By Anthony Myers,2014-05-21 11:25
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    P/N XRL-HS-721


     Fan Dimension 80x80x25 mm

     Max. Air Flow 41 CFM

     Speed 3,000 RPM

     Noise 28.6 dbA

Heat-Sink Dimension 80x80x45.8 mm

    Heat-Sink Material Aluminum 6063 T5 / Copper 1100 Heat-Sink Weight 390 g

    Thermal Grease T-Global SC-200A

    Thermal Resistance = 0.42?/W CA

Compatible with

     AMD Athlon xp up to 3200+ and up

     AMD Athlon 1.4GHz

     AMD ALL Duron

    CPU 溫度(PV1): CPU Temperature 環溫點 01(PV2):Local ambient temperature point 1 in case 環溫點 02(PV3):Local ambient temperature point 2 in case 環溫點 03(PV4):Local ambient temperature point 3 in case

    環溫點 04(PV5):Local ambient temperature point 4 in case 環溫點 05(PV6):Local ambient temperature point 5 in case CPU 瓦特表(PV7): Thermal design power (W)

    FAN 轉數(PV10): FAN Speed

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