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    VitaGH Brochure 2001


    VitaGH?: A New Growth Hormone Releasing And Supplementation Factor

Healthy Longevity

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    Table of Contents

    Introduction . . . . . . . . 1

    Theories of Aging . . . . . . . 1

    Growth Hormone . . . . . . . 2

    Insulin-like Growth Factors . . . . . . 3

    HGH Replacement Supplementation vs. GH Releasing Factors . 4

    Development of a New GH Releasing Factor . . . 4

    HTA-5? . . . . . . . 5

    Clinical Testing: HTA-5 . . . . . . 5

    HTA-5 & IGF-1 . . . . . . 6

    Total Cholesterol . . . . . . 7

    Bone Density . . . . . . . 7

    Lean Body Mass / Adipose Tissue Mass . . . 7

    VitaGH with HTA-5 . . . . . . . 8

    Oral Absorption of HTA-5 versus HGH . . . . 9

    VitaGH versus HGH Injection Supplementation . . . 10

    Maximizing Your GH Levels . . . . . . 10

    Recommended Dosage and Instructions for Administration . . 11

    Ingredients . . . . . . . . 11

    Precautionary Statement . . . . . . 11

    Glossary . . . . . . . . 11

    Bibliography . . . . . . . . 13

    Resources . . . . . . . . 13


Aging gracefully is no longer reserved for the fortunate among us. Established anti-

    aging therapies have clearly shown that science can intercede in the aging process to

    maximize health and longevity. And indeed, many scientists now regard aging as both a

    treatable and reversible condition.

Central to the popular acceptance of anti-aging therapy has been the creation of a

    practical working theory on aging. This theory associates the body’s progressive

    VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 1 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001 inability at self-repair with hormonal deficiency. The application of this idea, and the

    unprecedented popularity of hormonal supplementation, testifies to the validity of

    hormone replacement therapy as an effective means of restoring the body’s resilience

    and ability at self-repair.

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, has emerged at the forefront of anti-aging therapy.

    The hormone’s ascension has been buttressed by an impressive collection of basic

    science and clinical findings. The hormone’s ability to promote cell regeneration, stimulate tissue repair and bolster the immune system is critical in this forum, since

    virtually all of the complications of aging stem from the body’s inability to repair and

    replace cells as it loses them.

The quest to restore and maintain the body’s resilience and vitality regardless of age has

    been a long-term objective that is now a reality. The developer of VitaGH invites you to

    read this brochure in your personal quest to understand aging and how growth hormone

    supplementation, stimulation and its potential, contributes to your daily well-being.

Theories of Aging

The precise reason why GH levels decrease with advancing age is unknown. However,

    there are a number of theories that begin to explain this depression within the context of

    an organism’s natural aging process. The theories are as follows:

    ? Oxidative Stress Theory asserts that the body’s absorption of oxygen is intricately

    related to the aging process. The more food a person or animal consumes, the more

    oxygen the body needs to break it down into energy, and the more rapidly the animal

    ages due to the creation of free radicals that impair cell function.

    ? The Genetic Theory of Aging asserts that as genetic damage accumulates simply

    as a consequence of living (i.e. via ongoing cell repair and division), the body’s

    overall efficiency decreases, with aging as a consequence.

? The Theory of Somatopause (or Cellular Senescence) asserts that cells are pre-

    programmed to either die after a finite number of divisions or simply go dormant. As

    the cells lapse into this phase of their cycle, the efficiency of the organism to

    maintain its vital functions decreases, until ultimately the organism itself dies.

    ? The Hormonal Theory of Aging asserts that aging is linked to a decline in the

    body’s secretion of a variety of hormones without losing the ability to respond to

    these hormones. This is the principle basis for hormone replacement therapy with


Comment: Cellular senescence may be caused by the decreasing length of protective telomeres that are positioned like protective caps at the ends of chromosomal DNA. A part of the telomere cap is lost with each successive cell division, eventually reaching a critical length at which time cell division stops and the cell ages and dies. Preservation of these caps preserves cell viability.

Growth Hormone

VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 2 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

    Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid long protein that is synthesized and secreted by

    the pituitary gland found at the base of the brain. The hormone enters the bloodstream

    in pulses, predominantly at night, and is then quickly metabolized by the liver into the

    insulin-like growth factors, IGF-1 and IGF-2.

The natural depression of GH secretion with age starts in the mid-twenties and

    continues, as we grow older. By the age of 60, GH levels are typically 15-20% of what

    they were when you were in your twenties, sometimes even less.

People that have taken HGH Supplementation and Stimulation products and Injections

    have noticed an overall improvement in their general well-being and vitality, with the

    following specific reports:

    ? Stronger bones

    ? Enhanced immune system

    ? Accelerated wound healing / tissue regeneration

    ? Decrease in total cholesterol

    ? Increase in muscle mass without exercise

    ? Loss of body fat without exercise

    ? Weight Loss

    ? Improved blood pressure

    ? Younger, more durable skin with fewer wrinkles

    ? Increased energy

    ? Enhanced sexual performance and libido

    ? Increase cardiac output

    ? Enhanced exercise performance

    ? Improved mood

    ? Improved memory

    ? Improved sleep pattern

    ? Organ regeneration

    ? Regrowth of lost hair

Insulin-like Growth Factors, IGF-1 & IGF-2

HGH is released into the bloodstream in small pulsatile bursts during the day that peak

    during deep sleep. Since the longevity of GH in the bloodstream is very short after its

    secretion, accurately measuring GH levels directly can be very cumbersome.

    Consequently, measurement of GH levels is typically achieved indirectly, by measuring

    for levels of another hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 is produced by the liver in response to circulating GH and remains relatively

    constant throughout the day in contrast to GH. As such, IGF-1 levels are the standard

    means to evaluate how much GH the pituitary is releasing, especially when looking for a

    change over time.

The goal of GH supplementation and replacement therapy by injection and stimulation

    for individuals over 50 is to raise IGF-1 levels within the range of healthy young adults, which is around 350ug/mL.

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    VitaGH Brochure 2001

     Comment: IGF-1 works directly with HGH to promote growth and regulate metabolism. IGF-2 maintains the health of nerve tissue, and works with GH to stimulate bone marrow and bone growth.

HGH Injection Replacement vs. GH Supplementation and Releasing Factors

It is helpful to understand the relative benefits and risks of HGH replacement

    supplementation by injection versus the use of an agent that stimulates the release of


GH replacement supplementation by injection can offer substantial benefits, as

    presented earlier. As with any hormone replacement or supplementation, however, the

    converse is also true. Poorly monitored, overly dosed, HGH injection supplementation

    may be associated with allergic reactions, carpal tunnel syndrome, irregularities of bone

    growth (acromegaly), diabetes and swelling.

Use of a GH Supplementation and Releasing Factor (GHRF), or secretagogue,

    minimizes the risk of complications associated with GH injections. This decrease in risk

    is achieved by eliminating the shock of pharmacological GH injections and the resultant

    steep increase in IGF-1 levels. By using a GHRF, IGF-1 levels increase more slowly

    and plateau at levels far below the extremes of GH injection replacement therapy.

    Furthermore, healthy advocates of GH supplementation and stimulation can reasonably

    use an oral GHRF agent without a physician’s involvement.

Development of a New GH Stimulation and Releasing Factor

The key objectives for the developers of VitaGH were (1) to create a new GHRF that

    could stand on its own merits as a powerful new technology; and (2) to create an oral

    GHRF technology that could safely offer a viable alternative to HGH injections. The

    result of this development effort was the creation of VitaGH with HTA-5.

    VitaGH With Key Ingredient HTA-5

HTA-5 is a small protein chain that behaves like GHRF on the pituitary to stimulate the 1

    release of GH. HTA-5 also binds to GH receptors in the liver. The end result is that a

    low dose of HTA-5 has a similar efficacy as higher doses of HGH injection.

HTA-5’s absorption through the oral mucosa is readily possible because the length of its

    peptide chain is very short.

Two Separate Clinical Tests That Led To The VitaGH Using The HTA-5 Formulation

Two challenges were being considered at the beginning of the clinical trial. The first

    challenge was to document the stand-alone efficacy of HTA-5 as a new growth hormone

    releasing factor. The second was to determine if HTA-5 could be combined with other

    common releasing factors to create an even better result. As such, two separate trials

    were conducted.

VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 4 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

    The following HTA-5 outcome based studies are individual studies and not intended to

    be comparison studies. HTA-5 is an important ingredient found in VitaGH.

    ? Trial #1 / HTA-5: Ten individuals ranging in age from 30 to 69 years were given

    30 nanograms (or 0.000000030 grams) of HTA-5 in the form of an aerosolized

    oral spray before bed, over a 30-32 day period.

    ? Trial #2 / HTA-5+: Fifteen individuals ranging in age from 38 to 70 years of age

    were given an effervescent tablet to take once daily over a 25-36 day period that

    contained 20ng of HTA-5 in combination with 1200 mg each of the amino acids

    Lysine and Arginine.

     Comment: Previous published experimentation has shown that the combination of lysine and arginine in the doses used with Trial #2 is an effective GH releasing factor.

     Fig 1: AVERAGE PERCENT CHANGE OF IGF-1 By Age Group & Sex

    HTA-5HTA-5+Men Women









    10Average % Change IGF-1



    Age Group

HTA-5 & IGF-1

The principal hormone measured in order to establish whether there is an increase in

    growth hormone secretion is IGF-1. And indeed, clinical research with HTA-5 alone

    (Trial #1) confirms that HTA-5 is a bonifide, stand alone GH Releasing Factor.

    Furthermore, it also appears that HTA-5 in combination with the amino acids lysine and

    arginine is capable of increasing IGF-1 levels in excess of HTA-5 alone. These results

    confirm that GH secretion is increased with HTA-5.

In addition, the following observations may be made from the IGF-1 data in Figure 1:

    VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 5 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

    ? The change in IGF-1 concentrations in the presence of HTA-5 alone or in

    combination with amino acids was found to be both age and sex dependent.

    A more substantial change in IGF-1 concentrations was noted with advancing

    age groups, regardless of sex.

    ? A woman’s IGF-1 response to HTA-5 with or without amino acids was

    calculated to be greater than a man’s response. This difference in IGF-1 did

    not result in significant body mass changes between the sexes.

    ? It should be noted that across all clinical trial participants, the greatest percent

    change in IGF-1 concentrations was observed in participants that started with

    very low baseline IGF-1 concentrations (e.g. 21 ng/mL).

Comment: IGF-1 concentrations and total cholesterol levels were determined by collecting participant blood samples at the beginning of the studies and at their conclusion.

Total Cholesterol

The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) has been advocating that people

    maintain a low total blood cholesterol level as a means to minimize the potential for

    cardiovascular disease. Current NCEP guidelines recommend that adult individuals work

    toward reducing total cholesterol levels to at least 200mg/mL as part of a healthful

    lifestyle. The majority of clinical trial participants using HTA-5 (with or without amino

    acids) demonstrated a clinically significant decrease in their total cholesterol levels over

    the study period, in the absence of additional measures. Study results for Trial #2

    participants are presented in Figure 2 with starting levels beginning in the 275 areas.

    Fig 2: Decrease in Total Cholesterol with TA-5+





    Total Cholesterol, mg/mL



    P 13P 7P 12P 5P 6P 4P 8P 15P 14P 1P 3P 10P 11P 9P 2


VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 6 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001 Bone Density

The importance of bone density to general health is very simple. Stated succinctly, an

    increase in bone density decreases the chance of fracture and osteoarthritis. Bone

    density is a particularly important issue as the body ages, regardless of sex.

    Fig 3: AVERAGE % INCREASE IN RADIAL BONE DENSITY Trial #2: By Age & Sex Since an increase in GH levels is known

    to increase bone density, the developers

    of VitaGH with HTA-5 expected that 16they would witness an increase in bone 14density at the conclusion of a clinical 12trial using HTA-5. 10 8Indeed, the average increase in bone 6density for subjects taking HTA-5 alone Average % Increase4was 6.8%. The average increase in 2bone density for subjects taking HTA-5 0plus amino acids was 12.6%. 30-4546-5960+

     Age GroupMaleFemale

Figure 3 illustrates the bone density increases measured for men and women in Clinical

    Trial #2. Note that neither sex nor age group has a significant influence on the activity of

    HTA-5 to affect bone density.

     Comment: Radial bone density was measured by ultrasonographic technique.

    Lean Body Mass / Adipose Tissue Mass

One of the basic roles of growth hormone and IGF-1 is in the regulation of insulin levels,

    glucose metabolism, and fatty tissue metabolism.

An increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in adipose tissue mass was recorded

    for all study participants in both clinical trials using an ultrasound-based body

    composition analysis. The noted increase in muscle mass and decrease in adipose

    tissue mass at the conclusion of the study period was slightly more than doubled for

    study participant’s given HTA-5 with amino acids. Participants lost an average of 13.2% of their body weight in conjunction with this change in body composition and this was

    achieved without diet or exercise. See Figure 4.

VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 7 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

     Fig 4: AVERAGE PERCENT CHANGE OF LBM & ATM in TRIAL #2 By Age Group & Sex

    Men Women

VitaGH with HTA-5

With VitaGH and HTA-5 confirmed as a new and efficacious GH releasing factor, the

    developers of VitaGH wanted to capitalize on the abundance of information already

    published to formulate a well-rounded GH product. The result of their effort was the

    development of a comprehensive formulation, now known as VitaGH.

In addition to HTA-5, lysine and arginine, VitaGH contains several other key ingredients

    with additional complementary ingredients such as MSM, a highly researched blood

    carrier and joint lubricant, DHEA a hormone balancing precursor and Ginko Biloba, a

    highly researched brain stimulator and memory enhancer. See ingredients sections for

    a complete list of ingredients.

    ? Ornithine. Ornithine is an amino acid with powerful releasing factor for GH,

    which is known to work well in combination with lysine and arginine.

    ? GHRF. GHRF is predominantly responsible for stimulating the liver’s synthesis 22

    and secretion of IGF-2. This second insulin-like growth factor has a greater

    affinity than IGF-1 for bone marrow receptors that stimulate immune cell

    function and osteoblast receptors that stimulate an increase bone density.

    The competition between IGF-2 and IGF-1 actually releases more IGF-1 to target

    cells that it has a greater affinity for than IGF-2, such as the skeletal muscle

    mass and the skin.

VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 8 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

    ? DHEA. DHEA is the adrenal gland precursor to the sex hormones testosterone,

    estrogen and progesterone. Proponents of DHEA report that this ingredient has

    a basic anti-aging influence. Recent studies have shown that DHEA

    supplementation helps to restore muscle mass and decrease adipose tissue

    mass, and decrease total serum cholesterol, among others.

    ? MSM. A well know blood carrier that assists many of our ingredients to be more

    effectively carried through out the blood stream. MSM is also known for it joint

    lubrication qualities, easing pain and friction.

    ? GINKO BiLOBA Is a well researched brain and memory stimulator designed to

    provide relief of stress and aging by increasing the body’s oxygen supply.

    ? HGH. A small amount of supplemented HGH complexed to a glycosaminoglycan

    (GAG) transport molecule has been included in VitaGH to provide an early boost

    in circulating GH after administration.

    ? L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine has excellent anti-aging and stress reduction

    properties. As an oral supplement, glutamine has been shown to work as an

    effective anti-oxidant, strengthen immunity, cut illness short, aid in recovery from

    illness, and rejuvenate muscles weakened by stress and illness.

    ? Calcium, Iron, Magnesium coenzyme minerals. These minerals need to be

    present as cofactors that permit the secretion of GH.

     Comment: DHEA, may stimulate IGF-1 levels in the bloodstream.

Oral Absorption of VitaGH With HTA-5

The oral absorption of one of VitaGH’s primary active ingredient, namely HTA-5, is

    based on simple physics, since the HTA-5 protein is very short and is readily transported

    across the oral mucosa.

The developers of HTA-5 did choose to assist the transmucosal absorption of HTA-5 by

    including a non-proprietary and relatively small sugar/protein transport molecule called a

    glycosaminoglycan, or GAG molecule, into the formulation. This transport molecule

    increases the transmucosal absorption of HTA-5 and also helps to stabilize HTA-5 in the

    formulation. HTA-5 was attached to GAG molecules in all clinical trials performed to


HGH stabilization in VitaGH is also assisted by the presence of GAG proteins, albeit with

    decreased efficiency versus HTA-5 stabilization. However, the presences and

    combination of both ingredients together, HGH and HTA-5, is a winning anti-aging


VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 9 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

    VitaGH Brochure 2001

    VitaGH Versus HGH Injection Supplementation

VitaGH with HTA-5 and supplemental GH is ideal for those individuals whose objective

    is to benefit from an increase in their body’s own promotion and release of GH without

    the hassles of typical HGH injection supplementation. In particular:

    ? VitaGH users will never have to be concerned by the need for injections that

    are required with Standard HGH. A simple intra-oral spray supplements and

    releases enough GH and HTA-5 to stimulate your body’s own synthesis and

    secretion of GH.

    ? VitaGH use will not suppress the body’s natural cyclical release of GH, as is

    commonly the case with large doses of HGH injection supplementation.

    Consequently, you may start and stop the use of VitaGH without risk.

    ? VitaGH users can comfortably use HTA-5 in the absence of physician

    supervision because ViltaGH does not expose the body to the pharmacologic

    concentrations of GH commonly used with HGH injections.

Maximizing Your GH Levels

The decrease in GH synthesis and secretion during a lifetime is a natural phenomenon

    consistent with the aging process. In addition to taking VitaGH oral spray daily, the

    following is a list of simple and effective techniques that increase GH secretion naturally

    and with varying degrees of effort.

    ? Exercise and strength training

    Weight training that uses leg, chest and back muscles has been shown to be

    the best natural stimulant for invigorating the body and stimulating GH


    ? Avoid eating before bedtime and minimize your intake of simple sugars found in

    soda, fruit juice, candy, and other snack products.

    Raising blood sugar levels decreases GH secretion.

    ? Increase your dietary protein intake from poultry, fish, dairy products, soy and

    meat products.

    Protein intake is fundamental to tissue regeneration and muscle growth. In

    addition, amino acid supplements of l-arginine, l-lysine and l-ornithine, when

    taken in combination, have also been found to stimulate GH secretion, but

    timing and dose need to be carefully coordinated to achieve maximum benefit.

    ? Practice good sleep hygiene by following a consistent sleep schedule

    Over 70% of your daily GH secretion occurs during Stage III and IV restful

    sleep. If you are having difficulty getting a good night sleep, consider

    melatonin supplementation or see your doctor.

    ? Adopt a vigorous and healthful lifestyle

    ? Drink copious amounts of water daily

    VitaGH Brochure: 2001 Page 10 of 13 5/16/10 EVERLIFE CO.

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