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    City and village life

    1If I lived in village life, I would be very happy, because of the fact that the life which in the village in sound interesting, I should go to school on foot, and I may talk with my classmate in the way, when we went to the middle school I used to go there on foot.

    2I was live in the city where in Beijing, its a fertile city. I love

    there, but its also has a lot of disadvantages in there, because of the city is too fertile, so it’s very noise in there. If

    I were live near a bus stop, I wouldnt live in there, I should

    moved another where, when the cars came to the station the sound is too loud, I feel boring there. So I used to choose a house which dont near bus stop. I may sleep well in the other place. Advantages in Beijing are very convenience, the hospital is near and the shop is near too.

    3Because of the fact that Beijing is a big city which has a lot of hi-tech products, and people went to the city is the best way can improve the life, the city may a good education, should has a good job in the future, the student who in the city used to go school by car or bus, they wont be afraid with their life. If I

    were the child who in the village, I think I would be study hard to go to the city.

    4If I were in the village, I would feel lonely, because of the fact that there lack of entertainment, there were no television, computer and so on. I used to go my school by bus, but if I were in the village, I would go there on foot. I should study hard there, may go to a good college which in the city.

    5If I can predict the future, I think its will better than now

    and the village student should study in the city and we may be a good friend with them, If I were the teacher who in the city school ,I would let the all student know the knowledge more and more.

    6If I were a farmer in that time, I would ask allowance from government, seek for a job in the city which has a good salary there, if doesnt any to do, I will do a small business in local place, I should take a shop, sell some eat, drink, or other things. I may have a lot of fun in there. When the shop was thought well by the people I will very happy to see that, a good result. 7If my parents go to work in the suburb in Beijing I wouldnt go

    there with them because of the fact that there didn’t have a

    good environment and the poor sanitary condition is not very good , there arent too much trees in there, so I wont go there

    with my parents.

    8If I were a major in Beijing, I would make environment good ,

    because of the fact that I know the environment where in Beijing may not very good, there has a lot of pollution, its bad

    for our health, like air pollution, the high house price stressful, a mount of cars in the street, it should be very crowed. So now people always go to work by bus or talking subway, I used to go to my school by bus.

    9If I were living in the village, I would be not same as now. Because of the fact that in the city I used to go school by bus but in village I should do there on foot. I may have less homework than now but I must do a lot of farm work, its too

    hard to do it.

    10If I retired I would lived in city, because the fact that the city has a lot of hospital, shop and so on, if I have a matter, I might for help so I should call 110 or 120, so its safe. If I were

    rich enough I would bought a big yard, plants some plants and waters the flowers, I can have a good day in city.

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