Roles and Responsibilities - IT Director

By Leroy Matthews,2014-04-10 03:36
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Roles and Responsibilities - IT Director

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    IT Director Description

    This role is responsible for the planning, design, installation and support of company-wide

    information based solutions to help the company reach strategic business goals.

    It is responsible for the development and implementation of these solutions in compliance to

    the company’s internal controls and keeping with industry best practices. This role facilitates change and improvement programs in the areas of management

    practices, methods, standards and appropriate application of advancing technologies.


    BS in Computer Science or related degree

    MBA preferable

    Experience managing 10 30 people



    Primary Responsibilities Secondary Responsibilities


    ? Budgeting ? Ensure Change Control Procedures

    are Followed ? Executive Support

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT ? Internal Control & Procedure

    ? Project Management (execution) Documentation

     ? Purchasing/PO/Payables Management

     ? Vendor Management


    ? Project Planning

    ? Project Prioritization

    ? Project Assessment

Additional Core Responsibilities

    Primary Responsibilities Secondary Responsibilities


    ? Promote and foster staff in new ?

    organization PROJECT MANAGEMENT

    ? Facilitate IT Steering Committee ? Leads and/or directs cross-functional

    teams in the integration of IT ? Build and maintain relationships with

    solutions for new business, business units (liaison)

    acquisitions, and internal departments ? Bring structure to highly unstructured

    environments ? Identifies problem areas, surfaces

    issues and develops creative solutions ? Provide appropriate response to

    to solve business problems business application needs within the

     context of overall business goals ? Participate in development of

    company strategy


    ? Filter Cap-Ex requests and technology


    ? Evaluate reasonableness of project

    plan estimates (Project Assessment) ? Evaluate usefulness feasibility and

    return on investment (Project


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