Woman in Modern Society

By April Robertson,2014-05-26 12:35
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Woman in Modern Society

    Woman in Modern Society

    Traditional family roles are that fathers were the breadwinners, while mothers were the homemakers. It was acknowledged that women should be at-home mothers to take care of the house and children without holding a job outside in the past.

    However, these roles have changed nowadays. A high proportion of women, hunt for jobs and earn money in support of family expenses, since its hard to make ends

    meet only depending on working dads. Thus, when fathers and mothers both spend more time away from home, who will be responsible for keeping accompany with the children? Absolutely, it will hurt the children emotionally and physically, and it is the children who ultimately suffer the most. In this aspect, working mothers has been criticized by the public. Whats more, although more and more women take

    corporate and government jobs that were traditionally done by man, they are faced with higher requirement in qualifications and capacities, and the number of women employed is limited. In a manner of speaking, there are still prejudices against womens lack of strength, power and women are thought not calm enough to handle emergency.

    At-home mothers are also inclined to be given discrimination. They are regarded as status symbols---a luxury not many men can afford to have. Consequently, men suffer a lot of stress.

Personally speaking, it doesnt matter that women are going to be at home or work

    outside. It is what they have done for the family that counts. On the one hand, theres hardly anything women cant do, they can even give better performance than

    men, so the competence between men and women should be based on equality. Then, both mothers and fathers should spare more time for their children. On the other hand, women who became at-home mothers also have made devotions to the family although they don’t give financial support. They make everything in order, they take good care of their children and husbands. So, they should also be given more cultural recognition.

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