Malta Polyphenols 2007

By Alan Lawrence,2014-05-17 00:49
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Malta Polyphenols 2007

    Malta Polyphenols


    th4 International Conference on

    From source to optimal industrial


    State-of-the-art and future trends

     November 14- 16,2007

    Saint Julian’s - Malta

    Call for abstracts submission

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

After the great success of Malta Polyphenols 2006, the Malta University and the International Society

    of Antioxidants in Nutrition & Health (ISANH) are pleased to announce the next international

    conference on Polyphenols Applications 2007 which will be held again in Malta on November 14 16,

    2007. Two events will be held:

Polyphenols Applications 2007: From source to optimal industrial

    uses: State-of-the-art and future trends

Symposium on Functional drinks and smart waters: Solution for a

    new revolution

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations.

    We are looking forward to welcome you in Malta for this unmissible event.

Best regards,

Dr Nikta Vaghefi

    Scientific coordinator

    Malta Polyphenols 2007

Malta Polyphenols 2007 preprogram :

    Polyphenols Applications

    From Source to Optimal Industrial Uses:

    State-of-the-art and future trends

Session 1: Latest news on polyphenols benefits

    Session 2: Polyphenols and chronic diseases prevention: Recent advances Session 3: How to obtain highly bioactive polyphenols?

    Session 4: Valorisation of polyphenols from fruit and vegetable wastes Session 5: Application of Polyphenols in industry

    Symposium on: Functional drinks and smart waters: Solution for a new


    ?Overview of the latest advances in polyphenols applications in functional drinks ?Overview of functional drinks trends in 2007

    ? Beverages preservation : New solutions for safety challenge

    ? Improving Ingredients Stability : Overview of new technologies

    ? Effect of storage conditions on the biological activity of antioxidants

    ? Problem of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of active ingredients in fucntional drinks ? Antioxidants use in non-carbonated drinks, the smart waters concept

    ? Round Table: Functional drinks as delivery system of health benefit, advantages and challenges?

     Functional drinks as an anti-aging solution for baby boomers?

FUTURE INNOVATIONS : Latest formulations, ingredients and packages from the Japanese market en display.

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