International Financial and Economic Conference - IIA Polska

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International Financial and Economic Conference - IIA Polska

    International Financial and Economic Conference

    ?IFRS: Audit. Accounting. Taxation. Consulting: Russian and

    International Practice?.

    Sochi, “Zhemchuzhina” hotel

    Chernomorskaya street, 3

    Organization Committee of the Conference

    President Plenipotentiary Machinery in the South Russia South Region Auditory Chamber Federal Area Kuban Auditory Chamber Krasnodar Region Administration Kuban Territorial Professional Accountant Institute Auditory Chamber of Russian Federation Kuban Training Centre “Vozrozhdenie” Russia Auditory Chamber South Branch

The basic goal of the conference: to discuss the practice, the problem and modern tendencies in the field

    of IFRS, audit, accounting, taxation and consulting with overseas colleagues; to use the scientific and practical

    workings out directed to the national programs realization in the field of social and economic transformation in

    the Russian Federation.

    With participation of: Conference is directed to

    leaders and representatives of the consecutive Russian Federation Ministry of Finance, and legislative bodies of economy subjects, to Russian Federation Ministry of Economic leaders and representatives of investment, Development, the State Duma (Russian

    financial, insurance, consulting companies, Parliament) of Russia, Federal Agency of Federal commercial banks, auditors, financial directors property Administration, RUIE (Russian Union of and chief accountants, financiers and of Industrialists and Employers), Counting accountants, teachers and other specialists in the Chamber of Russian Federation, the Krasnodar field of financial management, accounting and Region and the South Federal District of Russia financial statements. Administration, Krasnodar and Sochi cities

    administration, the South Federal District of

    Russia Economy Subjects administration,

    representatives of the international and Russian

    professional organizations, ACCA, CIPA, EAA,

    IAB, IFA, ECCAA (Eurasian Council of

    Certificated Accountants and Auditors),

    МАПОБА, the Association of Russian Banks and

    “Russia” regional banks members, Russian

    business representatives, IFRS, audit and

    financing specialists from the CIS and Western

    Europe countries,.

The basic aspects of the conference:

    ? IFRS: from theory to practice;

    ? International and national experience: organizational and legislative audit and accounting control;

    ? IFRS and PA: rapprochement practical aspects;

    ? IFRS: professional оценка and its application in financial reporting;

    ? IFRS: the opportunities for Russian companies in training certificated accountants and auditors;

    ? ISA and national audit standards: auditor activity unification;

    ? Auditor’s responsibility and approaches to the quality control;

    ? Accountancy and audit reforming priority directions in purpose of innovative development of Russian


    ? The role and value of accounting and audit in realization of national projects;

    ? The role and value of self-control professional organizations (SPO) in lawful and methodical regulation

    of accountancy and audit in Russia;

    ? Development strategy of the bank and credit economic sphere in Russia;

    ? Problems and prospects of development in foreign audit of financial and credit organizations ;

    ? Accounting, taxation and audit investment and innovative process;

    ? The practice in taxation dispute consideration in arbitrage of different instances. The tax control:

    development aspects;

    ? International experience of the system education and raising the level of accountant and audit skill

    ? ISFO and ISA: accountancy and audit automation.

    Our conference is the

    free rostrum for open speeches, discussions and dialogues.

    Our conference includes: plenary session, round table, seminars and trainings.

    The main information sponsor of the conference “Yuzhny region-Press” Editing Office.

    Organization committee address: 350063 Russia, Krasnodar Region, Krasnodar, Krasnaya street, 16, offices 4, 8, 45; “The South Region Russia Auditory Chamber” Tel.: (8-861) 268-50-37, 268-49-

    03, 262-71-66, 268-42-05, 268-63-55, 232-66-37, 232-60-37,,,


Registration fee 18000 roubles (payment is obligatory)

    Registration fee payment provides:

    ? Distribution materials set;

    ? Consultations;

    ? Coffee-brakes during the conference;

    ? Material and technical and representative basis the conference organization;

    ? Simultaneous interpreting;

    ? A photo for each participant of the conference;

    ? Editing and distribution of speeches theses collection of the conference participants;

    ? Recording of the conference on DVD-disc and its рассылка to all members

    ? Information system and advertisement usage in the course of the conference;

    ? Visit of the “Krasnaya Polyana” Olympic mountain-ski base;

    ? Visit of the “Tea House” with the participation of folklore and tea-drinkig;

    ? Night sea-travel by

    ? Conference work coverage in the mass media and TV;

    ? Memorable certificate;

    ? Conference souvenirs;

    ? Sea beach, open and closed water-pools with heated sea water;

    ? Medicine service.

    Banquet cost 3000 roubles (at request);

    One place of residence cost in first-class two-persons room during the conference 4600 roubles

    (at request), for non-residents the price is the same;

    Three meals a day cost (smorgasbord) 5200 roubles (for all проживающих in the hotel breakfast

    or dinner is obligatory 2000 roubles).

    International Conference materials will be published in the official theses collection.

    Theses requirements:

     text format (.doc), at a floppy disk;

     type Times New Roman 12;

     interval 1,5;

     size of work not more than 4 pages;

     indent upper and lower 2 sm., right 1,5, left 3;

     indicate name details, scientific degree, academic status, post and place of work at the first page;

     theses should be submitted in one copy, with the author signature at the last page, and in the

    electronic version (Floppy disk 3,5’’).

    The organization committee leaves the right to review and select the articles.

    The working languages of the conference Russian, English.

    For participating at the conference you should:

    Apply the application form (the form is detached), submit the report theses via e-mail and to pay the


    Attention: There is a discount for registration fee payment, if to meet three requirements (application

    form, theses, payment) until: August 20, 2008 17000 roubles;

    September 3, 2008 17500 roubles;

    After September 5, 2008 18000 roubles.

     Application form

    To participate at International Scientific and Practical Conference

    of Russia South Region

    ?IFRS: Audit. Accounting. Taxation. Consulting: Russian and International Practice?.



    Organization name___________________________________________________________

    Post ________________________scientific degree_________________________________

    Professional bodies membership________________________________________________

    Postal address (zip code)______________________________________________________


    Report name________________________________________________________________

    I am planning to (strike out if unnecessary):

    - to report an article (up to 10 min.); to participate as a listener

    Necessity (yes/no):

    in personal invitation_________; - in hotel__________

    Technical assistance necessity (for speakers)______________________________________


     date signature

     Стоимость трехразового питания (шве

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