English story

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English story

    English story

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    1.The Two Travelers?兩個旅人?

     Many years ago two men were traveling together They were walking along a road in the wood.

     Then they found a beautiful ax on the ground. One of them picked it up and said, “Look here have found an ax.”

     “Don't say I, but we have found the ax,” said the other “We are friends. We ought to share it between us.”

     “No,” said the first one, “I found the ax, so it is mine.”

     Soon after they heard someone running after them. They looked back. They found He called out, “Stop, thieves! Stop, thieves !”

     The first traveler said, “What shall we do? He is running after

    us. We shall be caught by him.” “Don't say we, but I shall be caught. You found the ax, and you say it is yours,” said the other, and left him alone.

     The first traveler tried to hide the ax, but he did not know where to hide it. And at last he was caught by the owner of the ax.

2.The Ant And The Dove?螞蟻與鴿子?

     One day a little ant was walking along the bank of a stream. His foot slipped and he fell into the water. “Oh, help, help!” cried the ant. A dove was sitting on a branch of a tree over the stream and heard his cry of help. “Oh, poor ant!” said the dove. “I will help

the ant.”

     The dove pulled off a leaf and dropped it near the ant. “Here is a leaf. Climb on it,” said the dove. The ant climbed on it at once and floated to the bank.

     A few days after this a hunter found the dove and was going to

    shoot her. Just then the ant passed by and said to himself, “This time I must help the dove.” The ant ran to the hunter and bit his foot hard. The hunter sprang up and missed to shoot the dove. The dove said to the ant, “Thank you very much, my little friend. You have saved my life,” and she could fly away happily.

3. The Cock And The Jewel?公雞與寶石?

     One fine morning, a cock said to the hens and chickens, “Come, let us go out to find some food. We have not had our breakfast yet.”

     Then the cock began to dig the soft earth. Suddenly he cried, “Look, look! I have found something strange. I wonder what it is. It is like a ball. But it is not a stone. It may be an egg of some bird.”

     The hens heard his cry and came around him. One of them said,

    “Dear me! This is not an egg, but a jewel. Someone has lost it.” A chicken asked, “Can we eat it?” “No,” said the hen, “It is very precious to human beings, but it is of no use to us; we cannot eat it. Throw it away and try to find some worms. I want to have one worm than

    all the jewels in the world.”

     4.The Wolf and the Dove?狼與山羊?

     One day a wolf saw a goat on a high cliff. He was jumping to and fro and was grazing.

     The wolf wanted to eat him, but he could not climb up there to

    catch him. So he said to the goat, “Good morning, my good friend Goat! Come down here!

     If you slip down the cliff, you will break your neck. And the grass is short and dry up there. Come down! The grass is long and tender here.”

     “Thank you, Mr. Wolf, but never mind. I am used to playing here, and I like the grass here better. I would rather eat day grass than be eaten by a wolf,” said the goat.

5.The Hare and the Tortoise?野兔與烏龜?

     One day a hare met with a tortoise at the foot of a hill.

     “Hallo, little Tortoise! Where are you going? How short your legs are!” said the hare.

     “ I am going over to the hill. I am a slow runner, but I can run a race with you,” said the tortoise. “All right. Let's run a race with you to the top of the hill,” said the hare.

     The hare and the tortoise started. The hare ran very fast. The hare said to himself, “ I can much faster than the tortoise, and I may have a little nap here.”

     So the hare lay down under a tree and was fast asleep. But the tortoise did not stop for a moment. He walked on and on. At last he got

to the top of the hill.

     The hare woke up and looked around, but he could not see the tortoise. He sprang up and ran as fast as he could. When the hare got to the top of the hill, he found the tortoise was resting there peacefully.

     The tortoise said to the hare, “Now, Mr. Hare! Which was the faster runner, you or I?”

6.The Lion and the Mouse?獅子與老鼠?

     Once a great lion was sleeping in a wood. A little mouse happened to come and ran over his face. The lion awoke and caught the little mouse in anger, and was going to kill her. “ Oh, dear kind Lion!” Said the little mouse. " Please forgive me. I didn't mean to do you any harm.

    Let me go. I shall return your kindness."

     " Ha, ha, ha," laughed the lion. " How can a little thing like you help a great lion?" " Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I shall be able to do you a good return some day," said the little mouse.

     Some time after this, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. At once she ran up to the lion, and said, " You were very kind to me once. Now I'll save your life, and repay you the kindness which you showed me the other day." Soon she gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp teeth, and the lion was happy to be free again.

     " Thank you, little Mouse!" said the lion, and he walked away.

7.The Trees and the Ax?樹與斧頭?

     Once upon a time a man came into a forest. He said to the trees, “Will you give me a piece of hard wood ?”

     The tree said, “Yes, we'll give you a good price of hard wood.”

     He was very glad to get a good piece of wood. He hurried home with it. At once he made a new handle of his ax.

     Then he went to the forest again and began to cut down all the best trees in the forest.

     The trees were very sad. They said to one another, “We suffer for our own foolishness.”

8.The Fox and the Grapes?狐狸與葡萄?

     Early in the fall, a fox saw ripe grapes in a garden. He wanted to eat them.

     He said to himself, “How lucky I am! I've found some nice grapes.” He crept into the garden, and came to the grapes. He jumped up at the grapes, but he could not reach them. He jumped again and again, but in vain.

     At last he gave it up, and said to himself, “The grapes are sour. I don't want sour grapes.” And he went away.

9.The Dog, the Cock and the Fox?狗、公雞和狐狸?

     A dog and a cock were good friends and they were traveling together.

     When night came on, the cock flew up to a tree and slept there, and the god found a hollow in the same tree and slept in it. When the morning came, the cock woke up and began to crow.

     A hungry fox heard this crow and wanted to get the cock for his dinner. Then the fox said to the cock, “What a beautiful morning this is! I want to talk to you. You have a very sweet voice. Won’t you come down and have a chat with me?”

     “Thank you, Mr. Fox. But how about your coming up here? It is very nice and cool here,” replied the cock. “All right, I will. But how can I get up?” asked the fox. “Just go round the trunk below me, and wake my servant in a hollow. He will open the door for you,” said

    the cock. The fox came near the hollow. And the dog rushed out, sprang upon the fox and killed it at once.

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