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    Unit 4

    Formal report:

    Head Title of report Name of the company

    Name of the reporter

    Introduction Terms of Why is the report needed?

    reference What is requested

    Procedure Who requested it?

    How does the report process?

    Middle Findings Central part of the report

    Information presented logically in



    End Conclusions Based on the information in


     Statement of logical implication of


    Recommendation Based on findings and conclusions

    Suggestions and actions to be taken

    Bottom Signature Name of the report writer

    Date Date of completion of report

Terms of reference/beginning:

    1) The purpose/objective/aims of this report is to investigate/

    evaluate/study/recommend/analyze/ give feedback/ estimate…

    2) Mr. X has asked me to report to


    1) It is found that..

    2) It is discovered/ felt that

    3) It is generally the case that

    4) Most people think that

Samples one

    To Mr. Peter Swift, General Manager

    From Helen Bush

    Subject Report on Problems of Newspaper Delivery Date 21 June 2001


    Following the request by the Office Manager to investigate complaints on newspaper

    delivery, I have interviewed the receptionist, the newspaper deliveryman and the 15

    staff members, who are entitled to Daily Financial News. Findings

    1) It was found out that some employees who were not entitled to newspapers took

    them from reception.

    2) Some staff said that sometimes the newspapers were delivered and taken before the receptionist arrived.

    3) There were spare copies when some employees were absent or away on business



    1) The receptionist should keep a record of those entitled to newspapers and ask

    them to sign when collecting the newspaper.

    2) Newspaper should be delivered to the reception during offices hours for the

    receptionist to check the number of newspaper delivered.

    3) The receptionist should keep the spare copies for those who were absent or on

    business trips.

Sample two

    Report on the New Receptionist

    The purpose of this report is to present the reasons for recruiting an additional receptionist in the Sales Department and describe the qualities the new receptionist should have.

    In the past year, the number of our overseas and domestic customers increased from 200 to 600. In addition, there seems to be a growing demand for our new product, and the number of business callers is also fast rising. As a result, our present receptionist cant handle the increased workload and an additional receptionist is urgently needed. The present receptionist s duties include receiving callers, answering telephone calls, keeping the register book, and arranging the books and magazines in the reception area. But her command of English is inadequate for handling international callers and engaging in trade talks.

    The new receptionist should be a person of good physical appearance and tidily dressed, preferably in his or her early twenties. They should be interested in handling people, good at international skills, and should possess the knowledge of several foreign languages, especially English, French and Spanish.

    To recruit this new receptionist, external job advertising is suggested, preferably in the trade press. A selection committee should be established by the personnel department to handle interviews.


    a/c: account admin: administration

    asap: as soon as possible attn: for the attentiion of

    c.c. carbon copy, cubic centimeters(副本, 立方厘米) c/f: care of

    Corp.:Corporation cu.: cubic

    dept.: department do: ditto

    doz./dz.: dozen ea.: each

    eg/e.g.: for example enc./encl.: enclosure

ft: foot etc.: et cetera

    ie/i.e.: that is Inc.: incorporated incl.: including/inclusive lb/lbs: pounds(weights) ()

    Ltd.: limited m. : meters/ miles MD: managing director misc.: miscellaneous(混杂的)

    N/A: not applicable No.: number

    oz.: ounces unit of weight in Br. Or Am p.a.: per annum/ per year

    p.p.: per pro( on behalf of) 代理人 PA : personal assistant par. : paragraph PC: personal computer PDQ: pretty damn quickly plc/p.l.c.: public limited corporation

    POB: post office box PS/P.S.: postscript 附言

    Rd: road recd: received

    ref.: reference Sq.: square 正方型

    sq.: squire (meters, feet) yd/ yds: yards

    TM: trade mark p.s. post script

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