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    Golf Course Design Documentation Graham Marsh Golf Design's documentation and detailed design plans have been implemented to simplify the stages of Golf Course Development and deliver a Golf Course under world best practices.

    Using managed systems incorporating specific design methodologies and practices, Graham Marsh Golf Design accurately document Graham's vision for each Golf Course Development.

    Typical Golf Course Design Documentation

    ; Golf Course Design Schedule

    ; Concept Plans

    ; Master Plan

    ; Golf Course Master Plan Report & Design Methodology

    ; Detailed Golf Course Design Construction Plans

    ; Accurate Schedule of Quantities and Works Programme

    ; Golf Course Imagery

    ; Landscape Strategy Plan

    ; Golf Course Design Specifications (USGA) and Standard Practices

    ; Marketing Material

    As a Golf Course occupies a very large footprint on the ground, it is imperative that accurate documentation of the Golf Architects Vision is presented to each Client in detail to justify expenditures and ensure efficiency of design and construction.

    Computer Design

    Graham Marsh Golf Design use the latest computer aided drafting and engineering software to stay at the fore front of the Golf Design Industry.

    We are committed to researching and developing technical solutions that allow increased efficiency and provide tangible benefits to each Golf Course Development and Client.

    Improvements in CAD systems have enabled us to generate highly accurate terrain models that can be quantified and then constructed with the minimal impact to the adjoining natural landforms.

    Computer Design Benefits

    Graham Marsh Golf Design utilise the latest technology to assist in the design and construction process. The use of 3D modeling software, allows hand produced designs that are digitised into the computer, to be viewed from any angle or elevation. This can be very helpful as a design aid to allow accurate visualisation of any design prior to construction. Latest developments have allowed a computer model of the course to be "constructed" and the golf hole "played" as a computer game. This same technology can also provide the client group with pre-construction marketing images, either of feature holes or golf vistas of the proposed course, enabling both potential members and real estate purchasers to view tangible evidence of the end product.

    Upon request computer images of the designed golf course are prepared for marketing use.

    GPS/ATS Golf Course Design Technology

    A further benefit to the client is the capacity of computer technology to accurately determine on-site earthworks. Refinements, where appropriate, can be easily made to the design in order to control earthworks and construction costs.

    Recently, the introduction of Machine Control Technology, which utilises information gathered from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Advanced Tracking Systems (ATS) has greatly altered the way golf courses are constructed.

    Design files are converted into a proprietary data format and placed on a small computer memory card that is then inserted into the Machine Guidance system. The on board computer reads the data and combines this with information gained from the GPS or ATS systems. The continuous signal combined with the computer system allows for incredible control and very high levels of construction accuracy.

    This has now a proven record of providing each client with a more efficient and controlled method of Golf Course construction.

    Golf Course Final Product

    Graham Marsh Golf Design through its holistic approach, identify that there are three key elements to maximise facility opportunities and Golf Course success.

    ; Golf Course Design Documentation

    ; Golf Course Construction

    ; Golf Course Maintenance

    Golf Course Design Documentation

    Accurately documenting and implementing the Golf Course Architects vision establishes the foundation for quality construction and the presentation of a Golf Course.

    With strict guidelines and supervision from experienced design representatives, the client is delivered a documented Golf Course Design to a World Standard that will be efficiently establishment and maintainable.

    Golf Course Construction

    A number of skilled professional personnel are required to complete the design implementation and construction of a World Class Golf Course Design.

    ; Qualified Construction Company

    ; Project Manager / Construction Supervisor

    ; Specialist Machine Operators

    ; Grassing Superintendent

    ; Professional Consultants

    A Graham Marsh Golf Design representative and Graham Marsh will make regular visits to guide and ensure Graham's Vision for the Golf Course is achieved and the client's expectation is surpassed.

    Golf Course Maintenance

    To ensure the golf course is maintained and presented to the highest international standard requires the appointment of a highly qualified and experienced Golf Course Superintendent.

    We believe strongly that the appointment of the abovementioned staff is of the utmost importance in ensuring the Client and investors receive the quality product envisaged.

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