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The VEC's people were all invited to be involved in the Corporate Planning better interpreting the requirements of clients and delivering high quality,

    Our Challenge To stimulate leading thinking and deliver excellence in all

    electoral endeavours. Our Vision All Victorians actively participating in our democracy. Our Values

    ? Independence: acting with impartiality and integrity

    ? Accountability: transparent reporting and effective

    stewardship of resources

    ? Innovation: shaping our future through creativity and


    ? Respect: consideration of self, others and the environment

    ? Collaboration: working as a team with partners and



    The Victorian Electoral Commission embarked upon the process of producing

    this Corporate Plan to encapsulate its challenge, vision and objectives for the

    foreseeable future and specifically for the next five years. Significantly, this five-year horizon captures the conduct of up to 79 council elections in 2008; the 2010

    State election; an undetermined number of by-elections; and elections run for a

    range of commercial and community organisations.

    In this period, all Victorians will experience the VEC in a variety of ways. Young

    people will learn about democracy through our schools, those turning 17 and 18

    will enrol to vote for the first time, those of voting age will exercise their

    democratic right with the support of the VEC.

    The VEC’s people were all invited to be involved in the Corporate Planning


    To ensure consideration of the changing needs of communities, a futurist was

    invited to speak to VEC staff. In addition, a number of workshops and ‘hotspots’

    were conducted in relation to technology, the 2008 council elections, enrolment

    trends, and trends in the public service. Subsequently, two half-day workshops

    were held, again involving all staff. Arising from the workshops were four major

    themes upon which this plan has been based:

    1. Core Business

    2. Our Voters

    3. Our Clients

    4. Our People

    Core business As described, this is the core business for which the VEC is funded conducting elections, maintaining the electoral roll and educating the

    public. Also included are the necessary underlying systems finance, HR

    management and IT - that enable the aforementioned core activities to occur.

    Research (formal and informal) is also considered part of the VEC’s core

    business as it is vital in assisting the organisation achieve its challenge.

    Our Voters - The VEC will make it as easy as possible for all sectors of the

    community in Victoria to enrol and vote, through the identification of barriers to

    full participation. As a result, it will focus on addressing these barriers and

    creating an environment so that at every opportunity, voters are made aware of

their obligations, understand what they are required to do, and are motivated to

    participate in Victoria’s democracy (enrol and vote).

    Our Clients - We aim to build on the delivery of fair and equitable elections by

    better interpreting the requirements of clients and delivering high quality, value

    for money products and services. The constant tension is to balance the

    commercial cost and the democratic integrity of the services and products we

    provide, to ensure we offer a sustainable service.

    Clients are organisations, groups or individuals who receive products or services

    from the VEC. These include councils, fee-for-service organisations, community

    health centres, other electoral commissions, Parliament, political parties and


    Our People - The ability to contribute to the delivery of democracy is a key factor

    that can attract new staff to the organisation. At the same time, we aim to

    provide staff with the environment and opportunity to enable them to learn/thrive

    on a personal and professional level. This will enable VEC staff to be better

    placed to respond to challenges and adapt to changes both in their operating

    environment and outside of work.

    Staff must be well supported by the organisation, its systems and quality

    processes in order to provide consistent, high quality outcomes. In this way

    they will remain highly motivated, informed and engaged.

    Working more closely with partners will also offer our staff opportunities to work

    across other agencies, thereby further building their skills and experience.

    These themes will assist the VEC to remain focused on:

    ? Being more responsive to the changing and diverse needs of voters and

    better understanding what is likely to motivate them; ? Delivering value-added products and services that anticipate and address

    the requirements of a range of clients; ? Having the right people in the right roles at the right time to deliver the

    corporate objectives; and

    ? Aiming for excellence in all core business activities.

    The structure of the plan is such that core business is at the centre of all the

    organisation does, and the remaining three areas are where the VEC will focus

    on innovation. Conventional wisdom will be questioned when planning for the

    future, taking into account what is happening in the industry both here and

    around the world through research and networking, and better understanding

    what is important to Victorians, clients and staff. That understanding will be

    converted into new and/or improved products and services.

    The people of the VEC have built this Corporate Plan, and they are committed to

    owning it and having it shape the decisions and direction the VEC takes for the

    next five years and beyond.

    Note* The structure of the plan aims to provide a clear snapshot of what the

    organisation will be doing over the next five years. All objectives and strategies

    are listed, however many of the detailed actions do not appear in this document

    but in the one-year action plans produced by each Branch. Individual

    performance plans are based on the one-year action plans.

1. Objective: Deliver high quality election services, in accordance with legislation

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 1. Collaborate across all business areas to ? Develop and implement an election services ? Monitor the cost of delivery and demonstrate value for

    ensure effective delivery of election plan for 2008 council elections, the 2010 money for

    services $3.46* State election, and other statutory and fee-for o council elections ($ per elector)

     $8.74* service elections (1) o state elections ($ per elector)

    2. Demonstrate effective stewardship of * not full cost recovery ? Delivery of an effective, accurate and secure

    resources electoral register and roll products (1) Increase year on 71.13% 75.19% None conducted ? Average council participation rate ? Delivery of models for electoral division to year 3. Provide quality corporate support systems ensure fair and equitable representation at Decrease year 4.49% 4.84% None conducted both a local and State Government level (1) ? Average council informality rate on year 4. Implement information management ? Foster partnerships with key existing systems to enhance communication, suppliers to ensure efficient and effective ? Overall voter satisfaction with 2010 State election collaboration and knowledge management delivery of core business activities (1) services 90% 88% o Ordinary voters ? Review and respond to proposed and new 98% o Early voters legislative changes (1) 90% o Absent voters ? Corporate planning and transparent reporting Not collected o Homeless voters (2) 92.7% o Participation ? Ensure privacy and Freedom of Information 4.28% o Informality - Upper House requirements are met (2) 4.56% o Informality Lower House ? Develop a finance plan to facilitate the conduct of the VEC’s business processes, Yes Yes Yes ? All legislative requirements met 100% products and services and to propose alternate funding strategies (3) ? An election is not overturned as a result of an error or ? Develop and implement an Information 100% omission by the VEC Technology plan for the provision of 100% 100% N/A technological solutions and support for core ? 100% of recount margins do not vary by more than business (3) 0.1% of all ballot papers in original count i.e if there are ? Develop and implement a strategic Human 10,000 ballot papers, the margin between the two final Resources plan to support the delivery of No (exception Yes candidates should not vary by more than 10 votes either core business and people initiatives (3) Northern Metro way Region) ? Plan and develop a successor system to the Election Management System for post 2010 ? Issues raised in formal complaints addressed within 24 (3) hours ? Develop a mechanism for 100% 100% feedback/suggestions to improve processes Not collected Not collected ? No. of electors per full-time equivalent staff (3) ? Identify and document all business critical 65,000 65,608 processes within the VEC for quality 88,787 81,487 FTE: 51.9 continuity (4) FTE: 37.6 FTE: 40.8 ? Identify and implement appropriate information management systems for the VEC (4)

    2. Objective: Contribute to an informed and engaged community with regard to electoral matters

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 5. Ensure the VEC maintains relevance by 75% Not collected Not collected 77% ? Develop a long-term research plan, which ? Awareness of election and any key issues/changes

    conducting research to better understand also considers existing research (5) (ordinary voters)

    industry and community issues

     ? Design and implement a long-term education ? Effectiveness of communications (ordinary voters)

    6. Develop an education program that is 75% Not collected Not collected 69%

    flexible and responsive to the needs of and community engagement plan (6)

    Victoria’s diverse community ? % of 17 year olds provisionally enrolling as a result

     30% 32.9% 34.3% 31.1% of VEC initiatives

    7. Enhance community reach and ? Develop and implement a plan to enable

    engagement through innovative use of targeted technologies (web, mobile, virtual) ? Participation rate of 18-25 year olds as at June 30

    emerging media technologies 82% (2% 85.59% 82.09% 84.78% for innovative, creative and relevant

    higher than education and community engagement

     national programs (7)


3. Objective: Effectively manage resources to minimise environmental impact across all operations

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 8. Include the directions of the Victorian Produce action plans outlining how sustainable 20% ? In line with govt targets and guidelines reduce energy

    Environmental Sustainability Framework practices will be implemented to reduce reduction consumption by 2010

    into business and operational planning, consumption and minimise waste including Environmental Management ? Annual targets for consumable, procurement and waste Systems management to be established on an annual basis from


    4. Objective: Increase new and maintain existing enrolments

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

    ? Establish partnerships with agencies and ? Percentage of eligible Victorians enrolled ? At least 1% higher ? 94.04% ? 94.46% ? 93.82%

    9. Research and deliver communication and networks around enrolment and the delivery (ABS method) at their correct address than the national

    education initiatives to encourage enrolment, with of education programs and initiatives (9) average (92.76%)

    particular emphasis on low participation groups

     Yes ? Enforcement of non-compliance with 10. Pursue opportunities for automatic roll update enrolment obligations (10) ? Development of an inclusive and and consideration of enrolment non-compliance Yes comprehensive community engagement enforcement program to increase enrolments ? Recommend changes to legislation to enable

     automatic roll updates (10)

    5. Objective: Increase voter participation

    Key strategiesActions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

    National average = ? Establish partnerships with agencies and ? Participation Rate for statutory elections: 91.1% 11. Research and deliver communication and networks to deliver key communications (11) education initiatives that encourage voter o State ? Target outreach programs to low 92.1% participation with particular emphasis on low 92.7% Target is 1% higher than national average participation areas (11) participation groups ? Promote and facilitate early voting (12) ? Expand mobile voting initiatives to homeless, 12. Enhance accessibility to voting services ? Average participation rate for Indigenous groups and groups of disabled o Council elections persons who cannot access voting centres 1. Postal (12) 71.13% 75.19% None conducted 2. Attendance ? Encourage the extension of electronic voting Increase year on year 75.07% 75.66% o Council by-elections to culturally and linguistically diverse 55.65% 72.80% 1. Postal communities and those with poor motor skills Increase year on year 72.62% 79.03% 68.67% 2. Attendance (12) 75.48% 79.03% 68.67% ? Ensure adherence to the Charter of Human 61.16% None conducted None conducted Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (12)

    6. Objective: Reduce informality

    Key strategiesActions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

     ? Review instructions and layout of ballot ? Percentage of informal votes

    Decrease year on year 13. Research and pursue options that enable voters None conducted None conducted papers (13) State elections

     to vote formally 4.56% - Upper House ? Produce VEC publications in easy English, Decrease year on year 4.28% - Lower House other languages and alternative formats (14) 14. Improve accessibility and clarity of information so 4.49% 4.84% None conducted council elections ? Expand electronic voting to culturally and that voters understand how to complete a formal 3.37% 3.64% - postal linguistically diverse communities (14) vote 10.43% 9.33% - attendance ? Establish a partnership with the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria to identify ? Number of electorates at 5% or lower of high priority communities (14) informality ? Identify other strategic government and 67 - State elections community partners who may assist to - council elections access key communities (14)

7. Objective: Create new service opportunities for clients

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

     Yes ? Develop and implement remote ? Packages developed

    15. Identify, assess and implement viable telephone and internet voting and implemented

    new opportunities ? Develop and implement scanning

    solution to support VEC business

    8. Objective: Deliver enhanced electoral products and services

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance Performance

    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

     Yes ? Establish partnerships with the ? Client satisfaction with

    16. Improve design and delivery of AEC and others to enhance enhanced products and

    products, services and programs product and service portfolio services

    consistent with best practice

    ? Optimise the effectiveness of VEC

    consultation processes for clients

    ? Enhance mapping process and

    systems through the use of new


    ? Enhance the effectiveness,

    accuracy and security of the

    electoral register and roll products

    ? Identify duplicate roll entries on

    municipal voters roll

9. Objective: Position the VEC as a highly preferred employer

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance 2005-06 Performance

    2004-05 2006-07

     ? Design and implement an annual staff ? Average percentage of Staff satisfaction survey results

    17. Attract and retain a workforce which is satisfaction survey (17) relating to:

    reflective of the diversity in the As per 2004-2005 (survey o Recruitment ? 90% ? 68.2% ? 83.6%

    community conducted every 2 years) o Induction ? Design and implement an employment ? 90% ? 66.5% ? 78.4%

     o Communication lifecycle plan to engage and retain our ? 90% ? 64% ? 84% 18. Foster a healthy, safe, diverse and o Leadership required workforce (17) ? 90% ? 66.3% ? 84.3% sustainable working environment. o OH&S ? 90% ? 67.3% ? 85.7% o Diversity ? Manage occupational health and safety ? 90% ? 73.3% ? 86.6% 19. Foster a culture that motivates and o Work/life balance (18) ? 90% ? 66.6% ? 76.3% engages employees ? Promote work/life balance through flexible

     work arrangements (18)

    ? Maintain opportunities for regular

    communication and information sharing


    ? Implement a buddy/mentoring system

    where appropriate (19)

    10. Objective: Provide highly valued learning/development and career opportunities

    Key strategies Actions include Performance indicators Targets Performance Performance 2005-06 Performance

    2004-05 2006-07

     ? Drive an inaugural industry learning and ? Average percentage of staff satisfaction with learning

    20. Focus on delivering an environment 90% 61.1% As per 2004- 2005 (survey 82.2% development annual event (20) and development opportunities provided

    that values learning conducted every 2 years)

     ? Develop a learning and development ? Average percentage of staff satisfaction with support 21. Provide tools and support for management plan (20) from managers for learning and development individuals to pursue learning and 90% 64.6% 78.5% opportunities development opportunities ? Introduce a graduate program (20)

    ? Enhance the training, development and

    assessment program for election officials


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