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    Standaleidet cabin complex Building description cabins

    coloured wet room panel. The walls in the shed GENERAL are covered with untreated fibreboard. This description is intended to inform about the building’s most important components and CEILINGS functions. There may be discrepancies The ceiling on the ground floor and the sloping between the description and plans. In such ceiling in the loft are covered with rustic cases, this description is the authority. untreated deal panel. Certain illustrations in the drawing materials BOXING IN may show situations that are not in accordance Ventilation pipes above the kitchen cupboards with the delivery, such as furnishings, choice of will be boxed in. paint colour, designs of windows and doors,

    structural details, such as facade details,

    details in communal areas, choice of materials, EQUIPMENT flower boxes, landscaping, etc. KITCHEN The area behind the jamb walls (in the rafters) Kitchen cupboards type IKEA Ståt, 3.7 m incl. in the loft may be used for storage. 4 hatches fridge and blanks. White fronts with panels, are fitted in the jamb walls. black iron handles. Laminated worktop with rounded edge. Number of cupboards

    according to plans and design drawing. Wall CONSTRUCTION cupboards shown in dotted lines in the plans. The buildings have wooden load-bearing frames. Light fittings with switches and power sockets under wall cupboards. Sink cupboard with Exterior walls are made from timber frames integral steel sink. Space and plumbing for clad with horizontal weatherboarding. dishwasher. Exterior walls, roof, floor on ground floor, ceiling space between ground floor and loft, White goods not included, but can be and interior walls abutting wet rooms are delivered (additional cost). insulated with mineral wool. WARDROBES Interior walls are wooden framed. The wall White cupboards with white smooth surface. 2 between the living room and bathroom has m. wardrobes are supplied in the ground floor standard as firewall in the area around the bedrooms as indicated on the plans. No fireplace. cupboards supplied in hall or loft. The roof is completely covered with tar paper LOFT ACCESS beneath the roofing boards made from Samba” staircase, factory varnished. specially treated pine. Gutters are made from pine, downpour along chains. INTERNAL DOORS Three-panel solid pine, factory treated. Brass INTERNAL SURFACES handles.

    FLOORING: Loft room door with glass panel.

     Tiles with water barrier in bathroom. Solid

    BATHROOM wood in other rooms dried and varnished pine

    flooring. Thermostat shower fitting. Washbasin

     integrated in solid worktop that covers WALLS: immersion heater and 90 cm cupboards.

    Cupboard fronts smooth white, type IKEA Internal walls are covered in untreated boards

    Abstrakt with steel handles. Plumbing for of rustic pine. The exception is the walls in the

    washing machine. Fluorescent light with power bathroom, which are supplied with light

outlet over mirror. WC. All sanitary equipment

supplied in white.

    WINDOWS AND VERANDA DOOR bathroom, where some pipes must be visible.

    Visible piping is chromed. Windows and veranda door connected 2 + 1,

     type Røros pine or equivalent. Connected 2 +

    HEATING 1 means the inner pane without bars with 2-

    layer energy glass, and outer part with bars Heating is supplied by under-floor heating in and single pane. Supplied white, factory-bathroom floor, otherwise electrical convection painted. heaters. All cabins have chimneys and

     fireplaces can be installed. A fireproof panel is FRONT DOOR mounted on the wall between living room and

    bathroom in the area of the fireplace. Front door Røros type Y-3 with 2-layer glass or

     equivalent. Supplied factory-painted with FG-

    approved cylinder lock. Colour ”peasant blue”. TV/RADIO/TELEPHONE/BROADBAND

     Pipes for later instalment of communication / MOULDINGS, BLANKS, ARCHITRAVES signal cable is laid parallel to power cables into

    the shed. The pipes are communal owned by Floor mouldings, ceiling mouldings, window

    mouldings, blanks and architraves in untreated the cabin/plot owners.

    pine. Visible nail heads.

     This will make it easy to connect to an optical

    fibre system which is expected to be offered in SUPPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT

    a couple of years. Until this is offered the cabin Fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in

    owner must enter into contract with provider of compliance with current regulations.

    satellite or terrestrial signals for TV. TECHNICAL INSTALLATIONS The mobile phone coverage in the area is OK,

     but there may be a need for an external aerial VENTILATION for full coverage in the cabin. Until an optical Ventilation with suction from cooker hood and fibre system is offered broadband is available bathroom is supplied. Necessary vents in outer only over the mobile phone system. walls for air supply to individual rooms. TERRACES The ventilation system is regulated from the

     cooker hood.

    All cabins are supplied with decking on entry

    side. Terraces are built using impregnated All of the ventilation ducts are hidden in

    materials. walls/under 1st floor boards, in cupboards or

    boxed in. EXTERIOR SURFACE Please refer to separate point concerning

    boxing in to hide technical installations. TREATMENT

    ELECTRICAL Planks on exterior walls, corner boards, barge Electrical wiring is mainly laid in cabin walls. boards and window framing are factory-stained Lighting points in ceilings or power sockets at with 2 coats. We recommend new treatment top of walls. with stain within 2 years of purchase. Colours A sufficient number of lighting points and to be chosen by the architect. Probably colour power sockets are supplied. Ceiling light of the outer panelling is Tar Brown, and white fittings only supplied in shed. for corner boards and window framing.

    Space allocated for electric cloths drier in The roof is covered with specially treated porch. mountain pine that is maintenance free.

     Guttering in the same material with downspout SANITARY EQUIPMENT along chains. The supplier quotes a lifetime of Single grip mixer taps for kitchen basin and more than 30 years. After a period, the roof bathroom sink. Thermostatic shower fitting. acquires a grey patina that will contribute to Plumbing for dishwasher in kitchen and giving the cabins an exclusive and attractive washing machine in bathroom as shown in appearance.


    Immersion heater in bathroom.

Pipes are laid in walls/floors, in closets or

    boxed in. The exception is the plumbing in the


    It will be possible to make certain individual changes, though the consumer may not demand changes or additions that will change the payment by 15% or more.

    In good time before the fitting work begins, the contractor for building the cabins, Enerbygg AS, will contact the buyer and draw up an options menu, which will show prices and decision deadlines.


    We reserve the right to appropriate and necessary changes to the information provided in this description without deteriorating the general standard.

     th24 March 2009

    Standal Alpesenter AS

    Asbjørn Ellingsen

Standal Alpesenter

    Options for cabins

    Enerbygg AS has entered into a contract with Standal Alpesenter AS to build the ready-made cabins.

    The options menu will probably include following:

    ; alternative interior doors

    ; alternative kitchen cupboard fronts ; alternative fronts for floor cupboards bathroom

    ; wall cupboards bathroom

    ; extra wardrobes

    ; other wardrobe fronts

    ; alternative tiling on bathroom floor ; bathroom walls in rustic pine or tiled ; shower cabinet or shower corner

    ; extra power sockets

    ; electrical clothes drier cabinet in porch ; fireplace or stove

    ; door between hall and living room/kitchen ; interior wall/door in loft for cabins type 1 (with windows in gable wall on

    lounge/kitchen side)

    ; fire-resistant window in the room “kott” in

    the loft - for cabins type BG

    ; frost proof outdoor tap on kitchen wall

    In good time before the fitting work begins we will contact the buyer and draw up an options menu, which will show prices and decision deadlines.

     th11 September 2008

Enerbygg AS

    Bernt Humberset

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