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    What is PON?


    Introduction to PON and the Market

    1The Mission of PON

     The mission of PON is to deliver “all broadband applications” to homes and

    businesses at affordable cost.

    Where are we in the ALU end-to-end networking solution?

What is PON?

     PON = Passive Optical Network (无源光网络)

     Passive = Not powered by electricity ;无电源à无源;

     Passive device = a device without need for power, such as a POS (分光器)

     Active device = a device that needs power, such as a switch (交换机)

     But why PON?

     Assuming that we want to connect about 500 users/businesses using fibers, but we

    can use just one fiber from CO, because fibers in CO are scarce.

     We will need to use 21 of 24 ports LAN switches to branch out from 1 to 504


     In the field, it’s going to look like the following slide:

Case study: from “active network” to “passive network” in green areas

PON system components

     OLT CO device (局端设备)

     ONT or ONU User device (用户端设备)

     POS Passive Optical Splitter (无源分光器)


     ONT or ONU

     POS - Passive Optical Splitter


PON Network Topology

How does PON work - downstream?

    From network to users:

    1.OLT broadcasts constantlyand ONT chooses its contents selectively

How does PON work - upstream?


    Key PON variances

     APON = ATM + PON (starting mid 90s)

     EPON = Ethernet + PON (starting 2000)

     Cheaper and faster EPON pressured APON to evolve:

     APON - BPON (Broadband PON) à GPON (Gigabit PON)

     WDM-PON = Wavelengths + PON

    The World Goes the PON Way

China EPON Market Competition (as of Sep. 2008)

Current Status of Worldwide FTTX Market

FTTX represents a group of choices

AT&T (美国) uses FTTN, which is GPON + VDSL2

Verizon (美国) adopts GPON FTTH

France Telecom (法国) adopts GPON FTTH

NTT;日本; adopts EPON FTTH

SK(韩国;adopts EPON FTTH

China Carriers (中国) will use all options

FTTX Product Portfolio

ASB GPON/EPON Product Portfolio


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