SD_CAP CapMgt Process Manager

By Juan Bryant,2014-07-06 12:03
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SD_CAP CapMgt Process Manager

    IT Services

    Role, Responsibilities

    Process: Capacity Management

    Status: In draft

    Under Review

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Detailed responsibilities of the Capacity Management process


    The Capacity Manager…..

     Description Notes/Comments

    1. Will develop and maintain the Capacity Management Use the Process. notes/Comments

    column in Will develop, maintain and promote Capacity different ways. If Management. you are looking

    to apply for a 2. Will coordinate process reviews utilizing independent process role, parties to provide an objective view on the simplicity of then you can the process and areas for improvement. check yourself

    against the list Will be responsible for implementing any design (with ticks or improvements identified. look to update

    your resume). 3. Will chair the technical meetings that are used to identify and action capacity issues and to verify that all steps If you are were completed and the objective of the process was

    looking to achieved.

    appoint a

    process manager 4. Arrange and run all Capacity Management reviews with or promote the Capacity Management team.

    someone from within the The reviews where necessary will include other IT organization you Departments as well as key customers. can make notes

    about their 5. Wil l control and review:

    abilities in the

    particular area. ? Any outstanding process related actions

    ? Current targets for availability performance

    ? The process mission statement

    6. Make available relevant, concise reports that are both

    timely and readable for Customers and Management

    Detailed skills of the Capacity Management process owner The Capacity Manager…..

     Description Notes/Comments

    1. The Capacity Manager will display a communication Use the style based around information and escalation. notes/Comments

    column in Have practical and quantifiable process management different ways. If experience. you are looking 2. High degree of analytical skills to be able to assess the to apply for a impact of incidents on different business systems and process role, people. then you can

    check yourself High degree of analytical skill needed to be able to help against the list in the process of restoring service as quickly as (with ticks or possible from a capacity point of view. look to update 3. Technical ability in being able to read data from the your resume). Capacity Management process that will help with the identification of trends and improvements relating to If you are capacity. looking to

    appoint a process manager 4. An ability to run a meeting according to strict guide lines or promote (not to get side-tracked on items that one person may someone from be interested in). within the

    organization you Must possess skills in influencing and negotiating as can make notes well. about their 5. The Capacity Manager must be able to communicate abilities in the with people at all levels of the organization. This is particular area. especially important during meetings.

    6. The process manager must be able to demonstrate

    ways to “do things differently” that will improve the


    7. Must be able to think logically about capacity issues

    that could affect the organization and design

    appropriate assessment and diagnosis activities.

    This will provide a strong link into the Problem

    Management process and Service Level Management


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