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    Minutes of September 12, 2006

City Living 1:00 p.m.

    Members Present: Cecelia Cronk, DeWayne Severson, Patti Cigan, Benny Haas, Patrick Eigner, Rob

    Mattison, Cyndy Kaiser

Staff Present: Tiffany Richter

Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Cecelia Cronk at 1:00 p.m.


    Cronk & Losby Cecelia Cronk reported that Ed Losby has decided not to participate at this time.

    Scherkenbach & Cigan Patti Cigan reported that the Huebsch Building will no longer include loft apartments on the third floor. Cigan Properties is working on a lease with a new restaurant that will fill the ground floor of the building and use the second floor as a banquet room. Because two office tenants have already signed for space in the building, office space will occupy the third floor instead of apartments.

    Keilholz & Haas Benny Haas reported his space is gutted, and he is working on HVAC currently.

    Jakober & Eigner Patrick Eigner reported that his space is close to being completed and that Susan Jakober has been very helpful as a consultant for color schemes, etc.

Burke & Kolar No one was in attendance to report status.


    Cecelia Cronk mentioned that John Mogensen is working on apartments and his new restaurant in the North Barstow area, which will be called “John’s Place.” He is willing to let an interior designer work on his apartments.

    Tiffany Richter reported that if the RDA and the Lander Group agree on a contract, Lander will begin construction on the two blocks of the N. Barstow Redevelopment Area that are closest to Madison Street in the spring. These blocks include apartments.

    DeWayne Severson suggested that the City should create an ordinance or set some sort of design standards for storefronts downtown. Benny Haas remarked that the City wouldn’t want to hinder entrepreneurs from opening a business downtown at this point. Maybe as downtown’s popularity increases, design standards could be set in place. DeWayne Severson and Cecelia Cronk asked Tiffany Richter to talk to John Mogensen about concealing the boxes in the windows on the corner of Eau Claire Street and S. Barstow Street.


    Cecelia Cronk said she felt that two apartment projects plus showing Banbury’s International Harvester

    apartments weren’t enough to have a successful tour of downtown apartments. The group agreed that the tour of apartments should be pushed back since only two projects are in the works currently. Because the group felt strongly about holding the event in the spring when people begin thinking about remodeling,

    they decided to push back the tour to the spring of 2008 when more apartments would be available to show. Cecelia Cronk reminded the committee that the event would showcase businesses as well as housing.

    Rob Mattison said CTV could still shoot a “downtown apartment show” focusing on Patrick Eigner’s space and Benny Haas’s space in the works, but also showing a Banbury apartment and possibly other apartments that already exist downtown. The show could still air in the spring of 2007. Tiffany Richter reported that DECI has already set the money aside to have CTV produce the show. Patti Cigan suggested using International Harvester tenant testimonials in the program to show the diversity of ages/types of people living downtown.

    DeWayne Severson suggested creating a weekly CTV show called “Design Talk” where designers can show ideas/work in the field and give home decorating advice. The shows could include muralists, artists, etc. Patti Cigan suggested charging people for the design advice on the show like Gerhardt’s Design Living show did. Cyndy Kaiser said that a weekly show would be a lot of work, and the committee should consider a monthly show instead. Rob Mattison reported the rates to shoot and produce your own show for a year using CTV equipment are: $40 (individual), $345 (for profit), and $145 (non-profit).

Tiffany Richter stated that the plan of action would be:

    1) Jan. Mar. 2007: CTV will shoot and produce the “Downtown Loft Living Show” featuring Eigner’s

    space, Haas’s space, an International Harvester apartment, and possibly other existing housing downtown.

    2) Late March 2007: Downtown interior designers and apartments will be featured in the spring addition of the new Downtown newspaper that will be circulated to 8,000 homes, along with 2,000 copies on racks.

    3) Late March 2007: In connection with the newspaper release, CTV will air the “Downtown Loft Living Show.”

4) CTV’s show can be re-aired throughout the year to create buzz before the tour of


5) The tour of apartments and businesses will happen in April 2008.

    Tiffany Richter said that the monthly Design Talk shows are a great idea and would keep the design buzz alive through 2007, but she doesn’t have time to coordinate these additional shows. If someone else could pick up the reigns and coordinate the shows, she would help as much as she could.

The group agreed with the plan of action, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany Richter

    Business Assistance Specialist

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