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Create a BUG Recording System with OBPM in 30 minutes

    OBPM is a light Business Process Management system (developed in China, stay in the top

    list of OBPM is targeting at the end users business colleagues but not IT

    colleagues in an enterprise, to empower them with the capability of building simple application

    and workflow by themselves. To the end users, they only need to do configuration, no coding.

    Following sample shows how to build a simple Bug management system by using OBPM.


    In a software development company, the programmers and the testers are working together,

    testers may find some issues, usually we called it bugs, and these bugs need to be logged and be

    shared among programmers and the testers.

    In this case, we need a web based application, we will call it a module, to input bugs, and we

    need to have a list of these bugs. Of course, a menu is also necessary here.

    Here we go.

STEP 1 Install and Logon to the system.

    Download OBPM/MyApps version from this website To simplify the configuration process, it is suggested to download the version bound with Tomcat

    and JDK.

After finishing download, run the file run_obpm.bat under the installed bin directory list, then

    you can start the OBPM/MyApps system right away.

Once you saw this page, congratulations! Your installation is finished! Now enjoy the OBPM by

    visiting http://localhost:8080/webapp

STEP 2 Create your application (module)

    Log on with the default user name and password:

    User name: admin

    Password: teemlink

This is the first page:

    Right Click here

As showed on screen, right click HERE, a pop up menu will be showed, click the New Module.

    Input your Module name

Input: Name, Description, and click SAVE

    Your new module is here

STEP 3 Create Form

Click the Tab ‘Form’

    Click the tab ‘Form’

点击<New>新建:Click the Button NEW

Input the fields as above

    Single Line Text box

    Radio Button

    Multiple Lines Text box

Create Bug Form by drag and drop single line text box, multiple lines text box, radio button, check

    box, etc.

    Click here to create a buttonActivity

Create SAVE button ——Activity

    Choose Type save OnActionForm= Bug_Form

STEP 4 Create View

    Click the Tab with View lable

    Click here to create View

    点击<New>按钮,开始创建ViewClick New Button to create a View

View name is mandatory. The other fields can be ignored here

Click Confirm:

Create Filter

    Click here to create Columns Create Columns

Create New (Create) button ——Activity

    Type = Create

    Form = BUG_FORM

STEP 5 Create Menu (last step)

    Click the menu item <System>choose <Menu/Page>

    Click here for the new Menu

Choose <New>

    Choose View

    View = BUG_VIEW

    Module = BUG

Click Save. A bug system is ready for use.

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