Unit 11 Could you please clean your room

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Unit 11 Could you please clean your room

     Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?

    Period 4 Writing,Listening and Speaking

    Make polite requestsAsk for permission Functions

    Could for polite request, Could for permission, Structures

    Make versus do

    Could you take out the trash? Sure. Target

    Could I borrow the car? Sorry, but I need it. I language

    have to go to a meeting.

    I have to make the bed and do the laundry.

    do the chores, do the dishes, sweep the floor, take Vocabulary

    out the trash, fold the clothes, clean the living

    room, do the laundry, wash the car

    buy some drinks, borrow some money, invite your

    friends, teenager, hate

    take care of, feed Teaching steps

    Step1 Warming up by asking and answering

    Hello, boys and girls! These days we are learning how to make

    requests and how to ask for permissions. Then what do

    teenagers usually ask their parents to do? What do their parents

    usually ask their teenagers to do? Now think and make a list of

    what they do.

1a Reading and writing

    On page 68 you will see eight phrases. Read them and write

    parents next to the things parents usually ask their teenagers to

    do. Write teenagers next to the things teenagers usually ask

    their parents to do.

    Things Teenagers or parents

    1. buy some drinks and snacks Teenagers 2. borrow some money Teenagers 3. clean your room Parents 4. invite my friends to a party Teenagers 5. go to the store Parents 6. use your CD player Parents 7. take out the trash Parents 8. make your bed Parents Step2 1b Pairing and role playing Now work in pairs to make dialogues using Could you ? or

    Could I ? between you and your parent.

    Step3 2a Listening and checking

    Listen to the tape! Please check the things in 1a that you hear. .

    Step4 2b Listening and writing

    The conversation is between Sandy and her mom. Listen again

    and write in the chart the things that Sandys mom is going to

do, that sandy is going to do and that Sandy and Dave are going

    to do.

    Who What

    Sandys mom buy drinks and snacks

    Sandy invite my friends, borrow some money, clean

    her room, use the CD player Sandy and move the good chairs, clean the living room Dave

    Now go to page 90 to read this conversation. While reading try

    to find all the sentences with could used for polite request and

    for permission. Try to cut/ the sentence into thought groups,

    study all the predicates, circle all the linking words and

    underline all the expressions. That’s grammar study, indeed. Underline and copy all the useful expressions your notebook.

    Useful expressions from the conversation invite to a party, on Saturday, sound like fun, borrow some

    money, buy some drinks and snacks, go to the store, buy for , clean ones room, clean …again for …, at the party, use ones CD player, be careful with , do before the party, move to the bedroom, clean the living room, come early on Saturday

Now read the text again to turn it into a conversation.

    Step5 2c PAIRWORK

    You are having a party. Now in pairs ask your partner to help you

    with your party. The one who asks the most questions is the winner!

    A: Could you take out the trash. B: Yes, sure. A: Could you buy me some gifts for my friends? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you do the cooking for me? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you do the cooking for me? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you buy drinks and snacks for me? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you do the dishes for me? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you clean the living room for me? B: Yes, sure. A: Could you open the door for me? B: Yes, sure. Homework

    1.Read the listening information.

    2. Make up a dialague about

     vacation /shopping/cleaning

    2.Finish 3b.

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