Individual travel and package tour

By Edna Palmer,2014-05-26 12:24
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Individual travel and package tour

    Individual travel and package tour

    Along with the rapid growth in economy and the development of transportation, tourism is no longer a luxury in contemporary society. And its not surprising that scenic spots or historical relics are flooded with people going sightseeing.

    But do you know the two modes of travel, individual travel and package tour? Here, Id like to talk something about them.

    Individual travel will be a good choice if you are able to afford it. You can go wherever you want and start off or go back whenever you want, that is, there is no limit in routes, destinations and time. However, if you want to stretch your money, it will be better to go on a package tour. And you dont have to worry about

    accommodation, meals, transportation and so on. Moreover, it can guarantee your security since you are new there. Thus, its a pity that

    your tour route is unchangeable from the start.

    As for me, I prefer package tour, because money burns a hole in my pocket. And it will be a tragedy if I have no extra money to return. For one thing, if I travel on my own, I guess that I will be at sea, which is born of unfamiliarity. For another, if I go on a package tour, I can chat with others and make friends with them.

    Thats my choice, what about yours?

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