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6.1 By adopting the proposed Corporate Training Plan, we will ensure that;. Critical mandatory and legislative requirements are met and recorded.


    ITEM 6(A)





RECOMMENDATION (A) that the Corporate Training Plan 2008/09 be


    (B) the Training and Development Policy be approved and

     adopted; and

     (C) the Professional, Career and Vocational Study Policy be

     approved and adopted.

    1.0 Purpose/Summary of Report

1.1 This report identifies the learning and development priorities for the

    Council 2008/09.

2.0 Contribution to the Council’s Corporate Objectives

2.1 Fit for purpose, services fit for you.

3.0 Background

3.1 Corporate Training Plan 2007/08 was delivered within budget and

    offered a selection of training focusing on management

    competencies, policy briefing workshops and mandatory/legal


3.2 2007/08 was the launch of two cohorts of Excellence through

     Leadership Development programme. 19 Officers completed the

     training including 5 rising stars. Full evaluation of the programme is

     to be completed on 10 September 2008 and will contribute to the

     design of the management development programme 2008/09.

3.3 Restraints due to HR resource limited the number of diverse

    programmes that could be delivered. However 248 delegates


    attended a corporate training programme and this achievement

    should be noted.

3.4 All programmes attended were well received and all feedback

    collated will be considered when booking further events, no negative

    feedback was received for any of the programmes delivered.

3.5 Having completed research through a series of 1:1 meetings and a

    review of the performance reviews 2007/08 and learning and

    development plans 2008/09, the Corporate Training Plan builds upon

    the development needs identified in 07/08. Programmes cover a

    range of skills from customer service, project management,

    management competencies and change management.

3.6 It is important to note that the Corporate Training Plan is based on

    the learning and development plans received to date. It is proposed

    that the plan is reviewed following the PDR process in Dec/Jan to

    ensure the training identified meets the corporate need, is relevant

    and value for money.

    4.0 Report

4.1 East Herts has gone through and continues to go through, a period of

    significant change, both in terms of business operations but also in

    its requirements and expectations of its employees.

4.2 To aid the Council in realising its goals and delivering its priorities

    there is a need to review the skills that our employees require, the

    behaviours our leaders/managers need and the approach we take to

    ensuring that we provide these skills and behaviours.

4.3 To ensure that East Herts provides appropriate and relevant skills

    development at all levels within the Council, the proposed Corporate

    Training Plan (Appendix A pages 6.5 6.7) offers core, legislative

    and development learning interventions, which will provide

    knowledge and learning critical to personal and the Council’s


5.0 Cost

5.1 The Corporate budget is ?63,350 plus ?36,000 identified for OD

    development this year. The Corporate Training Plan has been

    designed to be delivered within budget. Any additional learning and

    development programmes or priorities identified throughout the


    business year would require a review of priorities or additional funds


5.2 The Council’s total budget on learning and development 0809 is

    ?204,750 this is broken down into ?63,350 Corporate Training plus

    ?36,000 OD development; ?63,900 Professional Training

    (professional, career and vocational sponsorship and mandatory

    training) and ?41,500 Service Training and Development

    (conferences/seminars/service relevant training). Both the

    Professional Training and Service Training and Development

    budgets are controlled by Heads of Service.

6.0 Benefits

6.1 By adopting the proposed Corporate Training Plan, we will ensure


    ? Critical mandatory and legislative requirements are met and


    ? We deliver learning which is relevant to both the Council

    priorities and personal development

    ? East Herts offers equal access to learning and development

    opportunities to all employees and will monitor the

    effectiveness of this commitment through evaluation.

    ? We support staff and management development to bring about

    the change and improvement needed to make East Herts an

    excellent Council.

    ? We provide a flexible and adaptable plan which can be tailored

    to individual development and change to meet the needs of the


    ? Work with partners to achieve value for money in the delivery

    of programmes.

7.0 Training and Development Policy

7.1 The Training and Development Policy (Appendix B pages 6.8 6.13)

    sets out East Herts commitment to its employees on learning and

    development. The policy has been developed and devised by HR

    and will be implemented throughout the Council.

8.0 Professional, Career and Vocational Study Policy

8.1 The Professional, Career and Vocational Study Policy (Appendix C

    pages 6.14 6.22) provides a consistent approach to the


    sponsorship of professional, career and vocational study.

    9.0 Changing the Way we Work programme

    9.1 The Corporate Training Plan has been designed to support the

    change programme focusing on change management, customer

    service skills and management development. These will equip our

    managers and staff with the skills needed to support and deliver the

    change programme.

    9.2 A separate piece of work will be carried out with the Programme

    Director to identify any further learning and development needs. This

    will be part of the 3 year programme timetable.

    10.0 Consultation

    10.1 Learning and Development needs identified through PDR’s and

    consultation with management. Consultation has been carried out

    with Unison.

    11.0 Legal Implications

     11.1 Corporate Training Plan meets our mandatory and legal training requirements. 12.0 Financial Implications

12.1 As detailed in the report

    13.0 Human Resource Implications

13.1 As detailed in the report

    14.0 Risk Management Implications

14.1 If mandatory and legal training is not provided, East Herts Council

    would be at risk.

Background Papers: None

Contact Officer: Emma Freeman Head of People and

    Organisational Services

    Report Author: Emma Freeman Head of People and Organisational




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