Lifewave Case

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Lifewave Case


    Case Study prepared for classroom use only and not for sale

    Copyright ? Dr. Peng Chan, 2008

The Beginnings

    David was about 8 years old when he built his first robot. Well, he didn‟t know exactly

    how good of a robot it was, but it was remote controlled, able to move back and forth,

    and have other basic movements. Not bad, considering that he had been able to build

    almost all of it from his brother‟s race car set. Upon showing his creation to his father,

    the latter said, “Wow, Dave, that‟s pretty good, but what did you make it from?” When

    David told the truth, his father suggested that he put his older brother‟s race car set back

    together before his brother came home unless he wanted some real trouble. So began

    David‟s life as an inventor.

    David went on to get his degree in Management Information Systems only to discover

    that after 4 years of higher education he really did not want to be programming

    computers for the rest of his life. So he did what seemed to be the logical thing: he got a

    job designing medical devices. Later, he went back to school to get a degree in Biology

    as it now appeared that he was on the right track as far as his future was concerned.

    Ten years later, David joined up with “The Inventors Clubs of America” and had a

    chance to work with missile defense and other military projects. These inventors were

    designing new technology for both commercial and military applications. Soon, David

    was invited to participate in the design of the Navy‟s next generation submarine, a new class of mini-sub. There were certain aspects of this project that intrigued him. For

    example, the Navy frowned upon stimulants, energy drinks, pep pills, etc. so none of this

    would be permitted on the mini-sub. In addition (as one can probably imagine) space is a

    premium on a mini-sub, so anything that can improve survivability would have to be

    small, compact and light.

    Then, the moment that every inventor loves hit David - the thought occurred to him that

    if we can have wireless communication today in the form of cell phones and satellite TV;

    why can‟t we have a way to wirelessly communicate with the human body? Yes, a

    device that could “talk” to the body to ask the body to do different things! That would be

    awesome, wouldn‟t it?

    If you could talk to your body, what would you ask it to do? Would you ask your body to

    make your muscles bigger? How about improve your energy and stamina? Make you

    smarter? Stronger? Lose that extra body fat? Well, I think you get the idea. But is such

    a thing possible? Doesn‟t this sound a bit like science fiction? After all, how could any

    device “talk” to our body, with the body following these instructions?

Well, as it turns out, David found a way to do it, and that‟s where the wonderful story


    The Science

    Back in the early 1980‟s a scientist in the United States named Dr. John Zimmerman was

    using a device known as a SQUID magnetometer (a giant coil of wire that is

    superconducting) to detect very small pulsating magnetic fields directly above the surface

    of the human body. The magnetic fields were so small that the SQUID that he used

    consisted of about 2,000,000 turns of wire! But the important thing was that he DID find

    that the human body emits pulsating magnetic fields. But where did these magnetic

    fields come from? Remember in high school when you learned that electrons flowing

    through a wire/conductor produced magnetic fields at right angles? Well, guess what is

    flowing through our bodies all of the time? Electrons! And isn‟t our body a conductor of electricity? Those electrolytes must be doing something electrical! Not to mention how

    nerve impulses travel from the brain to the muscles in our bodies.

    Now that we know that we have pulsating magnetic fields around us, so what? How

    could we use this knowledge for any type of benefit? Well, when was the last time you

    used a radio? Do you remember seeing something that said AM or FM? This stands for

    Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation (respectively) but is a fancy way of

    saying that we take a high frequency carrier wave and modulate it so that we can encode

    information on the wave.

    Then there is a little thing called resonant energy transfer. Did you ever throw a stone in a

    lake and watch the stone create ripples? Or did you ever surf on the north shore of

    Hawaii? Those big waves can actually form from earthquakes in Alaska! That‟s

    resonant energy transfer and it is the process by which energy is moved from one place to

    another in a resonant fashion. For example hold one end of a rope and give the other to

    someone else to hold. Now start to create a “wave” in the rope; the wave will travel from one end of the rope to the other. This is resonant energy transfer.

    One final question before we talk about the technology. Did you ever wonder how the

    human body is able to detect things like free radicals and send antioxidants to stop them?

    This is known as a process called signal transduction, and without getting into the

    biochemistry this is the process by which biochemical messages are sent between the cell

    nucleus and other parts of the cell. Suffice it to say that the DNA in the cell is able to

    send and receive messages; however, this process is typically thought of as being a

    biochemical process rather than an electronic process.

    The Technology

    What David was able to do was to invent a method by which one could “program”

    organic structures the same way that we program computer chips! He started with

    ordinary materials like amino acids and specific sugars (he only works with materials that

    the FDA lists as safe) and put them into water-based solutions. He then processes these

materials in a very special way so that they are capable of “talking” to the human body

    just like what software does to the computer. These materials are contained in a patch.

    The amazing thing about the patch is that NOTHING enters the human body; instead, the

    patch communicates with the body to cause different things to happen.

    The Products

    After developing and testing this radically new technology for 3 years, David created 4

    products (or “software”) for the human body. These products are all in the form of

    patches. The patches may be applied every other day for up to 12 hours at a time.

    ? The Energy Patch

    This was the first product developed by the company. Clinical tests show that users

    experience a dramatic gain in stamina within minutes of using the patch. At the same

    time, these studies show that there‟s an increase in fat burning of over 20%. Because the patch is NOT a stimulant, the user will “feel” the increase in energy with no jitters or energy rush that would normally accompany a drink of caffeine (e.g. from coffee or

    energy drinks like Red Bull). The Energy patch is now widely used by athletes and

    celebrities such as superstar David Beckham (see attached picture), Sam Cassell (NBA

    basketball player), Ronnie Coleman (7 times Mr. Olympia), the US Olympic Swimming

    Team and many others.

    ? The Pain Patch

    Many people who have used this patch called it a “miracle cure for pain. Double blind

    placebo controlled studies have shown that the patch provides a cooling effect and

    soothing relief to inflamed and injured areas. Users have claimed immediate results and

    some have sworn that their pain never came back. The patch has been used to “cure” all kinds of pain, ranging from minor ailments to severe cases such as spinal injuries.

    ? The Sleep Patch

    This patch helps people to relax and go to sleep without drugs or sleeping pills. Clinical

    tests indicate that this patch helps the body's own natural meridians balance when the

    patch is applied to specific acupuncture points. The patch claims to help the body achieve

    a quiet, restful sleep and a great, energized day to follow.

    ? The Anti-Aging Patch

    This is one of the company‟s newest product lines. It is actually a combination of 2

    different patches. The first, called the “Glutathione Patch”, represents a new way to

    dramatically increase Glutathione levels in the body on a daily basis. Blood Glutathione

    levels have been identified as being one of the most important indicators of our overall

    health. As the master antioxidant in the body Glutathione has a range of diverse

    metabolic functions including acting as a free radical scavenger, “recharging” depleted

antioxidants back into their active state (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, etc.),

    maintaining the immune system, supporting protein structures and removing heavy

    metals such as mercury through the liver. David noted that the present methods that

    attempt to elevate Glutathione levels are not very effective. Oral supplements of

    Glutathione are destroyed by stomach acids. Glutathione is a tri-peptide composed of

    three amino acids and adding these amino acids to the diet does not guarantee elevated

    levels of Glutathione. Injections of Glutathione do translate into elevated levels of

    Glutathione in the blood; however, this method is undesirable on a daily basis, is

    expensive and also inconvenient. On the other hand, clinical studies show that the

    average user of the “Glutathione Patch” experiences an increase in blood Glutathione

    levels that is 300% higher than normal over a 24 hour period! In comparison,

    Glutathione pills and drinks only increase blood levels by a meager 10%. Glutathione

    has a potent effect on protecting the body‟s protein structures such as the collagen in our

    skin. Users of the patch have reported remarkable reductions in fine lines and wrinkles

    within a few weeks of using this product.

    The twin sister of the “Glutathione Patch” is the “Carnosine Patch”. Like Glutathione,

    Carnosine is a material found naturally in the human body. Carnosine is an extremely

    powerful nutrient, but unfortunately as we age our Carnosine levels start to decline. As

    we age and our cells divide the DNA becomes damaged and this has a direct impact on

    how we look and function. Carnosine functions as an antioxidant in the body, and studies

    on Carnosine have shown that it protects our cells DNA from damage. Carnosine has the

    ability to turn old cells into young and healthy cells by repairing cellular damage - this

    may translate into a longer lifespan!

    ? The Diet Patch The latest patch was launched on July 4, 2007. David expects this so-called “Appetite

    Control” patch is expected to blow away the competition in an already crowded market

    because the product does not contain any drugs or chemicals and it has no side effects.

    Initial tests of the patch showed the following amazing results:

    - reduced appetite the very first day it is used

    - elimination of cravings for sugar

    - a feeling of fullness when eating (people eat less as a result)

    - even though people are eating less their energy stays high

    - reports of very stable blood sugar; no swings in energy

    - . . . and weight loss!

The way the patch works is that it stimulates the Hypothalamus, a gland that controls our

    appetite, thirst and production of hormones. Studies have shown that the real cause of

    obesity is the malfunctioning of the Hypothalamus. What is exciting about this new

    patch product is that it is designed to stimulate specific points that bring the activity of

    the Hypothalamus back to normal. No other diet product on the market does this! And

    because it goes to work right away this product should have enormous appeal to people.

    Early testimonials have shown people losing as much as 14 pounds in 2 weeks!


    The Vision and Global Challenge

    David desires to become the Microsoft of the human body. He would like to do what Bill

    Gates has done for the computer industry. In April 2007, Larry King, in a CNN program

    titled “Chasing Life”, said that studies show that the biggest concern today is that everybody wants to live longer and look younger! This and other signs tell David that the

    time is ripe for him to take his products global.

    As David prepares to launch his products in the US and globally, he is confronted with

    one big challenge how should he go about doing it? As he muses over his options, he starts writing down the uniqueness, benefits and advantages of his revolutionary

    technology and products:

    ? No drugs or stimulants

    ? Made from organic materials

    ? Made from nanotechnology

    ? Non-invasive nothing enters the body unlike medication and other patches

    ? Clinical studies and user testimonials proved effectiveness of patches

    ? FDA approved process

    ? Patented

    ? Products are widely used by athletes and celebrities. And the company has never

    paid any of them for advertising!

    ? The potential applications of this technology are enormous currently several

    new products are under way and being tested. So the future certainly looks very


    As excited as he is about “patching” the globe, David knows that there are a lot of

    skeptics and challenges out there. But he knows that his products work well and there‟s

    no shortage of people who have given strong testimonials. Besides this, there are many

    other challenges, such as pricing, distribution method, licensing requirements in foreign

    countries, etc. Currently, a month‟s supply of patches retail around US$90, not including

    shipping charges and applicable taxes or custom duties. David is wondering whether this

    pricing structure would be a problem, especially in developing countries such as China

    and India. The company has chosen direct marketing over other distribution methods in

    the US. However, David wonders whether this is the best method to expand overseas,

    given the fact that some countries like China actually ban network marketing! Another

    important consideration is that his products must be approved by the appropriate foreign

    government authorities. But the approval system in every country is different and

    handled by different authorities…and so on. Feeling mentally tired, David takes a long pause. One thing he knows for sure is that he

    needs a lot of help in achieving his vision.

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