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20 Sep 2005We need to agree on an interview procedure. What do the participants get? How long should the interview be? Will the participants be able to


    Interview Questions

    FWSI-IMSC survey

    Question Remark 0. Contact Information (confidential!)

    a) Company Name

    b) Name

    c) Email

    d) Phone

A.1. Demographic Information (company)

    a) Company size Categories: MNC, PLC, SME

    b) Industry Categories: …

A.2. Demographic Information (individual)

    a) What is your organizational role / job title? Categories: developer, architect, project

     manager, senior manager, executive, …

b) What is the nature of your involvement in Elicit for instance length of time,

    the development of web services-based number of projects. Get a reading on applications in your company? the participants experience with Web


     B. IT Characteristics

    a) What are the dominating hardware and Categories: mainframe, Java, J2EE,

    software platforms your company is currently Windows, .NET, … using?

b) What types of application play a major role Categories: ERP (SAP, Oracle, …),

    in your IT landscape? CRM, SCM, Enterprise portals, custom

     developed applications, …

    c) Would you describe this as a fairly Could ask participant to rate on a scale homogenous or heterogeneous IT or 1-7 with 1 being extremely environment? homogeneous and 7 extremely


d) Do you consider your current IT architecture

    to be service-oriented? Do you have plans to

    move to a service-oriented architecture?

     C. Web Service Projects



    a) Is your company currently implementing Elicit number of projects, status of Web services? If so, provide a brief o project (planned, prototype, pilot, in verview of the projects that you are aware of. production), internal/external

     interaction, consuming/providing

    b) What is driving the Web services projects? Are they largely grass roots efforts or guided by a formal strategic directive to use this technology.

    c) Do Web services play a key role in realizing Applies only if SOA is an IT goal for a service-oriented architecture in your the company. company?

     D.1 Software Development Methodology

    a) What development methodologies are you using to develop applications?

    b) Is there a prevalent methodology?

    c) What drives the choice of methodology to be used?

    d) Do you find your current methodology to be suitable for Web services development?

     D.2 Differences for Web services

    a) Do you notice any important differences in the software development process in the context of Web services? If so, please identify and briefly explain the major differences.

    b) Did you have to obtain new tools or were you able to leverage existing tools to implement Web services?

    c) Have new roles, activities, or artifacts emerged due to the use of Web services?

    Phase specific differences. Here we D.2.1. Differences in Planning

    Have you modified the activities or roles could also take some of the key involved in this phase to accommodate the differences that we have identified so development of web services-based far and probe whether the participants applications? also find these activities to be different.



    If yes: (i) Which activities in this phase have

    changed the most in terms of their nature and

    importance. (ii) Why have you modified these


D.2.2. Differences in Analysis

    (see above)

D.2.3. Differences in Design

    (see above)

D.2.4. Differences in Implementation

    (see above)

D.2.5. Differences in Testing

    (see above)

     E. Success of Web services projects

    a) What are key benefits that your company has realized (or is expecting to realize) using Web services.

    b) Would you consider your current Web Elicit whether projects are on track / on services efforts successful? time, have met user expectations, …

c) What are key obstacles your company has

    encountered when developing Web services

    based applications?

    ? Do we need to provide a “one-pager” to explain this study, our procedures, and

    provide a definition of Web services?

    ? We need to agree on an interview procedure. What do the participants get? How

    long should the interview be? Will the participants be able to review a summary

    of their contribution before it is shared? …

    ? [0] At least one of email or phone should be provided. We should be able to

    contact them for clarification purposes, but also for sending them the results of

    this little survey. The results of the survey should be pointed out as a benefit of

    participating in this study.

    ? [A] If categories are provided tried to match existing category, but allow for



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