Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC, DO, 1899 - 1992

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Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DC, DO, 1899 - 1992

    George J. Goodheart, DC,

    1918 20XX

    Founder and Developer of Applied Kinesiology

    The AK Related Publications of Dr. George J. Goodheart



     Yearly Research Manuals

    Applied Kinesiology Research Manual 1964 Applied Kinesiology Research 1965 Manual, 3rd Edition

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1967 thManual, 4 Edition

    The Cranial Sacral and Nutritional 1968 Reflexes and Their Relationship to

    Muscle Balancing

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1970 Manual, 7th Edition

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1971 thManual, 8 Edition

    [Sacrospinalis muscle, emotional pattern,

    RNA, acupuncture]

    Applied Kinesiology Research Manual 1972 Applied Kinesiology Research 1973 Manual, 9th Edition

    [Law of the ligament, challenge, hiatal hernia,

    cranial, acupressure]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1974 Manual, 10th Edition

    [Therapy localization, acupressure turn-off

    points, cranial stress centers, universal cranial


faults, gait, foot reflexes, sacral wobble]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1975 thManual, 11 Edition

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1976 thManual, 12 Edition

    [TMJ, reactive muscles, nasal ionizing,

    diaphragmatic technique, adrenal-SI ligament syndrome, temporal tap, complete workshop


    Applied Kinesiology Research 1977 Manual, 13th Edition

    [Melzack-Wall pain control, RNA, cloacal

    reflexes, constipation, updates on therapy

    localization, TMJ]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1978 Manual, 14th Edition

    Applied Kinesiology Workshop 1979 thProcedure Manual, 15 Edition, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

    [Retrograde lymphatic technic, Pineal + light

    response, ocular-basic technic (pre P.R.Y.),

    posture corrections, color therapy, right-left

    brain, cranial muscles, electron poising]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1980 Manual, 16th Edition

    [Pitch-roll-yaw, aerobic muscles, Herpes

    simplex, limbic technic, Then and Now


    Applied Kinesiology Research 1981 Manual, 17th edition

    [Spinal cord injuries, EID, parathyroid, B & E

    technic, cranial subluxations + fixations,

    updates on electron poising] Applied Kinesiology Research 1982 Manual, 18th Edition

    [Holographic subluxations and concepts,

    walking gait, walking gait in torticollis, hidden

    cervical disc, front + back brain, B & E

    (respiratory meridian)]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1983 Manual, 19th Edition

    [Dural torque, neck tension in sacral problems,

    scar tissue treatment, anterograde lymphatic


technic, holographic EID, oxygen/carbon

    dioxide effects]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1984 thManual, 20 Edition [Strain-counterstrain, TMJ and tonic neck

    flexors, nutrition and Candida Albicans,

    holographic TL and adjustments, gait and

    torque, neurotransmitters example is choline,

    repeated eye movement screening test]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1985 Manual, 21st Edition [Cardiac Brain, Ilio Lumbar ligament, Fats &

    Oils in Therapy Holographic Subluxations,

    Dural Tension]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1986 Manual, 22nd Edition [BID Body into Distortion, Tibetan

    Techniques, Blood sugar imbalances, Zinc &

    cranial faults, pH patterns, Glycine]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1987 Manual, 23rd Edition [Further BID developments, cataract therapy,

    Dvorak & Dvorak, neuropeptides, thoracic

    duct technique, zinc patterns, herniated discs,


    Applied Kinesiology Research 1988 Manual, 24th Edition [Immune system P.L.U.S. pattern, TMJ by

    Duffy, melanin hypothesis, pain management

    parameters, cervical compaction technique]

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1989 Manual, 25th Edition [Finding hidden problems using respiratory

    cessation, cranial dural stress fibers, Brown

    adipose tissue in weight loss, new flow chart

    for nutrition with clinical signs and AK


    Applied Kinesiology Research 1991 Manual, 26th Edition [Rib pump technic, Landau, startle, and

    trauma reflexes, forward, backward, and lateral posture problems, postural foot trigger


    Applied Kinesiology Research 1993


    th Edition

    Applied Kinesiology Research 1995 thManual, 1994-1995, 30 Anniversary Manual, 27


    Applied Kinesiology Research Manual 1997 Applied Kinesiology Research 1998 Manual, 1997-1998


    You’ll Be Better The Story of Unknown…? Applied Kinesiology

    Collected Published Articles & 1969 Reprints

    Collected Published Articles & 1992 Reprints

    Observation of Sonagraphic 1981 Computerized Analysis

    A New Approach To An Old Problem 1990 Being A Family Doctor 1993

     Applied Kinesiology Research Tapes

    (Transcriptions): 19XX-19XX…?

    Applied Kinesiology Monthly 1984 Research Tapes, Numbers 1-24

    Applied Kinesiology Monthly 1984 Research Tapes, Numbers 25-48

    Applied Kinesiology Monthly 1984 Research Tapes, Numbers 49-72


Applied Kinesiology Monthly 1987

    Research Tapes, Numbers 73-96

    Applied Kinesiology Monthly 1991

    Research Tapes, Numbers 97-120

     Papers Presented To The

    International College of Applied


The clinical correlation of the reflexes ICAK Annual

    associated with the nociceptors and the Meeting, June 1-6 mechanoreceptors the spondylogenic 1987:1-20 reflex syndrome

    Breath cessation technique ICAK Annual

    Meeting, June 1989 New developments in dural torque ICAK Meeting,

    concepts January 10-12, 1990 The hidden sacral-iliac-fifth lumbar ICAK Annual

    fixation complex: a new approach to Meeting, June 13-an old problem 16, 1990 Newly developed AK procedures: ICAK Winter

    Meeting, January 9-? Gait related fixations of the

    11, 1991 lumbosacral spine and pelvis

    ? New approaches to correcting

    foot mechanics

    ? CSF Rib Pump Technic

    Clinical nutrition ICAK Summer


    Philadelphia 6/91 Back to the dura back to basics ICAK Winter

    Meeting, January 8-

    10, 1992 Sports excellence and sports injury ICAK Winter

    Meeting, January 6-

    8, 1993 Resume of the Primary Atlas ICAK Annual


    Technique (P.A.T.) Meeting, June 21-

    27, 1993 The Cerebellum ICAK Winter

    Meeting, January 5-

    7, 1994 Cortical and cerebellar memory ICAK Annual

    patterns long term potentiation and Meeting, Chicago,

    long term depressive modes of IL (Aug. 25-memory retention 28);1994:1-22 AK for the 90s: Beyond muscle ICAK Seminar,

    testing, Clinical Tools for assessing March 18-19, 1995 outcomes and patient progress in AK

    Detection of the „sleep‟ pattern in the ICAK Summer

    „awake‟ patient and the serotonergic Meeting, Boston

    neuronal relationship to the reticular 1995:113-130 activating system

    Cerebellar relationship to common ICAK Annual

    structural faults. Detection of the Meeting, August 3-“sleep” pattern in the “awake” patient 6, 1995 and the serotonergic neuronal

    relationship to the reticular activating

    system (RAS)

    Further forays into healing through ICAK Annual

    AK: Functional Hallux limitus and AK Meeting, 1996 gait patterns and the postural complex

     general considerations

    The diaphragm and the spondylogenic ICAK Annual

    reflexes Meeting, 1997 Fascia ICAK Regional

    Meeting, January

    29-February 1, 1998 Myofascial gelosis: A “stand alone” ICAK Annual

    clinical entity Meeting, 1998 Dural torque and muscle linkage ICAK Annual

    technique Meeting, 1999 Overview and update of Bennett ICAK Annual

    neurovascular reflexes Meeting, 1999


    The ultimate anti-aging hypothesis: the ICAK Annual reversal of the commonality of Meeting, 2000 postural stress patterns (passive

    R.O.M. and the Universal cranial fault


    A new neurological approach to ICAK Annual understanding cerebellar activity in Meeting, 2001 reference to first breath activity

    Learn why patients suffer not from ICAK Winter malnutrition but malabsorption Meeting, 2002 The dura and beyond: A functional, ICAK Annual integrative approach to healthcare Meeting, 2002 A new approach to understanding the ICAK Annual function of the diaphragm: the breath Meeting, 2003 cessation technique

    Pain Control and Immune ICAK seminar, Enhancement technique 1988 The new normal of postural laterality: ICAK seminar, The PiLUS technique 1989 Making the nervous system your ally ICAK Seminar,

    1989 From pregnancy to pubescence: ICAK seminar, common pediatric problems 1991 Potpourri from past & present: The ICAK seminar, common denominator is the nervous 1993 system, which monitors, interprets,

    and responds to any change in the


    Muscles move bones ICAK Seminar,

    1995 Head, Heart, & Hands ICAK Seminar,

    1998 The persistent subluxation complex ICAK Seminar,

    1996 Reading body language ICAK Seminar,




    Healers on Healing, Edited by Jeremy P. Tarcher, Carlson, R., Shield, B. Innate Los Angeles;

    Intelligence Is The Healer, Goodheart, 1989:53-57 G.

    The Dental Clinics of North America: W.B.Saunders

    Symposium on Temporomandibular Company,

    Joint Dysfunction and Treatment, Philadelphia,

    Edited by Harold Gelb, D.M.D. 27(3);1983:613-630 Chapter 13: Applied Kinesiology in

    Dysfunction of the

    Temporomandibular Joint, Goodheart,


    Published Articles: Journal

Urinary testing methods Chiropractic



    1964:14 Arm and shoulder pain Chiro Econ,


    1964:22-25 The anemias Chiro Econ, 7(3);

    Nov/Dec 1964:32-

    33 The thyroid an overlooked problem Chiro Econ, 7(4);

    Jan/Feb 1965:36-39 Postural hypotension and functional Chiro Econ, hypoadrenia 7(6);May/June

    1965:24-25 Control of cholesterol Chiro Econ,

    8(1);Jul/Aug 1965:



    The acid-alkaline balance Chiro Econ,


    1965:32-33 Fatigue and its management Chiro Econ,


    1965:28-30 Posture Its effect on Chiro Econ, structure…function and symptoms 8(4);Jan/Feb

    1966:30-33 Chinese lessons for chiropractic Chiro Econ,


    1966:10-11 The respiratory function of the skull Chiro Econ,


    1966:20 Nutritional factors Chiro Econ,


    1966:54-56 The ileo-cecal valve syndrome Chiro Econ,


    1967:32-33 The carpal tunnel syndrome Chiro Econ,

    10(1);Jul/Aug 1967:

    28-29 The psoas muscle and the foot Chiro Econ, pronation problem 10(2);Sep/Oct

    1967:54-57 Hyperventilation and cranial sacral Chiro Econ, mechanism 10(3);Nov/Dec

    1967:48-49 The hiatus hernia Chiro Econ,


    1968:31-33 Headache Chiro Econ,




    Asthma and emphysema Chiro Econ, 11(1);

    Jul/Aug 1968:22-24 Hypertension Chiro Econ,


    1968:20-23 Cross-pattern crawling and muscle Chiro Econ, spasm 11(5);Mar/Apr

    1969:18-20 The “frozen shoulder” syndrome Chiro Econ,


    1969:36-38 Allergies in chiropractic practice Chiro Econ,



    reprinted in A.K.



    1992:47-50 Principles of muscle balancing Chiro Econ,


    1970:30-32 The schizophrenic pattern Chiro Econ,


    1970:51-53 Structural imbalance and nutritional Chiro Econ, absorption (a new route to the brain) 13(3);Nov/Dec

    1970:20-23 Tarsal tunnel syndrome Chiro Econ,


    1971:6-7 Sacroiliac and ilio sacral problems Chiro Econ,

    14(4);Jan/Feb 1972:

    44-46 Sacroiliac and ilio sacral problems, Chiro Econ, Part 2 15(1);Jul/Aug

    1972:42-45 The cervical challenge Chiro Econ,


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