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Press Release Date: 2 March 2010


Defence Estates (DE) has helped a forces’ family to save money, reduce their carbon

    footprint and enjoy a more comfortable home by improving the loft insulation in their home.

     thThe improvements to the property at MOD Stafford mark the 7,000 insulation upgrade to

    Service Family Accommodation (SFA) across England and Wales.

    DE joined forces with its maintenance contractor, MODern Housing Solutions (MHS), to upgrade 155 properties at the Stafford site - a major supply and logistics depot.

    Upgrading insulation in the roof space to the latest standards means that Nathalie Lancaster and her family now enjoy lower heating bills and a warmer, more fuel efficient home, which generates less planet-warming carbon dioxide.

Mrs Lancaster said:

“This has certainly helped to improve the warmth of the home and all the family have

    noticed the difference especially with the recent cold weather. I’d like to say thank you

    for the efforts made to ensure the work had as little impact as possible on family life.

    In 2008/09 the MOD spent ?35.5M upgrading 726 Service Families Accommodation (SFA) homes and is set to exceed that number of upgrades in this financial year. In addition, in January 2010 the department launched a ?20 million pilot Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme.

    We plan to spend some ?3 billion on upgrading and modernising living accommodation over the next 10 years. Our intention is to have - by 2020 - around 70% of bed-spaces for trained personnel at Grade 1 and all UK family quarters at the top Standard for Condition.

    Over 4,000 service family homes in England and Wales have benefited from improved loft insulation this financial year alone. They now meet the current Building Regulations

    requirement of 270mm thickness for loft insulation.


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    Mike Starnes, Deputy Head of DE Operations Housing, said of the scheme:

“Improving loft insulation is just one of the simple, but effective, environmental initiatives

    being delivered by our partnership with MHS designed to improve the quality of accommodation for our Service families.”

    Flight Lieutenant Sean Fothergill, of Tactical Supply Wing, MOD Stafford, said that the project would improve comfort and well being for Service families now and in the future.

“We’re very pleased that MOD Stafford was one of the sites selected by Defence Estates

    to benefit from this improvement, he said.

    MHS is delivering the loft insulation programme on behalf of Defence Estates. Phil Shepley, MHS Managing Director, explained:

“We know the project is much appreciated by residents who not only have improved

    comfort, but greater fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

    “It’s also great news that our efforts to minimise the impact of the work on families have been appreciated.

     Ends Notes to Editors

    1. Defence Estates is a Ministry of Defence organisation. On 1 April 2005 it was re-launched

    with responsibilities for managing the defence estate as a corporate asset on behalf of the

    MOD, and for the delivery of estate maintenance, works and services. Defence Estates

    assumed responsibility for the management and maintenance of the Service Families

    Accommodation estate in the mainland UK on 1 April 2004, following its merger with the

    Defence Housing Executive.


    2. Mrs Lancaster was presented with flowers by Mike Starnes, Deputy Head of DE Ops

    Housing (Estate Management). Group photo, from left: David Boole (MHS Director, Strategic

    Facilities Plan and Coreworks), Phil Shepley, Mrs Lancaster, Mike Starnes, Flt Lt Sean


    3. To date - 4,046 Service family homes in England and Wales have benefited from improved

    loft insulation this financial year.

    4. Loft insulation works by stopping the upwards movement of heated air, reducing the loss of

    heat from the rooms below which will in turn require less heating. Around 25% of heat in a

    poorly-insulated house is lost through the roof. So not only are Service personnel and

    families able to save money on their energy bills but as a result of better loft insulation their

    carbon emissions are also reduced.

Further information:

    Press enquiries to Tony Moran, Senior Press & PR Officer 0121 311 3879 or email

MOD website: Defence Estates website:

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