One chid pollicy

By Wendy Jordan,2014-09-06 23:05
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One chid pollicy

    One Child Policy

     Su Dongdong (Group 2)

    Everybody knows that China has the largest population in the world. Thus

    thChinese government conducted a policy during the 20 century. This

    world-famous policy is the “One Child Policy”. That means every Chinese

    couple must have at most one child no matter who they are. This policy has come into power over 20 years and it really helped to stop the Chinese population from growing too fast. Its really very important in Chinese history so

    that Chinese government regards it as one of the national policies.

     Different people have different ideas about this policy. Many foreign people say that this policy is bad for human rights. According to their opinion, the number of the children should be determined by parents for they have their own rights to decide such things, and the government shouldn’t be too

    autocratic in this democratic world. According to some people who were born under this policy, this unique policy has exerted too much pressure upon them when they are adults now. Every young couple needs to support about four elder family members since both husband’s and wifes parents are old. They

    need to spare a big part of their wages to take care of their parents. Thus they suffer a lot. This is really a big problem in Chinese society now. But this policy also helped a lot to the whole country. Actually this wise policy has helped not only to control the population of China, but also to control the population all over the world. Some experts say that this policy has helped to save the worlds natural resources to some extent. Too many people will destroy the balance of the environment in the world.

     In my opinion, I think that this policy is good for people. I agree that it has some disadvantages in some way. However, every coin has two sides. Nothing is perfect in the world. Since this policy has brought people a lot of benefits, we should keep it. Before this policy was put forward, a lot Chinese people hold the opinion that more people can make them stronger which was said by

Chairman Mao. This policy changed many peoples lives for they dont need to

    raise more than one child. Then they can use that money to do more important things other than just feed some workforces. And this policy helped to keep the balance between human being and the environment.

    On the whole, the policy is good. But things are changing all the time. If this policy is carried on for a long time without change, many problems will appear in China. So government should make some changes such as allowing some people who are rich enough to have more children. Government can also encourage some high-educated people to have more than one baby for they have good genes. If this policy can change correctly, it will help us more in the future.

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