The Broker Recruiting Guide - The main question brokers and

By Jeffrey Jenkins,2014-05-16 01:24
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The Broker Recruiting Guide - The main question brokers and

    A Special RECP Report: Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace

    he main question brokers right represents the

    and managers ask in product/service needs of all

    almost every consulting of your customers and T interview is: “How can I prospective customers. The recruit better agents? It’s small tube represents the the most important question, conduit through which a need and there are several reasons must be matched up with a why broker/owners and service. That conduit is your

    managers need to be savvy salesperson.

    about smart hiring in today’s market…and the reasons almost The more competent the always sift down to salesperson, the more service profitability. that will flow from one tank

     to the other. I hope this Key #1 - Create a more picture points you toward the exclusive criterion for absolute need to recruit, hiring new agents train and manage winning

     salespeople. This RECP mini-Loss of market share is not a report is designed to help concern to a business that you identify some tools to focuses on a consistent build your business in program of intense customer difficult times. satisfaction. Forward-

    Recruiting thinking companies today

    embrace a healthy commitment to a newly defined First a review of some basics extraordinary customer which all principal brokers service model and work know. diligently to differentiate The key to effective themselves from the recruiting is to start by competition. This fresh focus developing a profile of the on intense customer service person you're looking for.

    is quite different from the The more specific your order-taking, nonstandardized understanding of the various services of the past. RECP success factors involved, the recognizes this and we help more likely it is that you'll by providing the best find the person you're training possible in pre-looking for. license, post license designation and continuing It's as simple as this: If a education. candidate isn't at least a 75

     percent match with your They say that a picture is profile, don't hire. Just worth a thousand words, so remember that any required here's something I'd like you knowledge or experience a to visualize: two very large candidate doesn't already tanks with a small tube have will have to be "trained running between them. The into" that person. tank on the left represents all of the products and Recruiting has taken a new services available to your route, as evidenced from marketplace. The tank on the interviews with top new

    A Special RECP Report: Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace

    offices. Previously, managers Being selective creates in large franchise operations strong market differentiation were commonly required to and can translate to a have a designated number of healthy chunk of market share, seats filled in an office to increased revenues and meet company allotments for affiliate support for zero budgets. Today we know that based marketing, discounts having a desk filled with a and services. nonproductive agent costs the company too much money. The basic education a recruit Management must determine how gets from the RECP is much of the training dollar designed to do much more than should be invested in their get them through the state present group to encourage exam…it lays the groundwork new attitudes and openness to for a successful career in innovative tools and systems real estate through a good before looking outside for a foundation of basic real more amenable recruit. estate concepts. Progressive companies are

    Key #3: Recruiting a better asking different questions

    agent requires asking better and are going about the

    questions process of recruitment in

    brand new, and surprisingly economic ways. The interview process must

     include a different line of Key #2 - Use Web and e-mail questioning. To help re-tools to recruit define the hiring process,

     brokers and managers may want One great example is a to consider interview cutting edge broker-owner questions that go beyond the from the Atlanta area. His basics we have used for years commitment to his agents and that include: company requires the use of a 1. Are you willing to company intranet system to comply with our company’s secure forms, announcements, electronic policies and hold office meetings, guidelines for websites, schedule event registration email, e-prospecting and and access office memos on-referrals? line. Currently, they are 2. What software programs constructing a recruiting are you currently using or website designed to help find familiar with? What is your top agents who want to be experience with effective use part of his exclusive team of tech tools, like digital with a commitment to a new cameras, Web tools, database level of services. The management, agent company website profiles productivity software, PDA’s, testimonial’s from present etc. agents on the value of being 3. Do you have a current with a winning team. Nothing electronic database? What sells better than a third strategies are you currently party testimonial. using to maximize the use of

     this information? What are

    A Special RECP Report: Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace

     your plans to maximize it in

     your new sales position?

     4. Are you certified in any


     5. Do you have a website

     with a workstation that

     allows you to manage your

    Training incoming leads? Send

    electronic special reports? Track leads? The key to effective training

     6. Do you use a mail is to think in terms of three manager to manage your email elements: product knowledge, and electronic files? operational knowledge and a

     7. What are you expecting selling process. Technical

    that our company will do for product knowledge -- the you? basics of real estate and

     8. Are you familiar with finance -- is not enough. office Intranet sites to Today's salespeople have a secure forms, contracts, etc? greater need for applications

     9. Will you be willing to of product knowledge, which attend “online” meetings? addresses the issues of which

     10. Regarding the company’s home or financial service is coaching program: How best for a particular client. receptive are you to onsite coaching and personal Operational knowledge refers development? to the way in which you want

     your company to run: The very nature of this line standards, policies and of questioning unequivocally procedures. I hear far too answers the question: “What many stories about will tomorrow’s most salespeople who can sell, but profitable, cutting-edge real they drive the people they estate company look like?" It work for crazy with their is important to determine if operational behavior. Teach the new agent is willing to your salespeople that selling comply with your company’s technique involves electronic policies that organizational and cover website and email communication skills as well guidelines and marketing as successful listing policies to minimize risk techniques. The RECP can help reduction and maximize you in the quest to make traffic. When the “team” is certain your agents are cohesive in their efforts to current both in technical utilize the tools the broker areas and the necessary has dearly paid for, the information to prevent the synergy increases, the dreaded legal confrontations communication more seamless from unhappy consumers.

     and the results, impressive.


    It's also important to

    understand that every

    A Special RECP Report: Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace

    salesperson needs motivation two components: an earned and support. Support means component (commissions) that that the organization makes ties compensation to it easy for the salesperson performance; and an incentive to sell. Training is part of component (bonus this and so are the other opportunities) to reward very elements of a comprehensive specific behavior or marketing plan. accomplishment.

    But as much as anything else, The other major component of providing support to a "pulling" motivation is to salesperson involves establish action standards: communicating to every other how many prospecting calls, employee that everybody sells how many letters or post in your company. Everyone in cards sent, how many listing your company is either a presentations you expect each promise-maker or a promise-week. Follow-up call tracking keeper. Salespeople in real is essential as well. estate are promise-makers and promise-keepers. Effective Many offices and their agents support means that the rest had a minimal, if any, of the organization does its organized structure to job to make sure that the provide 24x7 service and salesperson’s promise of communication during the service and quality results buying or selling process. are kept, allowing them to be Follow-up and retention of promise-keepers. that customer or client was

     rare and haphazard, thus Sales motivation is a abandoning the possibility of combination of pushing and a long-term relationship that pulling. Think in terms of often ensured future business physics: Newton's First Law and referrals. Identifying states that a body at rest the new professional who will tend to stay at rest, embraces a true sense of while a body in motion will customer satisfaction and tend to stay in motion. Once support is essential to the a salesperson is pushed into survival and flourishing of motion, other forces must today’s brokerage services.

    take over to pull the salesperson forward and Sales management is probably provide means to overcome all one of the most complex of the factors that work elements of business against a hard-and-smart management. The most

    day's work every day. effective sales managers

     recognize this complexity and Motivation break their overall challenge

     into smaller parts: The most obvious form of recruiting effectively,

    "pulling" motivation is training well and then

    compensation. An effective providing motivation and compensation plan in real support. You can do it that estate should have at least way, too.

    A Special RECP Report: Recruiting in Today’s Marketplace

The days of the prima donnas

    with a good sales record are

    over and professionals that

    have electronic competence

    are replacing the high

    maintenance agent. This new

    breed of professional is

    energized with a “can-do

    spirit” and is not

    constrained by the confines

    of traditional marketing and

    yesterday’s weak service

    model. They are willing to

    embrace new methods and means

    to ensure relevance to the


The new focus of providing a

    “good real estate experience”

    is more important to the

    consumer than ever before.

    Smart offices are catching on

    and are performing stronger

    due diligence in the

    selection process to

    represent their company. RECP

    is here to help you in all

    aspects of your agents

    careers…start to finish!

    Real Estate Certification


    With classes across Indiana


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