Global Quality Syste1

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Global Quality Syste1

    Global Quality System

    Pocket Guide

    ; Quality System Requirements

    ; Good Manufacturing Practice

    ; CMCP System

    ; Food Safety Practice

    ; HACCP System

    ; FSCP System

The third edition

    LSG 2005

    Table of contents

    Quality System Requirements QSR

    QS Quality System———Framework

    QSR 00 Process-based QMS

    QSR 01 Management Responsibility QSR 02 Quality Management System QSR 03 Customer-related Processes QSR 04 Design and Development QSR 05 Control of Documents QSR 06 Procurement - Purchasing QSR 07 Customer Property

    QSR 08 Product Identification and Traceability QSR 09 Process Control

    QSR 10 Inspection and Testing QSR 11 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices

    QSR 12 Inspection and Test Status QSR 13 Control of Nonconforming Product QSR 14 Corrective and Preventive Action QSR 15 Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery

    QSR 16 Control of Records

    QSR 17 Internal Audits

    QSR 18 Training

    QSR 19 Servicing

    QSR 20 Statistical Techniques/Quality Evaluation

    Good Manufacturing Practice GMP

    GMP 00 Quality Management System GMP 01 Food Production

    GMP 02 Equipment Handling

    GMP 03 Production Process

    GMP 04 Dispatch, Transportation, Loading CMCP System CMCP

    CMCP CMCP Pictograms

    CMCP XX CMCP - Structure

    CMCP 01 Purchasing Specification CMCP 02 Customer Specification CMCP 03 Production Process

    CMCP 04 Sensory Quality

    CMCP 05 Weight Conformity

    CMCP 06 On-time Performance

    CMCP 07 Ramp Safely Performance CMCP 08 Beverage Temperature CMCP 09 Equipment Handling

    CMCP 10 Customer Satisfaction

Food Safety Practice FSP

    FSP 00 FSP System

    FSP 01 Personnel Hygiene FSP 02 Building Sanitation FSP 03.1 Equipment Sanitation Part 1

    FSP 03.2 Equipment Sanitation Part 2

    FSP 04.1 Food Handling Part 1

    FSP 04.2 Food Handling Part 2

    HACCP System HACCP

    HACCP Principles of the HACCP System HACCP CCP Pictograms

    CCP XX Critical Control Point - Structure CCP 01 Receiving of Food CCP 02 Cold Storage

    CCP 03 Food Cooking

    CCP 03.1 Food Cooking Poster CCP 04 Food Chilling

    CCP 05 Cooling Chain

    CCP 06 Dispatch

    FSCP CP Pictograms

    CP 01 Food Restrictions CP 02 Supplier Accreditation CP 03 Material Handling and Storage CP 04 Food Thawing

    CP 05 Food Preparation CP 06 Personnel Hygiene and Training CP 06.1 Hygiene Training Poster CP 07 Equipment Sanitation CP 07.1 Cleaning Schedule CP 08 Time Control

    CP 09 Building Sanitation CP 10 Transportation and Loading

    Quality System - Framework

    Quality Management System Requirements 1Management Responsibility 11Monitoring and Measuring Devices 2Quality Management System 12Inspection and Test Status 3Customer-related Processes 13Control of Nonconforming Product 4Design and Development 14Corrective and Preventive Action 5Control of Documents 15Internal Services 6Purchasing - Procurement 16Control of Records 7Customer Property 17Internal Audits

    8Product Identification and Traceability 18Training

    9Process Control 19Servicing

    10Inspection and Testing 20Statistics/Quality Evaluation

     Good Manufacturing FSP Food Safety Practice GMP Pracice GLP 0FSP System 0GMP System Good 1Personnel Hygiene 1Food Production Processes Laboratory 2Building Sanitation Service Processes: Practice 3Equipment Sanitation 2Equipment Handling 4Food Handling 3Bonded/Non-bonded Storage



    01 Purchasing Specification 01Receiving of Food 02 Customer Specification 02Cold Storage

    03 Production Process 03Food Cooking 04 Sensory Quality 04Food Chilling

    05 Weight Conformity 05Cooling Chain 06 On-time Performance 06Dispatch

    07 Ramp Safety Performance CP 01Food Restrictions 08 Beverage Temperature 02Supplier Accreditation

    09 Equipment Handling 03Materials Handling&Storage 10 Customer Satisfaction 04Food Thawing

     05Food Preparation

     06Personnel Hygiene&Training

     07Equipment Sanitation

     08Time Control

     09Building Sanitation


    Quality Management System

    Process-based Global Quality System

    The application of a system of processes together with the identification and interaction of the processes and their management

    = Process Approach

    Continual Improvement of

    the Quality Management System

    Measurement, Management

    Analysis and Responsibility







     Customers Requirements Customers Satisfaction

    Quality Management System Requirement 1

    Management Responsibility

    Customer Focus Management Commitment

Top management shall provide Top management shall ensure that

    evidence of its commitment to customer requirements are

    the Quality Management System determined and met

    Organization Quality Policy

Definition and documentation Responsibilities and authorities

     Relevant to expectations and needs are defined and communicated

     of the customers Appointment of a management

     Implementation and maintenance representative for the Quality Commitment to quality Management System

     Appropriate internal

     communication processes

     in place

    Management Review Planning

Measurable quality objectives Of the Quality Management

     Quality Management System to System, to ensure its continuing

     meet requirements for product suitability, adequacy and


    Quality Management System Requirement 2

    Quality Management System

Documentation and implementation of a Quality Management System

    for continual improvement of its effectiveness

Application Structure Distribution


    ; Policies Executive Board

     ; Organization systems Headquarters ; Functions Quality General Managers

    ; Responsibilities Manual QA Personnel

Organizational units: related to the function

    ; Procedures for Manuals

     - organization Quality and CMCP

    - production and Food Safety and HACCP

    - technology Ramp Safety


Operational units: Standard Operation Procedures General Managers

    ; Instructions for and working Instructions personnel related

     - working and - Purchasing Specifications to the function

     - testing - Customer Specifications QA personnel

     - Contracts

     - Inspection Plan

     - Test Instructions

    Quality Management System Requirement 3



    Customer-related Processes

    Quality requirements to the product must be

    determined and reviewed

    This means in particular:

; Unmistakable customer specifications ( e.g. agreements, contracts,

    specifications )

    ; Determination of statutory and regulatory requirements

    ; Tender and order shall be reviewed to assure conformity

    ; Review of the catering unit capacity to meet the contract or order


; Harmonizing with the customer

    ; Records of contract reviews shall be maintained acc. To a

     documented control procedure

Quality Management System Requirement 4

    Design and Development

    = Development of In-flight Service concepts and meals

    The design & development shall be controlled by documented

    procedures to ensure that the specified requirements are met

    ; Planning of each design and

     development activity

    ; Assignment to qualified personnel

    equipped with adequate resources

    ; Interaction with customers and


    ; The design & development

    outputs shall meet the input

    requirements and document


    information for purchasing,

    production and for service

    provision e.g.

     customer specifications


    ; Design and development review to Menu Presentation

     evaluate the ability of the results

     and to identify any problems and

    propose necessary actions

    ; Design and development

    verification to ensure that the

    outputs have met the inputs

Q-MANUAL Quality Management System Requirement 5 SYSTEM




    Control of documents

    = Procedure to control

    all documents

    that relate to the

    requirements of the

    Quality Management



     ; Approval for adequacy prior to issue

     ; Review and update as necessary and re-approval

     by the same organization that performed the

     original review and approval

     Control procedure

     ; Identification of changes and of the current

     revision status

    ; Relevant versions of applicable documents

    available at all points of use

    ; All documents must remain legible and readily


     ; Identification and controlled distribution of

     documents of external origin

     ; To prevent unintended use, all invalid and/or

     obsolete documents must be promptly removed

    from all points of issue or use

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