Queensland Divisions of General Practice

By Sam Garcia,2014-04-11 04:20
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A standard template to be modified to fit corporate requirements of business partner. 25 Aug 09. Provision of personal computer access to the LMS for the


    1 Aug 09 1. Installation of Provision of file server or space on Initially provided a virtual server environment for testing. Learning Management existing server to host LMS and learning Environment will subsequently be moved to a newly allocated live

    Systems and objects server outside host firewall to facilitate external access. supporting Installation of Moodle LMS to pilot server 25 Aug 09 Downloaded and installed current version of LMS. Trial phase infrastructure involves using the LMS without any additional plug-in modules. A

    standard template to be modified to fit corporate requirements of

    business partner.

    14 Sep 09 Provision of personal computer access to During trials business partner used existing laptop resources to

    the LMS for the pilot study provide access. Plan is to provide dedicated desktop facilities in

    most locations.

    16 Sep 09 Development of ALS Coal customized Moodle LMS supports interoperability with Microsoft Sharepoint

    front-end to LMS and implementation of and since the current corporate communications use Sharepoint

    user verification and access implementing that integration was a key part of the process

    involved in choosing and installing the LMS.

    16 Sep 09 Provision of data backup system and Data backup managed for all divisions and subsidiary companies

    student records access, management from Campbell Brothers Ltd corporate facilities. That also

    and storage protocols facilitates access throughout the group.

    Select LORN object from toolbox 412 27 Jul 09 2. Selection and Initially selected a single object from PMLTEST300 covering Non-modification of instrumental tests. Subsequent expansion of the project saw the Learning Object selection of two LORN objects PMLOHS302A and PMLTEST300B Repository Network for modification by the project team. learning object for 1 Sep 09 Prepare script for modified learning Since the objects were to be customized and contextualized for a contextualization to a object coal testing laboratory, preparation of the script was carried out coal technology by the business partner’s trainers. laboratory