global warming

By Jennifer Stone,2014-09-06 22:50
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global warming

    Global warming

    Global warming tells us that our earth feels really hot right now. We must recognize this and come up with some measures to prevent it from becoming serious. Global warming makes the earths surface temperature

    increase to a relatively high range, which could cause a lot of problems related to the environment. For example, the sea level will rise, the output of grains could decrease because of low efficiency of photosynthesis, icy peaks in pole areas could melt and so on. These environmental problems are so dangerous that they could do great harm to society and human life. Although global warming is a tough issue for us, there are also some solutions, some of which can be easily applied.

    Firstly we look at the problems caused by global warming. The increase of temperature has caused a lot of problems; one of them is the dissolve of the iceberg which results in the rise of sea level. Global warming can also cause the extremalization of climate, that means the summer becomes hotter and hotter while the winter becomes colder and colder. Besides, natural disasters such as floods and droughts have become more and more frequent, these disasters not only cause financial losses but also cause the death of a great amount of innocent people. Some relevant disasters can also be caused by global warming such as

    epidemics and the damage to ecosystem. Global warming has caused endless problems that are not easily solved. So it is very important to do something to stop the global warming.

    The problems of global warming are so serious and we should do a lot to solve them. We know that the global warming is mainly caused by the greenhouse effect so we should reduce the amount of the carbon dioxide. Firstly we should reduce the use of the fossil fuel by reducing the use of cars and take public transportations to reduce the release of the carbon dioxide. Also more trees should be planted to absorb more carbon dioxide. Moreover, everyone should take their responsibility to reduce the use of the electricity such as shutting down all the electrical apparatus when we go out to reduce the use of the electricity. Since the electricity is often produced with some waste gas, we can reduce the carbon dioxide.

     And by now, some actions have been taken. Governments in the world encourage the use of the clean energy instead of the fossil fuel such as electricity to reduce releasing the carbon dioxide. Besides that, a lot of trees have been planted by organizations and responsible people. Also the Arbor Day is formed to encourage people to plant trees.

    On the whole, actually there are many problems caused by global warming. And they are not very easy to be solved, because they are now influencing people all over the world. These solutions above can solve

    some problems to some extent. But they are not enough. Global warming is a serious problem that the entire world is facing. So people all over the world should work together and create more effective ways to protect the earth.


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