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The interview will be with a professional engineer, no one on campus. I recommend someone who is at least five years out of school (people who are more

ENGR 100W Interview Assignment Dr. Anagnos

Objectives of Assignment:

    ? Practice and improve interviewing techniques such as using oral and visual cues, and

    keeping an interview on track

    ? Perfect listening skills

    ? Develop clear, focused questions

    ? Practice note taking and summarizing the content of an interactive

    ? Gain information about your profession from a practitioner in your field

    ? Understand how companies and government agencies in your field are involved with issues

    related to the environment.

    Due Date: Wednesday, February 25 (hard copy at beginning of class and electronic copy in

    Grading: 10% of course grade. Grading criteria will include: ? Quality of the introduction

    ? Quality of questions

    ? Quality of reflection/conclusion

    ? Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation


    The interview will be with a professional engineer, no one on campus. I recommend someone

    who is at least five years out of school (people who are more junior in a company can’t really

    give you the big picture). Please no family members!!

Spend time before you go to the interview finding out about the company/agency. This can be

    helpful to you in developing your questions.

    Proofread: Polish the writing before submission (editorial courtesy)

    Pages: 4-7 typed pages (single space, one blank line after each interviewee answer)

Required Question:

    ? What is the impact of oral and written communication on your work and your progress in

    your profession?

    Suggested Questions:

    ? You may want to begin with career questions about the interviewee’s job title, duties,

    responsibilities, typical day

    ? Ask for advice about your degree program

    ? You may ask technical questions, if interested, that relate to your major

    ? Ask for personal advice, if appropriate (courses, internships, coops)

    ? You may want to end with questions about the future, e.g., the company or industry in

    five years

    ? Ask a couple of environmental questions, e.g., does the company have environmental

    policies? Do they have a recycling program? Is the industry governed by any

    government environmental regulations? Does the interviewee’s job deal with

    environmental issues? What are the environmental concerns within that industry?

Page 1

ENGR 100W Interview Assignment Dr. Anagnos


    ? 1-inch margins, 12 pt font

    ? Provide a specific title for the interview summary

    ? The introduction will “set the stage” by explaining the Who? Why? Where? When? What?


    ? Use a Question/Answer format for the body of the interview (perhaps use last names)

    ? End with a reflection/conclusion in your own words

    ? Number pages

Example Format:

    Specific Title Introduction

Anagnos (Q): Please tell me your exact job title and provide a general description of your job


    Jones (A): I am Vice President of Construction for Northern California [note: XYZ Engineering

    has offices in five states] and I …..

Anagnos (Q): What is the most challenging project you have been involved in?

    Jones (A):

Anagnos (Q): What is the best way to communicate construction concerns to management?

    Jones (A):

Anagnos (Q):

    Jones (A):



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Career (2007). Job and Internship Guide, SJSU Career Center, San Jose, CA.

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