March 18, 2008

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March 18, 2008

July 1, 2008

    ?Press release: IBR Ltd.

    IBR Ltd. is changing its distribution strategy to allow outstanding and proper presentation of its unique innovative actives.

    IBR Ltd. a unique manufacturer of proprietary, innovative natural actives for the cosmetics, cosmecuetics and nutraceutic industries announces a new strategy for distribution and marketing of its unique, proprietary and innovative natural actives. IBR was working together with Symrise in the last three year and is now going very different way!

    The new pronounced network of strong technology based local distributors in a growing number of territories together with its own marketing and sales force in various locations puts it self a goal to reach each and every customer in this market who is interested in new and special technologies as well as putting IBR in the for front of innovative, high quality supplier of natural actives and a cooperation partner for such projects. Please go to to find out

    your local contact.

    “We have much hope and trust at the newly formed organization of our marketing and distribution and hope to see great results already by the middle of 2009.”

    The IBR current product portfolio of actives include two main patented technological platforms:

    Dormins and colorless carotenoids

    Dormins natural extracts from plants and plants organs in dormancy

    aiming at slowing down aging via slowing down proliferation. The Dormins family includes IBR-Dormin? on its various forms (all natural, preserved with or without parabens) to suit the various needs of the market, IBR-Tom? and recently launched, IBR-Dragon?. The Dormins were also found effective as inhibitors of undesired hair-growth, for elongation of self tanning and relievers of skin disorders all functions are derived of their ability to slowdown various cell types proliferation.

    The Colorless Carotenoids, carotenoids with un-visible (UV) color: the patented technology platform of colorless carotenoids includes beauty

actives for inside and out side use, with the same active molecules, namely

    phytoene and phytofluene which are the colorless carotenoids. These special

    un-visible, but present, carotenoids are outstanding and special anti

    oxidants against hydroxyl radicals, anti inflammatory, UV absorbers and skin

    whitening actives resulting in anti aging capabilities and protection against

    sun damage as well as targeted at the skin whitening market. The products

    include for topical use: IBR-TCLC? (tomato colorless carotenoids), IBR-

    CLC? (colorless carotenoids from algae), IBR-AAC? (anti aging carotenoids)

    and for internal consumption: PhytoflORAL?, tomato powder rich with the

    colorless carotenoids.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

    Liki von Oppen-Bezalel

Liki von Oppen-Bezalel, Ph.D.

    VP Business Development and Marketing

    IBR Ltd.

    Tel: +49 30 80589698; Fax: +49 30 80589704


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