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By Joan Gonzalez,2014-10-15 16:31
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    Survey of Global NPKs Market

    CCM’s latest market report on NPKs, Survey of Global NPKs Market is published in October

    2010. This new report basically describes the consumption, export and import of NPKs in

    the main producing areas such as America, Asia and Europe.

    Driven by fast development of global agricultural products, NPKs industry has witnessed great leap in the past few years in the world.

    At present, the global NPKs production is mainly concentrated in China, Brazil, Europe, India, Russia, Norway, etc. Among them, the emerging countries such as China, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam have been keeping an uptrend in NPKs production, except India which has experienced a slight drop in NPKs production in the past five years, due to its excessive dependence on imports of phosphorus and potassium resources. However, the EU and the U.S. have experienced downtrend in NPKs production in recent years.

    The report is made by this kind of marketing background. And it mainly studies America (U.S., Brazil), Asia (China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam) and the EU on the following points:

    ; Overview of the NPKs market

    ; Production situation

    ; Consumption situation

    ; Import and export analysis

    ; Influencing factors analysis

    ; Forecast (2010~2020)

    ; Current and future challenges

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