The Job Interview - Brainstorming

By Norman Ward,2014-05-16 00:58
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mistake: e.g. CERN, interview with supervisor (MAPS), you're going to the interview, but you're mistaken, prepared for the MAPS,

    The Job Interview - Brainstorming

- only women will form the committee

    - only men will apply for the job

    - What is the JOB??? Should we define it, tell it???

    - How should the “story” evolve?

    - only one question and one answer shown for different “actors”

    - mainly one character, different questions

    - Show people waiting outside?

    - First scene: Door with sign “Interview Room”

    - Skateboard shot along the table showing the face of the scared candidate


    no job, sexual, sporting, pool,

    mistake, wrong room, ? mistaken idea


    mistake: e.g. CERN, interview with supervisor (MAPS), you‟re going to the interview,

    but you‟re mistaken, prepared for the MAPS,

    not my supervisor, coming for the job interview but ends up in the MAPS interview


    person is coming, door is open, person enters without knowing what‟s going to

    happen in the room, shot, door is closing and he‟s “trapped” in the room


    CERN Sheppard position, you apply for a job A, but the interview is for job B\


    famous example, “Being there” .. Sellers is the gardener for a wealthy family …

    before somebody dies (his employer) ,… he get‟s fired, … and that‟s how he ends up

    in this family, being only a gardener in a completely different reality …


    do it the other way round, show a guy who is making a statement, without being

    scared, perhaps showing different people with different characters


    stay focused on the “Shallow Grave” idea, slapstick, one question (one interviewer

    each) and ONE but always DIFFERENT answer


    idea: like “Water for Chocolate” , images bounce around, camera position on the table,

    Interviewer: tapping the table with the pen, other looks annoyed, … eventually

    different shots put together, no dialogue, only facial impressions


    coming back to the question part (why do you apply…) …


idea of women in charge, one men serving them (secretary) emphasizing the idea of

    WOMEN in charge, goes outside saying “NEXT: Mr Smith” … nobody answers, a

    guy passes buy, thus the secretary asks him: “are you Mr Smith”, he says “YES” …

    S: “please come in”

    and then the confusion starts…


    seems to be feasible


    this “film” bases itself on one of the standard film models, like the gardener above …


    take the fictive gardener, coming in, people in the board await somebody

    COMPLETELY different, thus it‟s the committee being confused, the committee is

    arrogant, the „victim‟ is used to it, thus doesn‟t care …


    HOW do we tell the viewer that he follows the room…

Carlos, Silvia:

    a form tells you a number and a room, but reality is different (shown when the door

    closes and/or on the papers in front of the committee)

    (e.g. 886 and 688)


    the “joke” will be solved in the end, by telling “uuuupss”


    prefers the first proposition, the person passing by being put into the room by

    mistake …


    the spectator will be limited (esp. in 60s)


    high position (financial position), the “gardener” certainly is in the wrong place


    we see the owners of a company X, they are looking for a person doing the „rough‟ work of being a foreman, they are not looking for a nice guy, hence forming their

    questions in this respect, our “Sheppard” then is one of the nicest guys (he‟s sheep,

    thus possible Q/A:

    C“Are you able to lead a group through difficult situations.” A: “Yes, that‟s what I‟m doing all the day”

    C: “You would feel comfortable leading even a group of 25?” A: “I usually have 200!”

    ? here‟s our idea,

    - only one candidate

    - we take the Sheppard

    - position as a foreman, responsible for a group


    our candidate is not really looking for a job, he‟s just a simple minded person, follows

    the invitation, just like in “Rainman”, STOP sign, he stops…


    limited amount of shots, each shot will take time!


    coming back to the number idea, 886 and 688, … Folder with a piece of paper

    showing the number

    C: “How do you deal with difficult individuals?”

    A: “I set the dogs on them.”

Three questions three answers:


    C: “Economic situation,… ??? A: s.a.



“It has been a difficult period. We‟ll not be able to pay you more than xxx.”

    “Yes that‟s perfect”

    … following the confusion


    we shouldn‟t have many sets


    “I am the leader of the pack”

Stefan, Quentin,…:

    solution could/should be visual (not said)


    doesn‟t like it, not satisfying ,… prefers it spoken as dialogue

    End of the line:

    having the real candidate coming in, knowing the Sheppard,…


    too much of a coincidence

other approach:

someone else reveals the candidate‟s correct profession

“how many sheep will I have”

    “how do you feel about a dirty job”

    “I‟ve had to kill already several times”

“If they really upset me, I eat them for breakfast”


    “How many sheep am I going to have:

    ? too direct


    keep it understandable for the audience


    coming back to the gardener (P. Sellers) … the audience knew from the beginning

    that there is a misunderstanding

    Carlos, Silvia, Quentin:

    audience knows about the misunderstanding, then we follow the dialogue, the end

    tells the final details


    put a paper with names, most of them crossed out, the last one is still open, John

    Muller … the real person brings a paper showing a different name (e.g. Charles



    committee is desperate, they didn‟t find an ideal candidate yet


    the committee wants to get over it, they anyway have somehow decided on the last



    start wit h a conversation in the committee,


    they tell his name which moves us to the explanation of the mistake


    take it easy with the timing, even 10‟, simple camera positions, e.g. in the corner, film

    it in a free way as a test…


    let‟s stick to the film making approach, keep it short!


    let‟s decide on the last line:

    “I am looking forward meeting the sheep.”

    “How many animals do you have in the pack?”


    starting mistake …. prefers the idea of the list of names, all xOut except the last one


    Why would he come into the room… too much of a coincidence?


    we combine the name and the number mistake


    seem to agree


    - one character (who applies) + committee

    - different characters

    - mixup: person passing by, wrong room,

    - how to keep it simple, not too many shots, tell whatever in a few pictures

    - reality will be shown either visually or reveals itself in the dialogue

    - do we want to understand the entire film during the first time, or should things

    reveal themselves afterwards

    - How do we set up the confusion (wrong room)


Final Framework:

    - Q/A

    C: “Do you‟ve experience in leading a group?” A: “Groups of hundreds.”

    C: ”difficult situation”

    A: ”set the dogs on them”

    C: ”difficult financial situation”

    A: ”we‟ve to work hard to re-establish growth ” C: “what do you do in a difficult season? C: “it has been a hard season”

    A: “sometimes it takes hard work to see the grass under the snow”

    A: “you always have to plan ahead for the hard times” A: “that‟s nature‟s way”

Key Points

Financial capacities

personal leadership


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