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By Carrie Reynolds,2014-04-11 06:33
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Excellent oral, written & scientific communication skills; Ability to communicate scientific terminologies, requirements and concepts to corporate,


    155 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 8, Richmond Hill

    Tel: (416) 951-6620

    Fax: (905) 763 7589


     ? Over 20 years of work experience in Environment (Corporate, Governmental &

    Educational): Wastewater, Pollution & Alternative Energy.

    ? Corporate and private sector consultation: Environment and Pollution policies

    affecting corporate operation & business interests.

    ? Strategic environmental assessment, development of assessment methods

    addressing changes in governmental regulatory requirements.

    ? Regulatory approvals processes and practices for government and court regulatory


    ? Project Management & Multidiscipline Team Management EDUCATION

    All degrees, certificates PhD and theses have been

    certified as comparable by Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India the University of Toronto ? Thesis: “An ecobiased waste recycling system for recovery of Biomass, Oxygen, Comparative Education

    BoardNutrients, Gas and Sanitation”. .


    Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

    ? Environmental Engineering I & II, Department of Public Health


    Vikram University, Ujjain, India

    ? Merit Position, Gold


    Delhi University, New Delhi, India

    PG. 1 OF 4


    155 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 8, Richmond Hill

    Tel: (416) 951-6620

    Fax: (905) 763 7589


    1998 2004 Director, Research and Development

    ? Oversaw development of environmental practices & procedures in accordance ARPANA

    with Canadian regulations. International

    ? Developed Canadian environmental and Health compliance guidelines and Toronto, ON

    policies for manufacturing plants & research teams

    ? Coordinated consultant assessment teams and government licensing departments

    (Environment and Health Canada)

    ? Facilitated funding (government and corporate) for R&D

    ? R&D Projects developed from inception to completion:

    1. Oxygenated water from waste weed extracts

    2. Fast-rate unit recovery systems for aerobic biomass compost development

    3. Water Purification & Iodine isotopes 1990 1996 Director, Research and Development Altfuel Ltd. ? Liaison corporate sector R&D teams with government departments for the

    development of alternative energy systems and fuels New Delhi, India

    ? Developed technologies and patents for alternative energy sources and fuels

    ? R&D Projects developed from inception to completion:

    1. Remediation of Industrial Waste Zone groundwater and subsurface soil

    remediation in presence of petroleum and other industrial wastes

    “Project Satbaree”

    2. Lignin as a biomass binder, substituting bitumen, for use in alternative

    energy applications.

    1988 1990 Senior Research Advisor

    Ministry of ? Managed R & D teams and consultants in the areas of environmental

    Science and engineering, hydrogeology, mining, health services, biochemical engineering Technology and alternative energy systems

    New Delhi, India ? Created dynamic modeling systems for environmental projects in rural areas

    with non-conventional energy sources

    ? Reviewed existing, new or proposed legislation, agreements, guidelines, and

    decisions as part of environmental regulatory team.

    ? Budget and schedule control for projects submitted to the ministry. 1984 1988 Associate Professor

    Indian Institute ? Evaluated budgets, reports, and research proposals in areas of technical of Technology expertise

    New Delhi, India ? Courses Taught: Introduction to Chemistry (CHE102), Intermediate

    PG. 2 OF 4


    155 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 8, Richmond Hill

    Tel: (416) 951-6620

    Fax: (905) 763 7589

    Biochemistry (BIO314)

    1981 1984 Senior Lecturer

    Indian Institute ? Courses Taught: Biochemistry 1 & Biochemistry 2 at the RDAT of Technology department

    New Delhi, India

    1979 1981 Senior Research Assistant

    Indian Institute

    of Technology

    New Delhi, India


     1. Choudhuri, S. “Risks of Biomedical Wastes of the Ludhiana Region: A Statistical

    Analysis”, Water Environment Research, vol. 8, no. 1, pp 401 403, 1996

    2. Choudhuri, S., “Sludge Formation In Constant and Periodically Stirred Anaerobic

    Digesters”. Biogas. vol. 7, pp 32, 1996

    3. Ecoplanning & Remedial measures for the Biomedical Waste of the Ludhiana

    Region, Indian Journal of Environmental Health, vol. 37, no. 1, pp 61 65, 1995

    4. Choudhuri, S., Performance evaluation of a full-scale non-conventional fuel-fed

    furnace: Aginketu, Annual Report DNES (Department of Non-Conventional

    Energy Sources, Government of India), pp 41, 1992

    5. Choudhuri, S., Patwardhan, S.V. “Biodiversity & Rural Waste Management: An

    evaluation study in Chattarpur Area”, International Journal of Ecology and

    Environmental Sciences, vol. 16, no.2, pp 107 110, 1990 PATENTS

     1. B.O.N.G.S (Biomass Oxygen Nutrients Gas & Sanitation): An Anaerobic &

    Aerobic Series Ecobiased Waste Recycling System

    2. AGNIKETU: Low-Cost Fuel-Efficient Non-Conventional Energy Furnace

    3. AGNIKETU 2: Non-Conventional Industrial Furnace

    4. ANNAPOORNA: An Environmentally Safe Mud-Baked Autoclave

    PG. 3 OF 4


    155 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 8, Richmond Hill

    Tel: (416) 951-6620

    Fax: (905) 763 7589


     1. Environmental Advisor to the President of India, 1990 1992

    2. Consultant-Member of the DNES (Department of Non-Conventional Energy


    3. Founded and Chaired Non-Profit Association to uplift standard of living and

    technology for rural and tribal women (Raised Rs. 4.3 million through seminars &

    awareness campaigns).



    ? Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint

    ? Graphics: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, 3D

    Studio Max

    ? Web Development: Macromedia Dreamweaver

    ? Database programming and maintenance

    Engineering and Professional Software

    ? AutoCAD

    Coding & Programming

    ? C, C++, Java

    ? HTML, CSS


     ? Excellent oral, written & scientific communication skills

    ? Ability to communicate scientific terminologies, requirements and concepts to

    corporate, management, marketing, legal & administrative personnel.

    ? Extensive liaison, mediation and conflict-resolution skills REFERENCES

     Available upon request.

    PG. 4 OF 4

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