Lisa Spa

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Lisa Spa

    Lisa’ Spa: Remember, this is how I do my spa, that doesn’t mean you have to

    do it this way. Make it your own, keep it simple and have FUN!

I greet my guest at the door and invite them in. Ask them to put their purse at their seat

    and Poor them a drink, then ask them to fill out the “Girlfriend Info Sheet” before we

    start the rest of the treatments. (I have this in a Lap Board)

I invite them to sink for; Heated Neck wrap, Show of Hands, Mini Back Massage.

    ( Extreme Repair & tell benefits) Get to know your guest here. They have a great view of

    the Hot Spa Dates & Themed Post Cards here.

Take the neckwrap off and let them know you will tell them later how they can earn a

    Neckwrap! Tell them to enjoy their drink, pick a Hot date for themselves and you will be

    with them shortly to pamper them .

Once you have taken care of everyone at the sink, Gather in Family Room:

Thank Hostess~ Hello everyone, Again, My name is Lisa…Thank you for taking time

    out of your busy schedules to be here tonight, you‟re going to love how relaxed you feel after tonight. Please help me thank ___________ for inviting you here. If it weren‟t for

    ________, I would be out of business, so thank you for introducing me to your family &

    friends. I just know they will support you tonight by scheduling a Spa for their family &

    friends or perhaps they want to earn our fabulous Neckwrap…Hand her the Neck Wrap

    (this is the only item not available for purchase, however you can easily earn one just

    as__________did, you simply schedule your own Spa and you will receive one the night

    of your Spa.

How many of you have ever heard of BeautiControl before __________ invited you here


    I found out about BC at a Spa and I fell in love with the treatment you experienced at the

    sink. Don‟t your hands feel wonderful? Just so you know, we are a Beauty Company

    specializing in Therapeutic Spa Treatments, Personalized Skincare, Anti-Aging

    Treatments and Make-up. We are based out of Texas for the past 27 years and we are

    owned by Tupperware.

I joined BC 6 years ago to save money and treat the Adult Acne that I had, and I toyed

    around with the idea of making a little money by showing the catalog. Little did I know

    that this would snowball into over a ? Million Dollar a year business for a stay-at-mom

    of two.

    I know you didn’t come here for a career change, neither did I years ago, but I’d

    like to invite all of you to watch what I do, you’ll see how Fun & Easy it is and who

    knows, perhaps you’d like to do what I do alongside your current job or family. OR

    you can be the eyes & ears for someone you know who would enjoy a girl’s night out

    once & a while or someone who is struggling financially. (Pull the $1000 bill from

    your Why bag) I can show you how to earn an extra $1000 a month .working as little as

    10 hours a month! Doesn‟t that sound great?

Before we go into the Relaxation part of tonight: I‟m so excited to treat you to an

    Incredible Spa Treatment that will take YEARS off your face. It‟s our non-surgical

    Instant Face-lift!

    o Cleanse Face: wipe clean with a warm, wet BC Gentle Facial Towel item #9623 (cut

    in half) get 25 for $2 Sales Aids

    o Resurface Peel: cut in 4‟s. Only one side of face. Leave on during Spa.

Now you‟re going to pamper your feet. Don‟t worry, I don‟t touch your feet,nor do I

    look at them. 1 foot- Herbal Serenity Foot Crème, 1 foot-Save your Sole. Margarita on

    elbow. Hold up Spa socks and give a pair for the Hostess to wear. Tell everyone they

    will get their Spa Socks as a Hostess or when you purchase at least $75 this evening,

    you‟ll get a pair to take home and your Hostess will get credit for your purchase.

    ~Have them Wash their Hands w/ a BC Facial Towel strip (I cut these in 2-3 in strips).

Spa Relaxation:

    o Lip Apeel

    o ? eye pad

    (Relaxation Script)

    Have them remove eye pad. Spray their inner wrist with water and apply Warming trend

    (tell the benefits for their face) Hand wet BC towel strip to remove Lip Apeel and the

    Waming trend, Apply Lip balm with q-tip or I like our Lip Applicatorsitem #656 (20 for

    $1.25) found in Sales Aids.

    Microderm Abrasion (must have separate brushes for each guest ( item #14604 8 for $6

    Sales Aids)or wash after each person.

     Warm Wash clothe to rinse ( I wet the wash cloth, roll it tight , heat in microwave , store

    in ziplock bag before I leave my house. They are piping hot for the spa.

    Apply: TFF & TFF Eye

Doesn‟t your face feel incredible? Please take out your Girlfriend Info sheet. We are

    going to play the „Name Game” when I say go, turn your sheet over and list all the

    people in your life who could benefit from my BC Spa or who would love an instant

    face-lift, someone who is stressed out or those you love getting together with. You have

    60 secs. GO! (they just created their guest list without knowing) give the winner a small


Cell Block C w/ SPF 20 on back of the hand: say: Every one of you will need this

    tomorrow morning to protect your new baby skin! And you need to be using this every

    morning to protect your skin. It‟s not only a sun block, it has vitamin C in it to fight the signs of aging and it‟s loaded with antioxidants. Did you know that you are wasting your time getting rid of wrinkles if you don‟t use this treatment? Just Ask any Dermatologist!

Wrap up with your favorite treatments: I love:

    Detox Bath Soak

    Body Lotion: Brown Sugar, Sugar, Luxuries of the Sea (I only show one here)

5 Min. Make-over on Hostess. Just Follow Make-up Sheet.

Did everyone enjoy your BC Spa? Aren‟t you glad __________ invited you here tonight?

    Remember you can return the favor to her by scheduling a Spa tonight and _________

    will get credit for Free & discounted product.

Who can see a difference in their face? Turn to your neighbor and tell her which side

    looks better.

Now let‟s continue the Fun…. It‟s SHOPPING time!!!

    Now there‟s 2 ways to shop tonight: (1) with me at retail and most of the items are available to take home tonight. If I don‟t have something here, I will mail it directly to your house so I‟m not bothering our hostess.

     Or (2) with BC at a great discount.

o I‟d like to share with you one of the most popular ways to shop and that is through the

    BC Opportunity; Go through every item you get in the start up kit.

    o Take items out of your Why Bag to show what BC has meant to you) or you can take them out of the side of your Spa Bag.

Remember when I said earlier that I joined to save money and now I have over ? million

    dollar business, well I purchased this Spa tote full of the treatments you experienced

    tonight and it gave in return: clearer skin, a full-time income, with flexible hours which

    allows me to be home with our 11 yr. old and 8 yr. old

With BC YOU can earn jewelry, luxurious trips, cars (how many of you would like a free

    car or a FREE Mustang)?

    This case has everything in it to be Successful. It‟s a great way to SAVE Money or better yet, MAKE MONEY! It‟s valued at over $330 and it‟s a way to earn as much

    money as you want…Legally!

With this case : you‟ll receive a free website for 6 months and A FUN training to learn

    about all the wonderful treatments that come in it. It‟s like a grown-up women‟s

    grooming class that we call Beauti-U and you have 90 days to attend.

    As a Bonus gift for attending, you‟ll receive a Complimentary Instant Facelift Set (show set) It‟s over $200 value!!! You receive all of this (wave your hands over entire package

    for only….are you ready for this? Get really excited …Tonight‟s special is only $125 +

    tax & shipping. Wait for their mouths to drop and say:

    I know you‟re probably reeling with questions, so let‟s play a quick game to answer all your questions. How many of you are competitive?

How many of you like Chocolate? Great, you‟re going to ask questions about the Spa

    tote or my BC business or about BeautiControl, reframe from product questions so we

    can move through this quickly. The one with the most chocolates at the end of the game will receive a special gift. (Don‟t eat your chocolates until the end of the game!)

    They ask questions. You find out who is interested in the Career. (Usually the one who asked the most questions is your next recruit)

Key: If they are quite and not asking questions, give them cheat sheets!

Hand out your set sheets with your specials. Go over them and then ask

    Who needs to get going right away? I will work with you first.

Meet 1-on-1 with everyone and fill out order form

    If they want to know more about the opportunity: ASK QUESTIONS!

o What attracted you to the opportunity case?

    o What was your favorite part of the SPA?

    o Can you see yourself doing what I just did?


    A) MDA, PEEL OR TFF (Instant Face Lift Package would be best for them) A) SHOW OF HANDS (Spa Best Sellers Package would be best for them)

Write her answers on her Client profile sheet. Show her the Two ways to join Sheet.

    Have the agreement Hi-lighted, so it‟s easier to fill out. Move to the next client.

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