Public opinions on what it takes to succeed in one

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Public opinions on what it takes to succeed in one

Public opinions on what it takes to succeed in one’s studies or career

    vary widely. Given approximately equal circumstances? some claim the

    success factor is largely(to a large degree) a matter of luckbeing in

    the right place and the right time. Others speak of utter devotion to work?

    combined with a degree of ruthlessness. Still others maintain that it is undoubtedly a matter of how much intelligence you have or simply how much education your mother had. In a word? people have different ideas on it.

    The purpose of this book is to provide you with practice in spelling English. It is not a book that treats the complex rules of English orthography. Neither does it teach you how to use a dictionary. Its main objective is to introduce regular spelling patterns? that is? to present

    a regular system for spelling a large group of words. By learning these patterns? and by practicing them? you will master thousands of words.

    Give students a chance to grow. Do you mold them from one of a thousand patterns? Let them seek knowledge? but do not find it for them. Let them

    learn patience? do not force it on them. Let them take their own time to grow? do not set rigid time schedules. Most of all? do not push them

    against a stone wall? crushing them with knowledge gained from the

    experience of others. Experience cannot be taught? it must come slowly

    through personal search.

     Californians and New Englanders are both American. They speak the same language and abide by the same federal laws. But they are very different in their ways of life. Mobilityboth physical and psychologicalhas

    made a great impression on the culture of Californians? lack of mobility

    is the mark of the customs and morality of New Englanders.

Good manners are important in all countries? but ways of expressing good

    manners are different from country to country. Americans eat with knives and forks? Japanese eat with chopsticks. Americans say Hi when they meet?

    Japanese bow. Many American men open doors for women? Japanese men do

    not. On the surface? it appears that good manners in America are not good manners in Japan? and in a way this is true. But in any country? the

    only manners that are important are those involving one person’s behavior

    toward another person. In all countries it is good manners to behave

    considerately toward others and bad manners not to. It is only the way of behaving politely that differs from country to country.

    ?1?Money spent on advertising is money spent as well as any I know of.?2?It serves directly to assist a rapid distribution of goods at reasonable prices thereby establishing a firm home market and so making it possible to provide for export at competitive prices.?3?By drawing

    attention to new ideas? it helps enormously to raise standards of living.?4?By helping to increase demand? it ensures an increased need for labor?

    and is therefore an effective way to fight unemployment.?5?It lowers

    the costs of many services? without advertisements your daily newspapers would cost four times as much? and travel by bus or tube would cost 20

    percent more.

     ?1?The computer finds many applications in all fields. ?2?Computers

    are now doing almost everything from diagnosing hospital patients to running nuclear power stations. ?3?In any field where information is

    collected? processed? stored? and retrieved? computers are being used

    more and more. ?4?Computers are also used as an aid to design planning. ?5?For example? they can be used to predict faults in design as well as the cost of a design if one is planning to build a road.

    Scientists believe that there has been life of some sort on the earth for about twelve hundred million years. Such a large figure is difficult to grasp? so let us scale it down and reckon it as one hundred years. We then find that man has been on the earth for about a month? and civilized

    man for only seven or eight hours. So you see mankind is only at the beginning of its civilized life? and we must not expect too much.

    A contract is an agreement which is enforceable by law. It can be long or short? formal or informal? simple or complicated? and verbal or

    written. Without a contract or agreement to bind the contracting parties?

    any international business or transaction would be impossible. Long age?

    people exchanged promises in making bargains and binding the conduct of others. This exchange of promises came to be known asagreementand became more and more important in the fields of business. A promise or agreement is reached as a result of the process of offer and acceptance. When an

agreement is reached? a contract is formed. Once a contract is officially

signed by the concerned parties? it creates legal obligations in the sense

of law.

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