encourage them to try to guess the meaning of

    unfamiliar words.( understanding the story is ok.)

    2. Bingo

    Words practise

    ; P168 T calls out the different names/words and the Ss find the correct

    picture in the game board.

    ; Call out bingo each time they have circled.

    ; At the end of the game ,review all the vocabulary.

    3. snap

    ; refer to teachers book P27

    4. self-assessment: P13

    do this part by themselves, according to their own situation. then compare

    the results with and learn from each other.

    ; Work in pairs in the first activity, practicing introducing themselves.

    ; For the second activity. S1:point to a picture. S2:say the name.S1 checks

    the answer and tick. Then change their role.

    ; For the third activity, circle letters learned in this unit. 5. my notes and teachers notes; P13

    ; Help the Ss to have a look at what they have learnt in this unit.

    ; Evaluate the Ss positively in the part of teachers notes.



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