Are pesticides good

By Glenn Phillips,2014-09-06 22:49
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    Are pesticides good?


    Nowadays people all over the world are using pesticides to kill pests. But are they safe for human beings? Many people think that pesticides help people to keep away from the torment of those boring pests, pesticides help to increase the production of crops and they can make our living environment cleaner. This is true. But what if they are bad for peoples health? Actually according to news that has been already reported, some people did die because of pesticides. So pesticides are bad for human being.

    Those who support pesticides believe that pesticides can help them from being troubled by pests. Because pesticides kill rats, mantes and ants around us, so people will live more comfortable in their houses. But this is not complete. They just see one part. What about the residues of these pesticides. A 1991 study conducted by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found pesticides residues in the dust and carpeting of all surveyed houses, meaning that floors are hazardous for infants and toddlers. We are risking our childrens health to use pesticides in our

    houses. And living in a house with pesticides will surely also harm adults.

    Some people think that pesticides can increase the production of crops. They know that pesticides can kill insects that eat and damage crops. But pesticides will harm farmers and they will remain in the crops.

    By 1988, according to Lawrie Mott, a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) scientist, 46 pesticides from agricultural remains had been found in water in 26 states in America. In addition, at least 70 of the 400 pesticides used on crops can cause cancer in animals, so may it do to human beings. Pesticides cannot be seen by our naked eyes if they are in our food and our drinking water. That is very dangerous.

    There is some people think that pesticides keep our living environment cleaner. Pesticides kill pests around us and seem to give us clean surroundings. But such clean surroundings can still cause people

    many problems especially for children. A 1993 study of Missouri children showed us statistically significant associations between childhood brain cancer and several types of pesticide use in the home, including no-pest strips and flea and tick collars on pets. Children are suffering a lot by

    pesticides now. According to the NCI, a dramatic rise appeared in brain

    cancer among children as well as older people in the years 1973~1988. This is a very serious problem.

    Pesticides around us are really bad for us. Even if they can kill insects and help to increase the production of crops, they still contain a lot of toxic elements that endanger people’s health. Those pesticides can stay

    every place around us even the food we eat and water we drink every day. Especially children suffer more and they may get cancer in the future. Pesticides are bad for people.

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