JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole Components Pearl Powder

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JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole Components Pearl Powder

    JJB Nanometer

    Water-Soluble Whole

    Components Pearl Powder


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1. SGS test report

    2. Unique product and vision

    3. The effects of the JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble

    Whole Components Pearl Powder

    4. The identification methods for the JJB Nanometer

    Water-Soluble Whole Components Pearl Powder

    and conventionally ground pearl powder

    5. The dissolution and absorption for conventionally

    ground pearl powder and “Water-Soluble Whole

    Components Pearl Powder”

    6. JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole Components

    Pearl Powder contains 21 amino acids; the human

    immune system function of each amino acid

    7. JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole Components

    Pearl Powder contains 32 trace elements, the

    product with the most variety of trace elements.

    The human immune system function of each trace


    Unique Product and Philosophy

    During the process of culturing, shells absorb abundant minerals from the ocean to produce pearls. The bio-extracted JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole

    Components Pearl Powder contains 53 minerals, including 21 proteinogenic amino

    acids and 32 trace elements (Calcium is one of the 32 trace elements). Each mineral

    has a specific effect on the human body.

    With biotechnology, the natural, effective ingredients are extracted from natural pearl powder in the form of a suspension in a water solution and then dried into a

    powder. Afterwards, it is produced by the professional cGMP medicine manufacturer

    into capsules that can be absorbed by human body completely without causing stones

    and any side effects.

    JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble Whole Components Pearl Powder can be made as an ampule consisting of distilled water and peal powder. It may be used for first aid

    to stop bleeding, relieve fever, and alleviate cramps. For chronic diseases, capsules

    can achieve the same effect.

    stReturning to nature is the trend of the 21 century. Pearl powder is the most

    valued medicine in Chinese medicine. No matter how much you take, it will cause no

    harm to the human body. With 5000 years of history, Chinese medicine has a longer

    history than Western medicine, which is only 300 years old. Western medicine is

    also toxic, and may cause harmful side effects to the human body and should be taken

    in moderate amounts. Pearl powder is a prized medicine, which not only alleviates

    symptoms but also cures the cause of the problem. As vital nutrition, it can

    maintain mental and physical health.

    Orthomolecular Medicine is a breakthrough concept in the biotech era. Beginning from the molecular level, it can affect cells and organs. JJB can be

    absorbed through saliva to achieve a better effect.

    Effects of JJB Nanometer Water-Soluble

    Whole Components Pearl Powder

    1. Enhance immunity (Strengthen physique, increase energy and regulate

    physical conditions).

    2. Delay the aging process.

    3. Prevent bone loss from lack of calcium caused by endocrine


    4. Liver function improved, heat reduction, detoxintation, pain relief and

    fever reduction.

    5. With detoxification and eye protection effects, it stops cataract from


    6. Cures acute/chronic hepatitis, rheumatism and heart diseases 7. Good health care for pregnant women, children and the elderly. 8. Protect liver, prevent vascular sclerosis and angina pectoris, and relieve

    the pain of cancer patients.

    9. Improves heart muscle function, an excellent nutrition to protect nerve

    and blood and prevents anemia.

    10. An external cure for injure, sprain and infection to relieve pain and

    fester and facilitate the wound to heal.

    11. Protect skin to achieve beauty effect.

    12. Soothing effect to calm the mind.

    Methods to Identify the Water Soluble

    Pure Pearl Powder

    I. The basic method to make the difference from the ground, or water floating pearl:

    1. Add 10 ml of water to those either containing 1g of water soluble pearl powder and ground

    pearl powder. Warm them up to 60 degrees for 15 minutes. Observe the water soluble pearl

    powder becomes a clear solution. The ground pearl powder does not dissolve or appears

    suspended, and precipitation is noted after 10~20 minutes.

    2. Take 10% diluted hydrochloric acid 5 ml, drop it in to the above mentioned samples

    respectively, shake a little, the water soluble pearl powder fluid remains clear, and the

    ground pearl powder may produce bubbles.

    3. Take the water soluble pearl powder 1% solution, taste with the tip of tongue, it should be

    bitter. While the ground pearl powder tastes plain, and does not dissolve with saliva.

    II. Confirmation tests

    1. Precipitation test:

    Take 1g of water soluble pearl powder and add 10ml of water to dissolve. Add a few drops

    of Ammonium oxalate solution, warm until white turbid fluid is obtained; wait for


    2. Crystal analysis test:

    Take water soluble pearl powder 1g and add 3ml of water, warm to dissolve and take one

    drop of the solution to the glass slide. Wait until dry, a colorful pearl appearance , with

    silk-like radial crystals, can be observed.

    3. Coagulation test:

    Take 5g of water soluble pearl powder and add 20 ml of water, warm to dissolve. Then put it

    in a cool and dark place, wait for it to coagulate. A semi translucent gel-like material is


    4. Smell test:

    Put a small amount of water soluble pearl powder into a small metal cup, and burn it at the

    top of the flame. A smell of burning feathers may be noted.

    5. Color reaction:

    Put 2g of the water soluble pearl powder into 20ml of water, add 3-5 drops of 1% ninhydrin

    and boil it for 5-10 minutes. The solution may turn purple-red.

Ground Pearl Powder” versus “Water Soluble Pure

    Pearl Powder” on the Issue of Solubility and Absorption

     Natural characteristics of pearl:

    Pearl is composed of „nacre‟ excreted from the outer membrane of an aquatic shell-fish.

    The concentric globe shaped solid material is formed in the outer membrane.

    Under normal circumstances, the excreted nacre coats the inner surface of the shell. This

    makes the inner surface of the shell strong and shiny. The layer reduces the friction for

    the soft part of the shell fish to move and prevent it from being injured. Thus, a pearl is

    physically identical to the inner layer of the shell fish in their characteristics. In addition,

    in the natural world, they possess the following features:

    1. Not soluble in water: absolutely insoluble in water.

    2. Antioxidant: Not oxidized in a natural environment.

    3. Shiny: Pearl has a uniquely colorful shine.

    4. Smooth: Soft and smooth.

    5. Non-absorbable: After being formed in the shell fish, pearls cannot be dissolved,

    absorbed or organized by the creature. For the physical characteristics mentioned above, pearls do not dissolve in water, and thus are hard to be absorbed or digested into the human body.

     Unique structure of the pearl

    Pearls are composed of two major parts, the inorganic part and the pearl sclerotic protein

    part. Through modern analysis, it is confirmed that pearls contain more than 30 different

    organic and inorganic elements. The composition is quite delicate.

    There are similarities between the organism of pearls and animal bones and teeth.

    However, to compare the composition of elements and Embryology, pearls are totally

    different from that of the hard tissues of bones and teeth. Bones and teeth need blood to

    obtain nutrients. A pearl is merely a foreign body occupying the shell fish that secretes

    nacre. Through chemical analysis, pearl contains carbonates (calcium, etc.) 90%~93%,

    oxidized materials 1.5% ~3.0%, protein (sclerotic protein) 5~7%, with the result of

    element analysis found C, H, N, O, S, P, Mg, Ca, Na, K, Zn, Mn, Sc, Ba, Sr, Li, Pb, Sn,

    Cd, Bi, Al, Cr, Ni, Mo, V, Ca, Ti, Fe, B, As, Si, La, Co, Pr, Nd, Sm, 36 items are included.

    But the delicate arrangement of these elements to form the insoluble pearl has never

been satisfactorily explained.

     Ground pearl powder and water soluble pure pearl powder in the digestion model test

    Water is the principle content of organisms. It is also the carrier in a living body, and is

    the only exchange medium that is not toxic. Insoluble solid materials cannot be digested

    in the gut and absorbed directly. The digestive juice excreted in the human body ---

    gastric juice and intestinal juice --- are the basic matrix for the chemical reaction that

    digests both soluble and insoluble foods. The digestive function is achieved through the

    combination of physical and chemical process to a degree that dissolves food. However,

    the water contained in the digestive juice is the medium that is indispensable.

    In order to take a further step to understand the process of dissolution and digestion in

    the digestive juice environment, ground pearl powder and water soluble pure pearl

    powder have been subjected to the following model test.

    Obtain two 100 ml cups for each of artificial gastric juice, artificial intestinal juice, dog

    gastric juice, and normal saline. Add 1g of ground pearl powder to one group, and 1g of

    water soluble pure pearl powder to the other. Keep both groups at 37C?and stir every 15 minutes, 10 rounds for every stir. Then dilute with up to 200ml with water after 4 hours.

    The precipitates are filtered, dried and weighted. The solubility and the amount of

    digested material were calculated for each group of the digestive juice.

    Group Ground pearl powder group Water soluble pure pearl powder group

    Artificial Artificial Dog Normal Artificial Artificial Dog Normal Test juice gastric intestinal gastric saline gastric intestinal gastric saline

    juice juice juice juice juice juice Amount 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml Ground pearl 1g 1g 1g 1g 0 0 0 0 powder

    Water soluble

    pure pearl 0 0 0 0 1g 1g 1g 1g powder

    Residual pearl

    powder after 4 0.82 0.98 0.81 0.998 0 0 0 0 hours

    Dissolved &

    digested 0.18 0.02 0.19 0.002 1g 1g 1g 1g amount

    Dissolution and 18% 2% 19% 0.02% 100% 100% 100% 100% digestion rate


    1. The result of the digestive model test revealed that the ground pearl powder can be

    dissolved and digested in the gastric juice only about 18%. The in vivo (in the

    stomach) dissolution and digestion rate may be higher. The dissolution and digestion

    rate in the artificial intestinal juice is about 2%. That is, the summation of the

    dissolution and digestion rate in the artificial gastric juice and the artificial intestinal

    juice is about 20%. The water soluble pure pearl powder groups were dissolved and

    digested within 30 minutes. So it is anticipated that the water soluble pure pearl

    powder can be kept dissolved for a prolonged time in the human gut. This is very

    helpful for absorption.

    2. While the ground pearl powder was thrown in to 300-meshes pearl powder, the pearl

    powder floats on the liquid surface. Even after one hour with stirring, the small pearl

    powder particles coated with gastric juice and intestinal juice can still be visible. Two

    hours later, the particles mostly disappeared, but only the pearl powder in the normal

    saline cup is distributed evenly, and the fluid appears suspended and turbid. This

    phenomenon indicates that the attempt to improve the surface contact area between

    the particle of the pearl powder and the digestive juice did not successfully increase

    the dissolution and digestion rate.

    3. The model test revealed that ground pearl powder stopped dissolving and digesting

    once it got into the intestine. If added to the interference of Phytic Acid and Tannic

    Acid in food, the rate of dissolution and digestion would be affected even more. 4. The ability of the dissolution and digestion of the ground pearl powder in the model

    test of the artificial gastric juice and the dog gastric juice are not comparable to that

    of in vivo condition. To minimize the defect of the test, it is intentionally devised to

    make the dissolution and digestion time 4 hours.

    5. The designated material in the model test for the dissolution and digestion rate is the

    carbonates in the ground pearl powder. The loss percentage in the artificial intestinal

    juice is mainly the loss of pearl sclerotic protein.

     Solubility of the water soluble pure pearl powder

    The patent product of the water soluble pure pearl powder has completely solved the

    problem of poor dissolution rates of pearls in water. Solubility in water is as follows:

    Cold water : (below 18?C) ?5g/100ml Warm water : (18?C~25?C) ?10g/100ml Hot water : (60?C~70?C) ?30g/100ml Boiled water : (100?C) ?80g/100ml This patented invention produces water soluble pure pearl powder which pertains good

    solubility in water, and can be evenly distributed with a dissolution form in a variety of

    pearl based products. This provides advantages to develop a series of products for

    medicine, food, beverage, wine, candies, cosmetics, hair beauty and care that have pearls

    in their contents.

     Summary of the result of the study of Mr. Yamamoto, a Japanese researcher

    According to the study of a Japanese researcher, Mr. Yamamoto, the highest rate of

    absorption of the ground pearl powder in the human gut is no more than 29%. While for

    a water soluble pearl containing product, the absorption rate in the human body can

    reach 100%.

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