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By Kathleen Kelley,2014-04-11 02:57
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OriEshop can be customized to meet your own requirements. OriEshop technical team will gather your requirements and create your own e-store.

     OriEshop is an Online Shopping Cart software for small and medium sized OriEshop is Orisys InfoTech’s business. It is completely customizable flagship product. It is an Online

    software which can be modified to create Shopping Cart software for small

    and medium sized business. A stores according to the customer’s

    complete E-commerce software, requirement. A Complete E-commerce OriEshop allows store owners to software, OriEshop allows store owners to

    display products, manage display products, manage contents, track contents and track orders, orders, communicate with buyers effectively communicate with buyers and many more. effectively and many more OriEshop allows

    Customers to view the product catalogue,

    place order, pay online, track orders online.

    Employees/Store owners to manage

    product catalogue, check orders, check

    payments online, track enquiries from

    potential customers and communicate with

    them, define discounts and special offers on Key Features the site and manage inventory.

    Prospects/Visitors to check products, ? 100% content managed system. search products using advanced search

    feature, send enquiries, request for quotation ? Unlimited Categories. and avail information about the store and its ? Unlimited Products. offerings.

    ? Powerful search engine. Traders and Suppliers to trade online using

    the B2B version of OriEshop. Traders can ? Quick Quotation for prospective register themselves for trading to view and customers. place order to the supplier. ? Easy to set up. Completely


    ? Search engine friendly.

     ? 100% customizable. Who can use OriEshop ? ? Better customer management. ? Retailers wants to go online. ? Secure shopping cart.

    ? A company wants to start online ? Full order processing Cycle sales business. defined from order placement

    ? Distributors/Wholesalers/Trade only to product delivery.

    companies. ? Bulk mailing and News letter. ? Art galleries. ? Compatible to any Online ? Software companies. Payment Service provider ( e.g.

    Worldpay, EPDQ, Paypal etc). ? Any other e-business companies. ? Full Inventory control.

Service offerings We are on the web! Graphics Design

    ? Logo Design

    ? New web page design

    Orisys InfoTech Ltd. is established in ? Re-designing existing sites for a better 2000, is an IT solutions and consulting new look. company based in Edinburgh, UK. It has OriEshop is 100% Customizable overseas office in India to provide expert

    services to its elite clients which are value Every web site is unique on the basis of of money. functionality and look. OriEshop can be

    customized to meet your own requirements. OriEshop technical team will gather your Orisys InfoTech today prides itself on its requirements and create your own e-store. proven ability to deliver on-time, on-Bespoke Web Application development budget, quality solutions that meet or

    exceed the customers expectation. Is OriEshop not meeting your requirement at Orisys InfoTech has the requisite all ? Orisys InfoTech has expertise in designing experience, right attitude, required and developing bespoke software using Cutting resource pool, training facility and Edge technology which is value of money. We infrastructure to groom professionals can design and develop web sites or any other making it an ideal partner for a long-term application from the scratch, association. Third Party integration and Data Migration

    OriEshop can be integrated with third party CONTACT DETAILS products (e.g. Accounting/Inventory SAGE) by

    making it a fully automated process.

    Data can be migrated to and from any legacy Orisys InfoTech Ltd. system or third party products according to the 16/2 Hutchison Medway requirement study.

    Edinburgh EH14 1QQ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Tele : 0131 443 8081 Our SEO team can optimize your site to

     07861231807 (M) increase popularity and rank in search engines

    like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, MSN etc. Email : Deployment Models OriEshop can be deployed on internet using 3 tier architecture. OriEshop uses ASP or Please visit us at to as font end and MSSQL, MYSQL or know details about OriEshop and its MS ACCESS as databases. demo.

    Your gateway to e-business

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