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    K. RAVICHANDRAN., B.Sc(Maths),MBA,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Professor in Finance

    Department of Business Administration

    KING SAUD UNIVERSITY Permanent address: stP.O. Box No.165, No.6, ARUNA NAGAR 1 STREET, ALKHARJ-11942 BALAJI GARDENS, SRIRANGAM 600006 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tamil Nadu , India Phone(off): 009615451914 Res:- 00919486372795 Hand Phone: 00966565123239

    Email ID:


    ? Post Doctorate Research fellowship in University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) 2008

     Title - Market Based Mergers in Indian Banking Institutions

    ? Ph.D. University of Madras,2007

    Major Area: Finance

    Minor Area: strategic Management

    Thesis Title: Business Process Outsourcing In Car Finance Industry ? M.Phil.,(Management) from Alagappa University,2007

    ? M.B.A. - Marketing and Finance, Thiayagarajar School of Management, Madurai,

    India, 1998

    ? B.Sc Mathematics, Madurai Kamarajar University, Madurai. ? Passed IRDA examination

    ? Good knowledge about computer operations.

    Academic Experience

    Reader In finance- Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy, 2007-2008

    Asst. Professor in Finance, VIT Business School, VIT University, from 2006- 2007

    Senior Lecturer in Finance, SRM Arts & Science College, Kattankulathur, from 2001- 2006

    Resource Person for MBA in Bharthidasan University from 2001 onwards

    Resource Person for MBA in ICE, University of Madras from 2001

    Resource Person for MBA in ICFAI University from 2005 onwards

Industry Experience

    ? Branch in charge, Shriram Investments Ltd. Madurai,1990 -1996 ? Senior Officer, Apple Credit Corporation Ltd., Madurai, 1996-1998. ? Asst. Fund Manager, Damac Investment Ltd., Dubai, 1998-1999 (3 Months) ? Asst. Manager, Allsec Financials Ltd.,1999-2001



    1) Merchant Banking & Financial Services published by Himalaya Publications Limited

    On Print:

    1) Cases In Corporate Finance Himalaya Publications Limited

    2) People, Organisation and Management Himalaya Publications Limited


    1) Developed a Skill Development program for rural youths for VIT University in

    collaboration with BHEL & CII and got funding worth of Rs.1,00,000/- from NABARD.

    2) Developed a Sales Training Program for TVS Motors, Hosur and got funding from

    DIC worth of Rs.75,000/- for VIT University.


    1) “GRASS” (Gram Sarva Seva) a new business Model for Rural up liftment.

    2) “Riveting organisation” a new strategic tool for reviving organisation.

    3) “Performance of Mergers & acquisitions in Baking Industry with special reference to

    ASEAN Region” Post Doctorate Research undertaken.



    1. A new Management Tool for Peripheral Scanning”, paper presented at international

    conference on “Strategic thoughts in the new age management” held at university of

    th,2006. Jammu on Nov. 4&5

    2. “Riveting organization”, paper presented at international conference on “Strategic

    thoughts in the new age management” Conducted by Department of Commerce,

    rdLoyola College on Feb. 22& 23, 2007.

    3. “A study on investors perception towards derivative markets”, paper presented in ththe International convention, New Delhi, conducted by ANMI on 6 March 2008. 4. “Investors Perception toward NRI Investments in India”- Advances in Management,

    Volume No.1 (2),May 2008.

    5. "An innovative tool for reviving organisation" paper presented in the international

    conference on emerging trends in information technology conducted University

    Technology Mara, Penang, Malaysia.


    1. “Research on Business 2003” book published based on the research articles

    presented in the national conference on business research by PSG Institute of

    management studies, by Pragathi Publications- August 2003.

2. “SRM Digest” Management Journal Published By SRM Institute of Management

    Studies “ BPO- A negotiated Trap” April 2004 Pg-116-122.

3. “Business Research 2004” book published based on the research articles

    presented in the national conference on business research by PSG Institute of

    management studies, by United Publishers- October 2004.

4. “SRM Digest” Management Journal Published By SRM Institute of Management

    Studies “ BPO- A negotiated Trap” April 2005 Pg-116-122

    5. “Syndicate The Journal of Business 2006” journal published by MOP Vaishnav

    College for Women- “Outsourcing in car loan Industry” - March 2006, vol.5, pg-14-


    6. “”- e-journal “A Study on Stock Volatility & Technical

    Performance of TamiL Nadu News Print Ltd.”- July 18, 2007,

    7. “Housing Sector In India” ICFAI University Press “Shifting From Urban to

    Rural” October 2007.

    8. “Financial Inclusion” ICFAI Reader- ICFAI University Press, December 2007.

9. “”- e-journal “Emerging Value additions in the horizon of

    attitudinal mindsets of leaders in contemporary organisations.”- Nov.29, 2007,

10. “ Rise & Fall of Outsourcing”, - Contemproary journal for Business Research by

    PSG institute of Management, December 2007.


    1. Burning Issues in Banking Scenario, Anna Adarsh College for Women, Participation,


    2. Emerging Issues in Indian Banking Industry, NGM College, Pollachi, Current Trends

    & Developments in Banking Industry, 13,14/12/2003.

    6. Management in Transition, DOMS, University of Madras, Changing Trends in

    Financial Services Sector, 20,21/2/2003.

    7. Career Challenge in the changing Economic Scenario, Ethiraj College, Chennai,

    India- destination for BPO, 7/3/2003.

    8. Customer Service Excellence, Dept. of Business Administration, Annamalai

    University, Emerging Trends on Customer service in Financial Services Sector,


    9. Challenges of Services Sector, Dept. Of Commerce, University of Madras. Impact of

    Globalisation in Banking Sector,28/03/2003.

    10. National Seminar on Emerging Trends , Tanjore, Business Process Outsourcing,


    11. Convergence to Synergise School of Management, Pondicherry, BPO the

    Destination for India, 1,2/11/2003.

    12. National Seminar on Business research PSG Institute of Management studies,

    Coimbatore, A analytical study on the working of DSA, 28,29/11/2003. 13. Recent trends of Research in Economics & Commerce, DB Jain College,

    Participation, 24/12/2003

    14. National Seminar on Management Perspectives on IPR, Impact of IPR on Pharma

    Industry, 22,23/1/2004.

    15. Emerging Opportunities on BPO, SRM arts & Science College, Kattankulathur,

    Participation, 28/02/2004.

    16. National Seminar on Economic reforms, Periyar Arts College, Cuddalore. Indian

    Investment Climate- A critical Analysis, 19,20/3/2004. 17. National Seminar on Human Resources, Bodi Arts College, Human Capital Valuation,


    18. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Management, BPO in Car

    finance Industry, 05/06/04

    19. AICTE sponsored seminar of Environment & Pollution Control, SSN Engineering

    College, Participation, 29/05/2004.

    20. Emerging trends in management, By Crescents Engineering College, BPO in India,


    21. National Conference on 100 years of Rural Employment, Impact of Globalization on

    Rural Employment, 8,8,10/08/2004.

    22. National Level Workshop on Banking & Financial Services by St. Joseph

    Engineering College, Participation, 15/09/2004. 23. National Conference on Young Manager by Karunya University, Business Process

    Outsourcing in Auto Finance Industry, 7,8/10/2004. 24. National Conference on Business Research 2004, PSG Institute of Management

    Studies, A study on awareness & preference on mutual funds, 19,20th /10 /2004.

25. Faculty Development programme on Emerging Trends in Finance, Sathyabama

    Institute of Science and Technology, Challenges in Measuring Corporate Financial

    Health, 21-11-04 to 5-12-04.

    26. Management Development Program by Eswari Engineering College, Emerging

    Trends in Indian Financial System, 22/04/05. 27. National Seminar on Events Management by Kongu Arts & Science College,

    “Deceptive Advertisement whistle Blowing in India”, 7/10/2005. 28. National Conference on Business research by PSG Institute of Management Studies,

    “ Rise & Fall of Outsourcing”, 22,23/12/2005.

    29. National Conference in “Indian Multinationals- opportunities and challenges”by

    SRM School of Management Studies, “Customer Satisfaction in Nationalised

    Banks”, 24,25/2/2006.

    30. National Conference on Recent Trends in Statistical Methodologies by Presidency

    College, “ A Study on Brand Cultism with special reference to The Hindu”,


    31. National Conference on Brand Management by VIT Business School, VIT

    University, “Brand Cultism”, 02&03/09/2006. 32. National Conference on “Significance of Social Marketing in India” by VIT University,

    thGram Sarva Seva, 26,27 /11/2007.

    th33. 5 National Conference on Business research by PSG Institute of Management

    Studies, “A study on Investors Preferences towards various investment avenues in

    Capital Market with special reference to Derivatives”, 15,16/11/2007.


    a) CONSULTANCY & MDP UNDERTAKEN 1) “Finance for Non-Finance Managers” a one day Management Development Program

    was conducted on 1 April, 2007.



    I have taken the responsibility of coordinating the placement work from 2001-2006 in



    a) RESEARCH:

     I would like to concentrate on research on finance discipline with more focus on social

    and strategic issues. I would like the implement the two models developed by me and

    help the society by and large.


    I would like to give more emphasis on case studies, team building, role plays,

    introducing finance games, motivating them to do joint projects etc., c) CONTRIBUTIONS TO DISCIPLINE:

    I am in the process of writing two books. They are 1) Financial Services 2) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. I will complete these two books with in a year. d) WILLINGNESS TO LEARN:

    Even though I was teaching finance, I am willing to learn more in the class, since

    students are well informed. Also I would like take up a niche area in finance ( Auto

    Finance, Micro finance) and try to specialize that.


    1) Financial Accounting 2) Financial Management 3) Financial Statement Analysis

    4) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 5) Corporate Finance 6) Micro Finance 7) Financial services 8) Research Methodology 9) Organizational Behaviour

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth : 10/04/1969 ( 38 Years)

    Marital status: Married with two kids


     Date: Signature

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