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To enhance job/corporate specific knowledge through self study or online study. Any special requirements of the job, including any legal requirements

    Job description/person specification

    Job title Communications Officer Department/office Shanghai Job holder Job code Job type 1-year fixed-term contract Pay band 5

    Communications Manager, Post-related Line manager N/A Shanghai allowances

Job description

    Guidance on completing job descriptions can be found on the HR intranet site at

    To deliver impact for the British Council and UK by generating positive media

    coverage and publicity for British Council SH office’s work, by enhancing

    target audiences’ perception of contemporary UK culture & education, and Job aim

    through supporting Communications Manager in the delivery of internal and

    external communications work and media relations work. Number of staff As line 0 0 As counter-signatory 0 managed manager Finances managed N/A

    Duty and standards measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity. Please note this list is not to be regarded as exclusive.


    ? To manage media relationship and support project media work by establishing and

    maintaining front-line media contact relationship.

    ? To implement communications plan for project by working with sector teams with

    Communciations Manager’s guidance and support.

    ? To support Communications Manager to realise deliverable media benefits for

    project sponsors.

    ? To support Communications Manager to identify target media in all media forms for 1 Duty corporate account and projects needs. (65%) ? To support Communications Manager to safeguard local implementation of

    corporate branding guidance.

    ? To manage storyboard and to support scorecard collection process at office level.

    ? To maintain and sustain the image bank and filing archive.

    ? To manage clipping company to produce clipping reports and to produce quality

    media report for corporate account and projects.

    ? To manage regular suppliers in the industry according to the corporate standards.

    ? All media messages delivered in line with British Council strategy.

    ? Positive feedback from key media contacts.

    ? Media database effectively maintained. Standards

    ? Effective delivery of project media work both pre and post events through

    professional implementation of media plan and timely delivery of media report.

    ? Vendors are well managed and on budget.

    Revised October 2006 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.


    ? To support Communications Manager to work with regional website team on e-2 Duty marketing strategy as well as its implementation in East China. (10%) ? To support Communications Manager to realise project sponsor benefits through

    effective e-marketing for the projects.

    ? The agreed e-marketing strategy is realised.

    Standards ? Project e-marketing featuring sponsor benefits is realised.

    ? Positive feedback from e-marketing colleagues.


    ? To manage effective information flow of British Council Shanghai’s work and other

    info on relevant Sino-UK activities in East China within Shanghai office, and in the

    3 Duty region as necessary.

    (15%) ? To support Communciations Manager to ensure effective recording and sharing of

    information across the region and organisation.

    ? To work as the Knowledge Champion in Shanghai Office to work with the regional

    Knowledge Management team to enhance knowledge sharing in the region.

    Standards ? Information sharing in the office and region is effectively managed and monitored.


    ? To produce P.O. for local team purchases and to monitor following payment 4. Duty

    transaction. (5%)

    ? To support Communications Manager’s budget management as necessary.

    ? Payment created, processed and followed up to the corporate standard. Standarrds ? Positive feedback from Communications Manager.

    SELF DEVELOPMENT 5. Duty ? To participate in selected and agreed corporate, local office and team training. (5%) ? To enhance job/corporate specific knowledge through self study or online study.

    ? Agreed training plan achieved.

    Standards ? Agreed knowledge refreshing course taken.

    ? Training reflected positively in daily work.

    Person specification

    Managers should select competencies from the Organisational Skills Profile and should use no more than 8 for recruitment and selection purposes.

    All criteria will be used If a criterion is to be Criteria: behavioural Essential (E) for performance used for selection, competencies (assign levels), or desirable please state here how it management purposes. skills, knowledge experience, (D). will be measured (e.g. Indicate here (Y or N) if and specialist qualifications. application form, a criterion is to be used interview, performance for recruitment and Behaviours evaluation selection.


Customer Service Orientation

    Level 2. Thinks about the

    customer when undertaking

    day-to-day work.

    Application form, Questions 'how is this adding

    interview, performance 1 E Y value for the customer?' Makes

    evaluation/references decisions with the customer in

    mind. Takes pride in delivering a

    high quality product or service.

    Investigates service delivery and

    provides solutions to problems.

    Relationship Building for

    Influence Level 2. Builds positive and reciprocal

    relationships that benefit the

    Council. Application form, Takes a number of steps to interview, performance 2 Y persuade. Tailors an approach E evaluation/ references to appeal to the needs of a

    particular audience. Recognises

    the cultural dimension and

    ensures a diverse pool of

    clientele within target groups.

    Team Working Level 2. Involves others. Actively includes individuals

    from diverse backgrounds in

    team activities. Capitalises on Application form, diverse skills and ideas. Spends interview, performance 3 E Y time helping others think evaluation/references through issues. Speaks

    positively of others. Takes the

    time to learn about and

    understand other organisations

    and cultures.

    Flexibility Level 2 Applies Procedures Flexibly. Applies rules or procedures

    flexibly, depending on the

    individual situation, to

    accomplish tasks or activities Application form, more effectively; Responds interview, performance 4 E Y effectively to changing evaluation/references circumstances; Remains

    focused when faced with

    competing demands; makes

    reasonable adjustments to

    ensure maximum effectiveness

    and motivation of self and others


    Achievement Level 2. Works

    to goals and manages


    Understands and works towards Application form, goals set by others. Measures interview, performance 5 E Y progress against targets. Seeks evaluation/references to understand reasons for

    obstacles and to find ways to

    overcome. Acknowledges the

    work and contribution of others

     Generic Skills

    Fluent Chinese speaker and

    English to BULATS Level 3

    Generally effective command of

    the language in a range of Application form, familiar situations, e.g. can interview, language 6 E Y make a contribution to meetings test. on practical matters, but is

    unlikely to follow a complex


    Job Families: technical skills, knowledge and experience

    Experience in Application form,

    communications, PR or other interview, performance 7 D Y

    media related area. evaluation/references

Any special requirements of the job, including any legal requirements e.g. restrictions on employment,

    occasional unsocial hours, flexible working, passport status.

    Occassional weekend work required based on project media support needs, to be decided and requested by line manager based on operational need.

Submitted by Camie Lin

    Date 16 March 2010


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