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     Press release

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    KBC Lease launches greenfield

    full-service car leasing business in Poland

Today, KBC Autolease (a KBC group company) officially starts operations in Poland. KBC

    Autolease Polska Sp. z o.o. will offer full-service car leasing (financing of vehicles plus

    additional services and insurance) as well as fleet management services, lease-back and hire. It

    will also launch new innovative products and services.

Entering the already very competitive Polish full-service car leasing market through a

    greenfield operation illustrates KBC Lease Group’s commitment to Poland as a high-growth, high-potential market. It also demonstrates KBC’s long-term strategy of investment in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region”, comments William Brondeel, CEO of KBC Lease


    KBC Autolease Polska’s team of experienced professionals will be lead by Ireneusz Tymiński, General Manager. Mr Tymiński has built up extensive experience in full-service car leasing

    having been in charge of fleet financing and management strategy for several years and worked

    in consulting.

    Mr Tymiński commented on today’s launch as follows: KBC Lease Group (KBC Lease), which is a member of the internationally strong and financially sound KBC group, has chosen Poland to start a

    new full-service car leasing business. KBC Autolease is a fast-growing unit within KBC Lease that offers

    full-service car leasing solutions, fleet management, lease-back and hire to customers in Belgium,

    Luxembourg and a growing number of CEE countries, now including Poland. We are aware that, in

    order to make our presence known on the market, we need to be creative and provide a quality service.

    Our vision is to be well recognized, proactive and quality partner for customers. With the support of KBC

    Lease’s financial resources and the enthusiasm of an experienced team, we have laid the foundations to get off to a good start.

Krzysztof Dzietczenia, Operations and Finance Director of KBC Autolease Polska, added: KBC

    Autolease aims to gain clients trust by adopting a rational approach and developing a close partnership

    with its clients. Another favourable aspect in building long-term relationships with our business clients is

    KBC group’s financial stability. We are convinced that, building on the extensive experience which it has

    already acquired in other countries, KBC Autolease will quickly become a key player in the Polish

    market for full-service car leasing, benefiting its corporate and SME customers, employees and

    shareholders alike.

Central European and Polish leasing market: high potential, high growth

Poland is among the most populated EU countries with a fast-growing economy. Within this

    environment of intensive growth of corporate and SME clients, the external financing of cars as well as

    other fleet-related outsourcing services is really helping companies to focus on their profit centres and

    core business activities.

New car fleet sales in Poland account for some 50-60% of total car sales figures. Full-service car

    leasing as a very modern form of financing and management of the company fleet is increasingly

    gaining popularity, with a growth rate of 20-30% per year. Current estimates are that over 110 000 cars

    in Poland are financed in this way, and according to various sources, this number should reach 220 000

    cars by 2012.

KBC Lease Group: an international group with longstanding experience and know-how

    in the leasing and vendor finance market

KBC Lease - which manages the leasing activities of all KBC group entities - offers a wide range of

    leasing services (general leasing, full-service car leasing and vendor finance) through various channels:

    directly to international and local vendors, through the local bank branch networks of KBC group entities,

    and direct sales through the local lease entities of the KBC group.

KBC Lease currently has operating units in fifteen Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe

    countries and employs around 2 000 people, more than 1 000 of whom are in Central and Eastern


    In the countries where KBC Lease is already present, it will focus on further developing its business and

    increasing its market share. At the same time, KBC Lease plans to further develop its leasing business

    internationally and will evaluate opportunities arising throughout Central and Eastern European markets.

KBC Autolease - the collective name for the full-service car leasing activities of KBC Lease - works on

    a multi-channel model: products and services are mainly offered through direct account management

    and the branch network of KBC group banking entities. KBC Autolease employs more than 200 FTEs,

    has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and is currently active in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech

    Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary, countries in which its parent company, the KBC group, is

    also present.

    KBC Autolease’s ambition is to build a European-wide full-service car leasing business, which sets the standards in terms of quality, the satisfaction level of its corporate customers (corporations as well as

    SMEs) and partners, and overall profitability.

    KBC Autolease Polska Sp.z o.o. is building on the know-how and expertise acquired by KBC Autolease in Belgium, where it can rely on more than 25 years of experience offering full-service car

    leasing and fleet management to a broad range of corporate and SME customers through a mix of

    distribution channels.

KBC Autolease Polska: new products and services for the Polish market

KBC Autolease Polska will offer the following core products for fleets in Poland: full-service car leasing,

    service contract, hire and lease-back. New innovative products such as Automotiv Plan and AutoSelect

    Leasing will also be introduced to the Polish market.

Automotiv Plan is based on providing consulting services and support in developing its clients

    employee motivation systems by using cars in the form of full-service car leasing at the client’s company

    (by giving employees a choice of options or even the car model). A company car is today one of the

    most significant factors motivating employees. A non-monetary tool such as this delivers results in the

    form of increased loyalty and the client’s increased ability to attract new employees.

AutoSelect Leasing is a service which, thanks to the tailor-made modules it offers, allows clients to

    select particular full-service car leasing elements to suit their business’s operational needs.

KBC Autolease Polska will deliver its services through a variety of channels, i.e. direct account

    management and the Kredyt Bank branches in Poland.

Other KBC group members active in Poland

    Kredyt Lease (

Kredyt Lease SA (member of KBC Lease Group) has been active on the Polish market since April

    1991 (since the origin of the leasing market in Poland). Kredyt Lease is one of the pioneering

    companies developing the leasing industry in Poland. The company offers financing of investment

    projects through operational and financial leasing. Thanks to strong and secure financial backup, Kredyt

    Lease SA is able to finance the most ambitious projects. Kredyt Lease will continue to offer general

    leasing and vendor finance products on the Polish market.

    Kredyt Bank (

Kredyt Bank was established in 1990 as one of the first private banks in Poland. Today, it is a major,

    listed, universal bank, and among the top ten banks in Poland.

Kredyt Bank offers its services to various groups of clients, with a particular focus on retail and private

    banking customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers comprehensive,

    professional services and financial products of the highest quality, appropriately tailored to the needs of

    all customer groups. Kredyt Bank has a network of 392 branches all over Poland.


WARTA SA was established in 1920. It is one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in Poland.

    Due to the close cooperation of TUiR WARTA and TUnŻ WARTA, customers benefit from

    comprehensive solutions that include property and personal insurance, life insurance, retirement

    insurance and investment schemes. Due to the strategic partnership with Kredyt Bank, Warta has been

    able to add other financial products to the services it offers. WARTA operates a network of almost 6 000

    salesmen all over Poland. Field units operate their own agents network and co-operate with multiagents

    and brokers.

KBC Group (

KBC is the second largest bancassurer in Belgium and a top financial player in Central & Eastern

    Europe and Russia. Its headquarters are located in Brussels (Belgium), the heart of Europe. The KBC

    group is present in more than 35 countries worldwide, employs 57 000 staff (nearly 32 000 of whom in

    Central and Eastern Europe and Russia) and caters for 12 million customers (some 8 million in Central

    and Eastern Europe).

KBC is a multi-channel bancassurer with a geographic focus on Europe, catering mainly for retail and

    private banking customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides focusing on providing

    retail and private bancassurance services (via bank branches, insurance agents/brokers and the

    Internet), KBC is active in asset management, and in the field of corporate banking, leasing, factoring,

    re-insurance, insurance, private equity and project and trade finance in Belgium, Central and Eastern

    Europe and elsewhere (mainly in Europe). Besides its leading position in the Belgian and Central and

    Eastern European markets, KBC also has a private banking network in eight Western European


KBC GROUP NV is listed on NYSE EURONEXT and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

    For more information, please contact :

- Ireneusz Tymiński, General Manager, KBC Autolease Polska Sp.z o.o.

    Tel. +48 22 634 85 50

- Viviane Huybrecht, Head of Group Communication and Press Office/Spokeswoman

    Tel. +32 2 429 85 45

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