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Participated in Developing Corporate SOP 039 requirements for Machinery Design & Safety. Designed and Developed Robotic Handling Systems,

    Russ McDonald Sr. Engineer 13500 Aldrich Ave. S, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

    Cell Phone: 952-457-1678 United States Citizen Valid Passport E-Mail:

Engineering Design Capabilities

     Designed and Installed automated semiconductor fabrication tools utilizing flammable solvents, fire suppression, surfactants, lapping slurry

    and automated material handling. rd Worked with 3 Party reviewers to certify equipment to International GS, CE, SEMI, UL and NFPA requirements.

     Created and Installed New Designs and Upgrades for production equipment system Automation/Integration.

     Created and Installed State of the Art Best in Class Designs and Upgrades for Production Equipment System Automation/Integration

    incorporating Semi S2 standards.

     Designed and Installed Automated Process Controls using Interlocks, Sensors, PC and PLC Monitoring, and Live Reporting.

     Mechanical Design of Machined Parts, Sheet Metal and Assemblies, including Geometric Tolerancing, and Surface Finishes to National

    and International Standards.

     Process Management and Chemical Handling for Semiconductor Plating, Etching, Cleaning and Corrosion Resistance.

     Life Safety, Fire Detection and Suppression and Emergency Stop System Design incorporating considerations from OSHA, WHMIS, and

    NIOSH requirements.

     Designed Systems for Fire Suppression, Solvent Waste Minimization and Solvent Recovery.

     Six Sigma Orange Belt & Green Belt Certified.

Project Management Achievements

     Managed Engineering Groups to complete projects on time and within budget.

     Six Sigma Green Belt Project Team Leader on Numerous Projects Directed at Cost Savings, Design and Throughput Improvement,

    Occupational Risk Reduction, Solvent Consumption and Hazardous Waste Management.

     Managed in-shop and on-site Service Technicians to perform Maintenance and Upgrades.

     Experienced Manager for Engineering Design, Fabrication, Production, Installation and Training efforts in North America and Asia.

     Produced Timelines and Budgets for Quoting, Production Planning and Implementation Planning.

     Managed Production Plans using Bill of Material Cost Analysis, Critical Path Reporting, Just in Time Delivery, Long-Lead Part Analysis,

    Proposal Drawings, Facility Requirements, Health and Safety Reviews, and Reviews of Equipment by a Third Party.

     Coordinated Design Input, Engineering Design, Fabrication, Installation, Customer Change Requests, and Training involving Multinational

    Groups in North America and Asia.

     Performed On-Site Training and System Optimization in North America and Asia, in High-Tech (Semiconductor) settings.

     Qualified SEMI tool evaluator per SEMI S7 Requirements, under the authority of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Quality Assurance Capabilities

     Experienced in Design Engineering, Production and Purchasing in ISO9002 Certified Companies.

     Performed as a Quality System Auditor for ISO9002 Internal Company Audits.

     Performed Supplier Site Visits and Qualification Reports, Incoming Inspections, and Vendor Nonconformance’s.

     Established SPC Process Control Systems for Operations in North America and Asia.

     Established and Maintained Control Documentation for in Operations in North America and Asia.

     Utilized Six Sigma DFSS & DMAIC Tools for Manufacturing Equipment Design and Process Control.

Advanced Technical, Safety and Computer Skills

     Extensive experience in Technical Writing, (Operator, Maintenance and Engineering) to produce Printed and Interactive On-Line

    Documentation using Lotus Notes, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Photo Editor, Visio, Oracle, and MS Project.

     Capable of advanced Setup and Operation of Windows 98SE, 2000, and XP and MSOffice 2000 and XP Professional.

     Accomplished in Advanced Setup of Routers, Firewalls, NT Security, Virus Software, Web Page Publishing, PC Workstations and

    Component Upgrades.

     Significant experience in Film and Digital Photography, Photo Editing and Visual Presentations.

     Employee Health and Safety (EH&S) experience as a Designer and Implementer of Best In Class/State of the Art Flammable Solvent

    Cleaning Equipment in Compliance with Semi, NFPA & Internal S.O.P. 039 specifications for the World Wide Leader in Disc Drive


     SCBA Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Search and Rescue Training Completed with the Minnetonka Fire Department.

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    Work History

    TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. Pleasanton, California July 2005 Present (Current Employer)

     Mechanical and Electrical Safety Evaluator for a Nationally Registered Testing Laboratory. rd North American Regional Manager 3 Party Quality and Compliance evaluation program for Semiconductor Production Equipment,

    including SEMI S2, S3, S6, S8, S14, S22; NFPA 30, 34, 70, 79, 318, UL requirements; and European Union CE requirements such as


     Responsible for the evaluation and qualification of systems for the Semiconductor, Heavy Industrial Health, Entertainment industries. Responsible for on-site evaluations involving travel throughout North America, Europe and Asia (60% or more travel).

     Developed improved testing methods for chemical and ventilation evaluations and occupational exposure.

     Provided complete open issues reports, and worked with customers to resolve non-conformance issues.

     Responsible for time management during office, on-site, and extensive travel to complete projects.

    Seagate Technology, Inc. Bloomington, Minnesota 1979 2004 (Laid off due to Involuntary Work force Reduction) Participated in Developing Corporate SOP 039 requirements for Machinery Design & Safety.

     Designed and Developed Robotic Handling Systems, Electrical Component Test Systems, Solvent Cleaning Systems, Wide Variety of

    Machining Tools to Corporate SOP requirements for Machinery Design & Safety. These systems were implemented into production

    facilities throughout North America and Asia.

     Design Considerations to include Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Ventilation, Serviceability, Fire Risk and Occupational Risk Analysis. Designed a Hazardous Waste Recovery System Reducing Flammable Solvent waste Corporate Wide by 45%.

     Received President Excellence Award for Developing a Solvent Cleaning System which Reduced Solvent Consumption by 75%.

     20+ years Experience in Transferring State of the Art Machining, Electrical Testing and Solvent Cleaning Systems from Development into

    Manufacturing Facilities throughout North America and Asia.

     Managed and Implemented Quality Assurance Procedures for Engineering and Manufacturing Specifications.

     Provided high-quality phone and on-site Internal customer support in North America and Asia for Automated Systems.

     Designed Process Improvements resulting in annual scrap reduction of $10Million.

     Performed Onsite Training, Equipment Service, Installation, and Optimization throughout North America and Asia.

     Developed New Processes, Chemistries and Technologies allowing our company to achieve production yield improvements.

     Contributed to Countless successful Six Sigma Black Belt projects Reducing Costs, Improving Throughput, Reducing Solvent

    Consumption, Reducing Hazardous Waste and Minimizing Occupational Safety Risks.

     Established a State of the Art Development Lab for Thin Film Media Operations.

     Established Factory Control of Cleaning Systems via NIR Spectroscopy with Live Time Monitoring of Concentrations and Contaminates. Transformed Aqueous Cleaning Systems to Solvent Cleaning Systems incorporating Fire Suppression Systems throughout the

    Manufacturing Process Flow Reducing Yield Losses due to Corrosion effects resulting in Millions of Dollars in cost savings due to Scrap


     Extensive Design and Development efforts throughout my employment with Numerous Vendors and Departments within the Corporation. Designed a Constant Velocity Fly Tester Utilizing a High Speed Capacitance Circuit for Mechanical Fly Integrity Testing of Thin Film

    Media Disk Asperities improving Test Capabilities and Throughput by an Order of Magnitude allowing for Maximum Capacity of an

    Automatic Robotic Handling System to be Achieved. This System was Implemented Globally to allow the company to realize a Multi-

    Million Dollar Cost Savings.

     Developed a Dismount Process which utilized a UV Release PSA Tape and a Heat Shearing Technique which Dismounted RHO Bars and

    Captured them for Cleaning and Automated Pick n- Place into shipping trays, Reducing Throughput times by 500% and Scrap due to Lost

    Parts by 75%.

     Responsible for Procurement, Installation, Process Development, Transfer to Manufacturing and Training of

    Engineering/Maintenance/Operators of the following equipment: Automated High Pressure Aqueous Cleaners utilizing on board Heaters

    and Hazardous Chemical Blending Techniques, Automated Flammable Solvent Cleaners utilizing Brushing Submersion Ultrasonic

    Vapor Degreasing Cleaning Techniques with Ambient and Heated Solvents, Laser Ablation Cleaner, Robotic Applications Designed for

    Thin Film Media Disk Handling allowing 19 different applications to be linked together in a continuous flow operation, Parametric and

    Error Test Format Test Stations, Plasma Asher, Ion Beam Mills, Photolithography Spin Coaters, Solvent Brush Batch Cleaners,

    Robotically Automated Gold and Nickel Plating Line, Radial Arm Grinder, Double Disk Grinder, Single Platen Polisher, Circumferential

    Polisher, Center-less Grinder, Thermal Flattening Oven, Diamond Turning Facing Lathe, Edge Chamfer Lathe, Painted Media Spin Coater,

    CO2 and Haylon Fire Suppression Systems Utilizing Linear Heat Detectors and Multi Spectral Infrared Detectors, Atomic Force

    Microscope, High Magnification Laser Confocal Microscope, Contact Force Profiler, NIR Spectroscope, FTIR Spectroscope, Photo

    Spectrometer, Oscilloscopes, Digital Voltmeters, Vacuum Pumps, Chip Extractors and Cutters with Cyclone Accumulators.

     Some of the Companies I have worked with during my career are: Mark Systems Inc., Nardini, TUV Rheinland, EarthTech, Hedstrom

    Engineering Co., Lewis Bass, IEI Industrial Ergonomics Inc., Electric Scientific Co., Brulin, DuPont, Moore Enviro-Chemical Inc.,

    Mallinckrodt Baker Inc., URS, Florida Chemical Co., , Air Products, Kyocera, Kobe, Dynatex International, Valtech Co., Branson,

    Forward Technology, Crest, Solid State Equipment Corporation, Mozak Research, Tepla America, Metroline Industries, Professional

    Plastics Technologies, R-Design Inc., St. Florian, EDC, Alpheus, Semitorr, Win Carpenter Associates, CCI, RamCenter, ITW Caritech,

    Blanda, Fast Technologies, BRAAS, MTI Inc., Best Technology Inc., Technical Engineering Associates Inc., Digital Instruments, KLA

    Tencor, WYKO, Nikon Inc., Fryer Inc., Leeds Precision Instruments, Cognex, PSI Pneumatic Controls, Spectris Technologies, Bruker

    Optics, Madison Instruments Inc., Entegris, Fluoroware Inc., Alpha-Fry Technologies, Cookson Semiconductor, Nitto Denko Inc., Ablestik

    Laboratories, Furakawa International, 3M, Lintec, Xenon, Wadsworth Inc., Engis, Mipox, Norton, IBC, Minnesota Valve and Fitting Co.,

    TEK Products, PALL Process Filtration Co., Metron Technology, Percision Associates, Warner Industrial Supply, A.J. Reynolds Inc., Flip

    Chip Technologies, Rite Track, J-Mar Precision Systems Inc., Custom Fab Solutions, Newark Electronics.

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Work History (cont’d)

United States Air Force 1977 - 1979

     Completed Basic Training at Lackland A.F.B. in Texas.

     Completed Technical School for Armament System Training at Lowery A.F.B. in Colorado, Graduating as a Weapons System Specialist

    with a Certification in Nuclear Weapons Systems.

     Served out my enlistment at Soesterberg A.F.B. in the Netherlands. Duties included Maintaining Weapons Systems on F-4 and F-15

    Aircrafts. Loading of Bombs and Missiles on F-4 and F-15 aircraft and Maintaining Safe Storage Facilities for Nuclear Weapons for the

    USAFE and NATO Commands.

     Discharged 16 months early due to Government Military Budget Reductions (Thank You Jimmy Carter).

Star Market Isle, Minnesota 1972 1977

     Duties included Assistant Manager, Butcher and Cashier.


     Attended Normandale Community College in Pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering Degree, work load and family issues contributed to my

    postponement of completing the degree program.

     SCBA Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Search and Rescue Training Completed with the Minnetonka Fire Department.

     Technical School Lowery A.F.B. Colorado training in Explosives Ordinance Handling, Mechanical and Electrical Weapons Systems

    Maintenance , Nuclear Weapons Handling and Small Arms Certification.

     ECI courses taken at Soesterberg A.F.B. in the Netherlands.

     Graduated Isle High School, Isle Minnesota.


     Professional References (Employer and Vendor) are Available

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