Local business customers and requirement

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Local business customers and requirements of the markets they serve. Together we implement and support Feature, e-Corporate, e-Enterprise, e-Financials

     Familiar to Your People:

     What if business management technology

     could free up you and your employees to

     focus on what’s truly important? What if

     technology reflected the ways in which

     people throughout?

     Your company actually works? Al-Taybat

     Financials is the answer to those questions.

     Al-Taybat Financials works like Microsoft

     products you and your people are familiar

     with, helping reduce the time required to learn

     how to use it, and freeing up time to focus on

     what matters most.

     Designed with a focus on the roles people

     play throughout your company, Al-Taybat

     Financials delivers an individualized, task-

     based user experience and allows your

     employees to easily customize and automate

     based on their own preferences and work

     style. That means less training and

     development time and a quicker return on

     your investment.

Fits with Your Systems:

    When a business management solution

    works the way your current technology works, it fits easily and seamlessly into your existing systems and helps you maximize your

    technology Investment. Al-Taybat Financials works the way your current technology works So it fits easily into your systems, helping to maximize your investment in technology. This in turn allows your employees to use powerful business management solution within a familiar environment.

    Integrate with other Microsoft product innovations, including Microsoft Share Point Server TM and Microsoft Windows. ?

    Al-Taybat Financials built to work with and

     maximize the potential of other Microsoft technologies.

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     Fuels Your Business Productivity:

     Al-Taybat Financials helps fuel your

     productivity by automating your business-

     critical operations and adapting to fit into your

     type of business helping ensure the most

     relevant insight. How? With a user

     experience modeled around tasks and roles

     and integrated with familiar productivity tools

     like Microsoft Office.

     With integration between Al-Taybat

    Financials and Microsoft SharePoint?

     technologies collaboration is fostered among

    your Employees, vendors and customers.

     And, integrating financial, customer

    relationship and supply chain processes to

     help maximize both internal and external

    efficiencies reduce costs reduced and

     performance improved.

    Enables Confident Decision-Making:

     The business landscape in which you thrive is

     demanding. You need to be able to respond

     and have the confidence to make informed

     decisions that have an impact. Al-Taybat

     Financials helps you respond rapidly to the

     changing demands of your business,

     providing you with more complete insight

     across your organization so you and your

     people can make timely and informed

     decisions with increased confidence.

     With Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft? Office

     Excel? analysis tools and Al-Taybat

     Financials working together, you gain access

     to critical data. That data can be easily

     analyzed and your employees get the

     information they want out of the System in the

     way they want and need, using a tool that is

     already familiar to them.

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     Al-Taybat Financials Functionality

     Human Resource Management Al-Taybat Financials is a line of business From managing applicant and employee management solutions that provides financial information to processing payroll and benefits, management, human resource customer you can increase employee productivity and relationship management (CRM) and supply decrease administrative costs with our human chain management, inventory management, resources management Manufacturing management, System & User Applications. Manage your human resources, Management solutions. Scalable, adaptable from skills mapping, recruitment and and customizable, these solutions are employee registration, to skills development. designed to help automate your unique And help ensure your organization is meeting business processes and accelerate your government-reporting requirements organization’s success. Al-Taybat Financials accurately and on time. applications address the following business needs: Customer Relationship Management

     Al-Taybat Financials can help you increase Financial Management customer satisfaction, shorten sales cycles, As the backbone of your business improve efficiency, and increase revenue. management solution, the Al-Taybat Customer relationship management solutions Financials accounting and finance solutions enable automation of many day-to-day tasks help you track and analyze your business for sales, customer service, field service, and information. You can more efficiently manage call Center and marketing professionals. your general ledger, payables, receivables, Manage customer groups, create and launch inventory, sales process, purchasing, marketing campaigns, track customer activity, analytical accounting, fixed assets and cash manage sales and after-sales. Accessible flow, as well as perform bank reconciliations from Microsoft Outlook? and the Web, these and collections. solutions help your sales team work without

     limits and deliver excellent service through Business Intelligence and Reporting efficient sales and service processes. Al-Taybat Financials provides the tools and technologies needed for business agility. Manufacturing Bring strategic insight into your business Al-Taybat Financials provides an integrated processes with sophisticated reporting, suite of manufacturing applications that give analysis and budgeting solutions that help you the tools to plan, manage, and execute you improve and propel critical decision-A world-class manufacturing operation. making throughout the organization. Manage Manage your entire manufacturing process budgets, create and consolidate reports and from product configuration, supply and look for trends and relationships in any part of Capacity requirements planning, to your business. scheduling and shop floor. Browser-based access to graphical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) via Business Portal ensure fast, effective decision-making.

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    Supply Chain Management Standard tools and technologies that millions Streamline your sales, purchasing, and of developers are already familiar with. pick/pack/ship cycle. Tailor workflow processes to meet specific needs and keep Customization capabilities enable system pace with competitive markets and low administrators and programmers to add new margins. Help increase customer Loyalty functionality and modify existing functionality through better responsiveness, rapidly pursue quickly and with limited coding. new market opportunities and improve your profitability through efficient collaboration with Software for Today and Tomorrow partners. Improve inventory management, At Microsoft we believe that software is an manage single or multi-site warehouses and investment and the faster you get your people handle order processing, Demand planning and your software up and running and online collaboration with suppliers. The better for your businesses bottom line.

     That is why we have a simplified licensing Collaborative Workspace model that allows you to receive the Extend the reach of business applications, maximum value on your investment because information and processes to employees, you get software that meets your needs today customers, and partners with role-based and in the future. You can choose from delivery through a single Web-based portal. innovative software editions (pre-selected We offer collaborative solutions from simple package of software functionality or Al-Taybat to sophisticated, for business-to-business or Financials products) that best meet your business to-consumer, and from buy-side to needs. And we allow customers to purchase sell-side. Let customers and Suppliers do the number of users they need to business with you anytime through Web sites Utilize the business solution. or by connecting their system directly to yours.

     Commitment to Superior Service Configuration and Development When you choose Al-Taybat Financials, you Every business needs a business know you’re backed by the best service management solution that will adapt to its organization in the industry today: your practices and streamline processes Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft. throughout the organization. This “best of both worlds” combination And, when system customization and data provides you with high-quality Implementation, integration is a must, you need the right tools comprehensive product training, and reliable that will ensure efficiency and Limit your technical support, helping you attain a return demands for highly qualified IT Professionals. on your technology investment and realize These tools provide you with complete the maximum potential of your application. customization and integration control, as well Microsoft and Microsoft Certified Partners are as access to a suite of powerful industry- experts; not only in advanced technology, but

     also in the

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    Phone: 4831643, e-Mail:, website:

Local business customers and requirements

    of the markets they serve. Together we

    implement and support solutions and

    companion products to fit your needs.


    We have 3 versions of Al-Taybat Financials,

    below are a comparison between the 3


     Forms Type Windows forms Windows forms ASPX.NET

     Database Support SQL Strd SQL/Oracle SQL/Oracle

    Notes Yes Yes Yes

     Rich Notes No Yes Yes

     Linked Files Yes Yes Yes

     Attached Files No Yes Yes

     Security Log No Yes Yes

     Thank you very much for going through our Bruochure for more information and details about our software’s and services please visit our website

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    Phone: 4831643, e-Mail:, website:

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