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     English exam of Grade 7 . Complete the missing letters of the words (12%)

    1. b__seb__ll 棒球 2.m__ther 妈妈 3. s__st__r 姐妹 4.bro___er 兄弟 5. ___nt阿姨

    6. fr__nd 朋友 7.d____ghter 女儿 8. th____ 他们 9.h__t 帽子 10.pl____t 植物

    .Complete the phrases(15%)

     1.在桌子上___ ___ _____ 2. 在抽屉里___ ___ ____ 3. 这些图片______ _______

     4.那些朋友______ _______5.一些棒球______ ________ 6.我的电话号码___ ______ ____

     7.他的数学书____ _______8.在梳妆台上___ ___ ______9.她的家庭照片___ ______ ____

     10.叔叔的儿子_____ ____ 11.爸爸的哥哥_______ _____ 12.把笔记本带走_____ ____

    .Chioce (10%)

    ( ) 1.Is this ______ uncle? Whats ____ name? A. your, his B. your, her C. my, her ( ) 2.Is Tony your uncle? _______. A. No, it isnt B. No,she isnt C. Yes, he is.

    ( )3.Peter is her fathers father. Peter is her ____. A. sister B. uncle C. grandfather ( )4.The windows are ___ the wall and the pictures are ___ the wall.

    A. in , in B. on, in C. in, on

    ( )5.____your keys ____ the bed? No, _________.

    A, is, in, it isnt B. Are, in, they are C. Are , on, they arent

    ( )6. Where are my video tapes? _____ in the backpack? Yea,_______.

     A. Are they, they are B. They are , they are C. Is it, it is ( )7.__________? They are our basketballs.

    A. Whats that? B. What are those? C. Where are they?

    ( )8.Please take the Englishbooks ___ your teacher. A. to B. for C. in. D. on ( )9.________ my mathbooks?----- I think theyre under the bed.

     A. How B Where is C. Where are D. What

    ( )10.Here ______ Graces mother and father. A. is B. are C. am. D. / .Choose the different pronunciation(5%)

    ( ) 1.A. thank B. watch C that D. hat ( ) 2.A. spell B. bed C. these D. telephone

    ( )3. A. this B. nine C. nice D. five ( )4. A. Not. B. old C. clock D. lot

    ( )5. A. book B. look C. school D. good

    .Match the answers( 5%)

    ( ) 1. Where is your backpack? A. No, they arent.

    ( )2. What color are the lights? B. Yes , she is. ( )3. Are the watches under the chair? C. On the floor ( )4.Can you bring his photo to your tteacher? D.They are green ( )5.Is she her mother? E. Of course ,I can .Complete the blankets according the text ( 5%)

     Please ______ these things _____ your_____ : her ______, watch, _______, keys

    and ID card.

    The _____ is on the _________. The watch is under the bed. The ___________ is on the

    bed. The keys are in the ________. The ID card Is on the _________.

    . Change the sentences

     1. This is my old dictionary. (变为复数形式)________________________________

     2. They are Liming”s Parents. (变为一般疑问句)________________________________

     3.He is Emmas grandfather.(变为否定句)______________________________________

     4. The shoes are under the chair.(划线提问)_____________________________________

     5.Those are white hats.(划线提问)_____________________________

    .Cloze (完形填空)

     This is my bedroom. I can see ___1____ picture on the wall. The light is ____2__ the desk. The football is ___3____ the chair. _____4__ is the bed? Its near the desk

    My father and __5____ bedroom is near my bedroom. ___6____ flowers and a bed ___7__ in their room. Some windows are ___8____ the wall. A yellow door is in the wall,__9___. I like my bedroom __10____.

    ( ) 1. A. a B. an C. / D. some ( ) 2. A. under B. over C. in D. behind ( )3. A. in B. under C. to D. for ( ) 4. A.What B. Which C.Where D. Who ( )5. A. sister B. mother C. mothers D. mothers

    ( ) 6. A.The B. the C. Some D. some

    ( )7. B. are C. isnt D. am ( )8. A. on B. behind C. in D. under ( )9. A. also B. there C. here D. too

    ( )10. A. very B. much C. very much D. much very

    .Comprehension (True(T)False (F)

     Im Sally. This is my room. Its not big, but its nice. The pictures are on the wall. My desk is between the bed and the bookcase. The TV and the video tapes are on the desk. Where is my backpack? Its on the desk. Look!Its on the bed. Are my pencils on the desk? No, they arent. They are in the pencilcase and my pencilcase is in the backpack. My alarm clock, my ID card and my keys are on the endtable.

    ( ) 1. This is Sallys room.

    ( )2. Sallys desk is between the bed and the endtable.

    ( )3. Sallys pencils are in the pencilcase.

    ( )4. Her pencilcase is under the bed.

    ( )5.Her alarm clock, her keys are on the desk.

     Complete the sentences

     1. 我的钥匙在哪里? 在床头柜上. ___________ my keys? _________on the endtable.

     2.她的手表在那里? 在床下面吗? 是的.

    __________ her watch? ____ ____ under the bed? Yes, it is.

     3. ___________ (什么) in the box? There are some ID cards.

     4. 请明天把你的数学书带到学校来.

     Please ______ your mathbook _______ school tomorrow.

     5. 那些语文书在椅子后面吗? 不是 .

    _____those Chinese books _____the chair? NO, they arent.

    十一. Writing

     假如你是Emma , 你的家庭里有父母, 有祖父母, 有叔叔和婶婶 还有一个弟弟.他叫

    Tony.请你向你的笔友Mona 介绍一下你的家庭

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